Chapter 73.2

Chapter 73.2

Erna awkwardly rubbed her flushed cheek with her hand as she remembered her coversation with Orpé, regretting what she had said absentmindedly.  while approaching the table next to the sofa. The moment she was about to place the documents on it, there was a crashing sound accompanied by the opening of the door of the couple’s bedroom connected to the hallway.

“Wh-what’s going on!?”

Erna was so surprised by the noise she urgently backed away from the door. In turn, the pile of papers she had just set down fell messily to the floor. When she unconsciously tried to grab them, the ones she was holding fell completely from her grip. She looked down at the paper-covered floor before lifting her head.

“Kalion? What’s the matter?”

Erna knew that he was the only person who could storm in the room this way, so she was not too surprised at his sudden appearance. But she was, however, curious about why he was huffing and puffing like someone who had just escaped the grip of death.


As soon as Kalion locked gazes with her he strode over with his long legs, unmindful of the mess on the floor.

“Hey! Don’t step on my documents! Gather them… Argh!”

Erna bent down to collect the papers, but her body was lifted in the air.  Kalion had grabbed her by the waist waist and lifted her. Erna wondered why the hell he had done that and screamed as soon as she realized that he was carrying her over to the bed.

“Hey! You animal! Doing it as soon as you come… huh!?”

Erna thought Kalion would lay her on the bed, but contrary to her thoughts, he placed her on the edge of the bed very carefully. Then, he bent down to become eye-level with her.

His gaze was soft but persistent. He looked through her as if he had become the most demanding diamond appraiser in the world. With a sharp gaze that didn’t seem to miss a floating speck of dust, Erna, unable to speak, had to catch his searching eyes.

After a while of staring at Erna, Kalion lifted a hand and placed it on her forehead. Next, her cheek, then her neck. Erna remained still, looking at him with eyes that said, “Why are you doing this?”

“You don’t have a fever,” he finally said.

“It’s been a while since it went away,” replied Erna.

“Does your stomach and waist hurt?” Kalion asked.

“Those too are fine now.”

At Erna’s reply, Kalion’s slightly stiff face relaxed. His eyes beamed and the corners of his mouth curled. Somehow, Erna felt embarrassed at his reaction. She tried to turn her face away from him, but Kalion closed the distance between them as he gently placed his forehead against hers.

“That’s a relief…” Kalion breathed a sigh of relief, his eyes shut tight.

Erna looked at Kalion, and then carefully, lifted her hand. It wandered in the air briefly, as if at a loss, but her hand soon swept his cheek.

Come to think of it, they’d come back alive from a situation where they could have died… No, where they were almost certain they would have died. Both of them knew that it was because of each other that they’d been able to return. Like that, the two belatedly shared relief and comfort.

After some time had gone by, Kalion took a step back to look at the mess of papers on the floor, finally becoming conscious of his surroundings, and asked, “What’s all this?”

“All of what? I brought them here to look at today, but since you all of a sudden burst through the door…”

“You’re going to look at those today?” he inquired.

Erna saw that Kalion’s face was distorted at her words. Thinking for a moment, she replied as if it were nothing.

“Can I not? I purposely brought them here to choose things to talk about with you.”

Kalion brushed his face with one hand at her reply. Anyhow it seemed like Erna had made a deal with the devil. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to choose what to say that made him so upset.

Kalion felt the inside of his mouth getting dry. She was the same woman who had yelled at him for carrying her to the bed, calling him an animal.

No matter how much better she felt now, did she too want to behave like an animal as soon as she got better? Reflecting on whether he was too immersed in his desires, Kalion lowered his body and began to gather Erna’s documents that had fallen to the floor.

Perhaps he was good at anything he did with his body, Kalion quickly picked up everything that had fallen and put them on the table.

“Are you done?” Erna asked.


He replied with a somewhat relaxed voice. But Erna called him over with a hand gesture.

While inwardly grumbling, Kalion immediately went to her side like a trained puppy. As soon as he approached her, Erna stood up from the bed. Having become the same eye level as him, she leaned forward slightly and whispered as she kissed him on the cheek.


At that second, Kalion couldn’t think of anything. What had she done just now? The soft, rosy lips that had just grazed his cheek whispered something that made Kalion lose his senses again.

“You want to do it now?”

Kalion stood frozen in his position like someone who’d been struck by lightning. He doubted his ears for a moment. What did she just say?

It was until a bit of time had gone by that he understood what she’d said. He could see Erna’s face, which was turning red, and looking at him gently. He didn’t reply, instead, he turned around and left the room.

Outside, he hit the lion decoration hanging on the door of the couple’s room until it created a sound. The lion’s head, which was facing the front, turned to the side helplessly. That meant that until he called someone, no one could access this part of the building.

Now, nothing could interrupt him.



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