Chapter 74.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 74.1 (Rated 18)

Erna looked at the anxious Kalion.

She could guess what had made the sound outside the door. Kalion had turned the lion’s head so that no one could enter. Upon hearing the sound, however, she thought that he hadn’t turned it but something had flown away. She gulped.

Erna was well aware of how much Kalion pushed once he lost his mind. Because there had been a few times when she scolded him for holding her all through the night. Looking at Kalion’s momentum now, it was clear that he would push her as hard as then, or more.

The hand he was gripping tightly was trembling.

This isn’t scary. Erna knew the reason for her tremors. Her body would have known first before her brain. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have that tugging feeling in her lower abdomen or the tingly feeling between her thighs like this.

Because Kalion had been inside her for a long time before, she knew very well how she would act when she was in his arms.

As she was determined to remember that time, Kalion, who had returned from closing the door, said to her, “Hold on. Wait just a second.”

Erna immediately thought that he would rush in and knock her down onto the bed. He turned around and ran to his room. Eventually, Erna, who was left alone in the couple’s bedroom, looked over at the door where Kalion had disappeared, wondering what was going on.

She wondered if she should wait like this, and suddenly she became curious. What does Kalion’s room look like? Come to think of it, she had never seen his room before.

Kalion had been in her room. If so, shouldn’t she be able to go into his room at least once? Erna was hesitating before carefully inching towards the opened door.

With her body standing in the couple’s bedroom she stuck out her head to stare into Kalion’s bedroom.

“So this is his preference.”

His room was the real Kalion.

Unlike her room, his didn’t have any special decorations. Just old furniture that looked like they were from when the Grand Castle had first been built; clean walls with not a single photo hanging; neatly placed books.

Now that she had thought about it, Kalion was the type to tidy up whatever, unlike her, who moderately just tossed things around.

It doesn’t match his appearance. While mumbling inside, she stuck her head out even further. Water was gushing in the bathroom. I wondered why he rushed out so urgently; so he’s washing up.

She wondered what in the world was so urgent. Erna was relieved but somehow disappointed that Kalion was in a more rational state than she had thought. It was like she had been hoping for him to come at her.

Erna mustered up the courage to enter his room.

The place she had never once entered in the past ten years. Despite it being a place she could come to by crossing through two mere doors. And now an unfamiliar place she’d secretly entered while the owner of the room was washing up. It’s more comfortable than I thought.

Meanwhile, Kalion’s scent, which she’d gotten used to, filled the entire space. Just as he had buried his face between Erna’s neck or chest and inhaled for a long time, Erna sometimes sniffed Kalion without him noticing. At first, it smelled like a fragrance for men. It was a warm smell between the smell of heavy trees and thick winter clothes.

However, when she was lying on his body in a state of exhaustion after intercourse, she knew it was Kalion’s body scent.

Interestingly enough, when she smelled that scent, she felt less nervous and closed her eyes. Like it was okay to fall asleep wherever she could smell that.

As she was standing in a place filled with his scent, she felt comfortable despite it being her first time here.

Erna snuck over and sat on the edge of his bed. It’s quite big.

It was a bed similar to the one she used, but perhaps because of Kalion’s height and physique, it felt much wider and longer than hers. In the past, she would get annoyed and scream “Why is his stuff much bigger!?” Now, she was thinking about whether she fit Kalion’s body.

Erna laid down on the bed, wondering why this space, only two doors down from her room, was so fun and new.

Even though Erna thought she should go back to the couple’s bedroom because she had come in without Kalion’s knowledge, she somehow rolled around on the bed, hoping to stay longer.

At that moment, the water noise from the bathroom stopped. I should go back! Erna panicked. However, Kalion came out of the bathroom with a crashing noise before she could even get up.

How in the hell was this so urgent that water dripped from Kalion’s hair, and his bathrobe was hanging halfway off his body?


His eyes grew wide at the sight of Erna sitting on his bed. At his reaction, she hastily apologized.

“Sorry. I wondered if something happened since you ran out all of a sudden… I just came in because I was curious while looking inside from the hallway.”

“Why are you sorry about that?”

As she had entered without permission, she had thought Kalion might feel uncomfortable. He asked back as if baffled at her apology.

“If you want to come, come anytime,” he said as he approached Erna, “and if you’re okay with it…”

Erna thought she could see his sneaky smile in the gently dimmed room. The next moment, Erna’s body collapsed gently onto his bed.

“Shall we do it here? Now?”

“This is your bed though…”

“That’s why I want to do it here.”

Kalion grabbed the gown hanging off his body and threw it to the side. As soon as he looked at Erna, who lay on the bed, blinking, his manhood instantly stiffened.

For the past week, he had continuously thought about Erna in this room. He was in good physical shape, and when he had a desire, it was hard for him to fall asleep without resolving it. Erna wouldn’t know, how many times he had m*sturbated to the thought of her on his bed.

Afterward, he always had to go to the bathroom and rinse off his sticky body. Kalion imagined every time he came out of the bathroom, I wish Erna was here right now.

But now she was sitting on his bed.



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