Chapter 74.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 74.2 (Rated 18)

Erna had entered the space which only he had used for the past ten years. Unbelievably, Kalion realized that and had lusted more than ever so far. Erna was in his space, where Kalion spent most of his time, with no fear of how crazy it made him.

Kalion reached out and dug through the front of Erna’s clothes. His big hand dug through the collar hurriedly and untied her bra.

Was it because he was in a hurry? When his hand slipped a few times, unable to untie it, Erna lifted a hand and stopped him as if telling him to wait a second.

“I’ll, I’ll do it…”

Even her voice stopping him was trembling, but neither of them could notice the other’s appearance.

They had already confirmed each other’s thoughts and feelings properly at the ancient ruin. From then on, however, because of the condition of Erna’s body, the two were forced to be separated.

It was the same for both of them that they were anxious. They wanted to see each other. They wanted to see each other’s faces, converse together… Now, they wanted to explore each other to the fullest, regardless of any shame or anything. They also wanted to confirm how messy the other could get, how much the other wanted them.

After Erna hoisted her body up, she slowly took off her clothes in front of the heavily-breathing Kalion. The silk pajamas she was wearing fell to the bed, and not too long later the part covering her bre*sts fell too.

Recognizing the darkness, her naked body was revealed under the lamplight in the room.

Kalion carefully lifted a hand and slowly squeezed her wobbly, voluptuous bre*sts. Soft and elastic; white and sweet. From the moment they were fully in his palms, he clenched his teeth so that he wouldn’t tremble. At the feeling of having her in his grasp, he began to lose his temper so much that it was hard to hold out between his legs.

He couldn’t endure it any longer and, after sitting on the bed, hugged Erna in his arms. Her back touched his chest, and his hands under her armpits squeezed her two brea*ts.

His hot breath came down on the nape of Erna’s neck. His tongue licked up her white neck.


With the feeling of hair rising, Erna felt a thrill flowing down her spine.

Kalion held her bre*sts at will with both hands and squeezed harder; they bounced at his touch until his hands wrecked them.


Rather than feeling pain, however, Erna’s body was trembling in pleasure at the touch of his hands, which coveted the softness he hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. The more he did, the more her light pink n*pples rose upright. Kalion pinched them with his fingers.

“Ah, mmm…”

All he’d done was grab, but Erna’s body trembled while she gripped his thigh. Kalion enjoyed her reaction. Because Erna remembered very well what he was going to do from now on.

He pressed her n*pples hard and rubbed them.

“Oh, ah!”

At the strong stimulation, Erna shook as if she were going crazy. She tried to run away to avoid the stimulation he was giving her, but Kalion had already locked her up tightly. All Erna could do was struggle in his arms.


It was a moan close to begging, but Kalion’s hands didn’t stop. Because he knew this wasn’t what Erna truly wanted.

“S-stop it! Kalion!”

Erna’s body on top of his was all worked up. More and more rough breathing escaped her lips. Kalion knew very well that it was because she was approaching the peak. Then, the moment Erna’s breath sped up, Kalion pulled on her two n*pples.


Grabbing his thigh, her body shivered like she’d been struck by lightning. Erna gasped as if she had just run with all her might. When her body, which had been calm this past week, was violated, she couldn’t think of a thing. She was senseless as if her brain had melted.

Then, Kalion, who was massaging her bre*sts, gently let go, then he held her waist firmly with one hand. And the other hand dug into her underwear, which was still left on.


“Hush. Hold still.”

After holding the shocked Erna firmly with one arm and bringing her in closer, Kalion dug deeper down. The finger moving through the soft inner flesh was already wet and dripping.

“Ah!” Erna flinched and trembled at the sudden poke of his finger. “W-w-what are y-you doing?”

“Trying to loosen it up.”

Loosen it up? Loosen what? Erna, who didn’t understand his reply, was so surprised she grabbed his hand digging under her. However, Kalion did not care and slowly stirred his fingers inside her.

“Oh, yes!”

Erna’s body leaned forward while her tight inner flesh widened. However, Kalion was holding on so tightly that fortunately, she hadn’t completely collapsed.

Meanwhile, Kalion’s fingers pressed her insides. As expected, this place was unbelievably soft and warm. He held Erna, who was squirming in his arms, even harder. No one had ever taught him properly, so his actions were only based on instinct. So, when his thing was erect, he immediately put it inside her. He thought it was natural. Meanwhile, he didn’t know much about other stuff.

But he had come to learn after reading the book that caressing the body was not just for the feeling, but for women to take the male body more comfortably and deeply. To lower the pain during s*x, there was a way to loosen a woman’s insides. Also, he should always keep his body clean. Otherwise, his partner may get hurt, as per mentioned in the book.

That’s why I washed up like crazy. He wanted to come at her with his clothes off. But what if he hurt Erna doing that… He didn’t even want to think of that situation.

Kalion was more absorbed in his actions, holding Erna’s trembling body in his arms.

Kalion’s finger continued its business inside,thinking it would hurt her if he were to immediately pierce inside of her.

Kalion took his finger out for a second. Erna’s v*gina was dripping wet. Erna inhaled deeply when what had entered inside her escaped.

“Why in the world are you…”

When she suddenly tried to question whether he was doing something he hadn’t done, Kalion whispered in her ear, “This isn’t working. I’ll put in one more.”


Before Erna could even stop him, two fingers slowly attempted to enter inside her.



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