Chapter 75.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 75.1 (Rated 18)

Erna twisted her body at the sensation that felt sharper than the one just a while ago. Kalion’s fingers carefully spread out the pulsating membrane and entered.

So far, he had always entered hastily and ruggedly. And Erna had never blamed him for his hastiness. Because she had understood and let it slide that he was that much s*xually excited. Of course that didn’t mean that it was painless.

Still, she thought that quickly reaching climax and forgetting everything under the pleasure was much better than being in pain for a long time. For her, the slowness just prolonged the time she was in pain. Now, however, it didn’t bother her that Kalion’s carefree fingers were wiggling inside of her.

The more she got used to it, little by little, it increased in size. Receiving pleasure from someone for the first time in a long time did not bother her, and steadily she stepped up the staircase of pleasure.

“Kalion, this… ah… hold on…”

She was unable to tell him to stop. Despite feeling it herself, she held Kalion’s fingers as hard as she could. As Kalion rubbed his lips on her round shoulder, he rubbed his other fingers that weren’t inside of her on the cl*toris.


Then, her body shivered like a bird caught in a nest. Her inner walls had tightened at the same time Kalion’s fingers had entered.

After carefully putting his fingers deeper inside her he rubbed the inner walls. The hot softness wrapped around his fingers as if it had been waiting. Even though he moved slowly, the erotic, wet sound filled the room because Erna’s insides had already been dripping wet.

“Mmm, ah…”

Erna didn’t push him away, and, holding on tightly to his arm, closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure Kalion was giving her.

His fingers, which had reached their limit, were slightly bent inside her.


Erna’s eyes shot open in surprise at the sudden cramped feeling deep inside of her.

“Kalion, d-don’t… It’s too… much inside…!”

She shook her head while staring at him with her body turned. To Kalion, her moist eyes reacting to the sensation from his fingers looked pretty. He had to soothe her, but strangely enough, he wanted to try while looking at those eyes to see if there was a bad side somewhere in her nature.

He bent his fingers even more. He could see her pretty green eyes shaking in surprise. He knew well when Erna’s eyes were getting wet. With Erna’s head turned, he softly bit her earlobe.


Erna’s entire body was sensitive, but among all the places, her ears were the most sensitive. Her body, not knowing what to do about the fingers wiggling inside of her, trembled and shuddered intensely.

Kalion was impatient. He originally hadn’t wanted to give her this pleasure through only his fingers. Erna could already feel his penis under her, its tip rubbing against her until it hurt.

“Kalion, stop… please…”

The liquid flowing down his hand made a moist sound and wet the bed sheets. Recognizing this, Erna’s eyes became wetter, hazier.

Kalion shook his head no.

“I can’t.”

“Why… Kalion, please…”

His body flinched for a moment as Erna begged him while squeezing his arm. He pressed his lips together. Where in the world had he learned things like this that shook her soul?

“…don’t. Today, you—”

The words she spat out kept getting interrupted by his loud breathing.

“I have something bigger to give you.”

At those words, Erna flinched and trembled. At her shock—a mixture of fear and anticipation—Kalion smoothed her insides with more care.

“Entering again and again…”

Before long, the fingers roaming around inside her had become three. Erna’s eyes teared up as she felt her insides expand even more.

His fingers moved quickly, little by little. And the moans that flowed from Erna, who was hugged in his arms, became shorter.

“Ah! Oh…”

As her slim body shook, the dazzling blonde hair hanging over her shoulder shook as well. Each time it did, her bre*sts shook up and down and her taut n*pples would appear through the locks and disappear.

Looking down over her shoulder, Kalion admired her body, the way she accepted his fingers while liquid flowed out of her. It was such a beautiful, er*tic scene that no one else in the world could see but him.

Kalion again focused on the act. Planting his hot lips on her flesh like she were his. Before long, his hand which had grabbed her waist moved up and rubbed her bre*st, fulfilling his sneaky desire.

Erna could no longer think of anything else. It felt like her brain had already melted. There was so much she had to tell Kalion. Stuff related to state affairs and the ancient ruins that had been delayed. However, when she looked at him all that she had done and the things she had had to do disappeared, and only he was there.

From when had she been this way?



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