Chapter 75.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 75.2 (Rated 18)

This was not the case when they tried to get used to each other by slowly touching each other before having s*x. No, rather, at that time, she had been even more reluctant to see Kalion.

She had hated herself for not being able to endure the stimulation of his body and thought that Kalion would laugh at her. She thought how much he would laugh at her if she collapsed while he remained unscathed.

However, the moment Kalion said to her “Let’s do everything,” she was so afraid that she didn’t want him to see her collapsing form anymore. So she was about to be honest. Just like now.

“Kalion… st-stop it… not your fingers…”

Despite thinking to herself, she wondered if she was crazy. Sitting naked on his thighs, how could she shake her back and beg for something else? Her face burned in embarrassment. She was ashamed of herself. More than that, however, she wanted more of Kalion.

Still catching her breath, Erna turned her head. There he was, staring at her with a blank look on his face.

“You really…”

A rough, low voice leaked through his gritted teeth. He was desperately holding back the urge to act the way he wanted and hadn’t expected Erna to beg first.

Kalion quickly took his fingers out from inside of her. A sticky string of liquid hung from them. He picked up and threw the towel that was around his waist.

His thing, which had been covered by the thick towel, expressed a chaotic vigor. After turning Erna around on his lap to face him, he grabbed his erect manhood and positioned it.

The sound of it rubbing on Erna’s v*ginal lips made her embarrassed. Kalion shook it slowly. The blunt tip slightly dug into her.

Erna had asked for it, but when Kalion pushed it inside her, she was surprised and raised herself. Looking down in disbelief, almost on the brink of tears, she mumbled, “Why did… you… get bigger?”

Kalion didn’t know whether to be glad or sad at that comment. Erna, barely managing to endure her excitement enough to make her jaw tremble, released it with her fingers, but it was still too much to accept.

“You can’t… I, this will… not go inside…”

“You told me to stop using my fingers.”

“Yes, I did, but…”

This time, fear shone in Erna’s eyes. She couldn’t believe that he had been harboring such a thing.

Kalion lifted a hand and pulled her shoulder so she wouldn’t back away. Then, her face appeared even closer than before. A pretty face every time I see it, he thought. Even though in the past when he used to call her pumpkin, he had known that that nickname didn’t suit her.

Damn. Where else in the world can I find a pumpkin like this? Straight eyebrows, round and large eyes, tall nose, and above all, those thick, red lips. Kalion stared at her lips like a possessed person. He who had bit and sucked every inch of her body. The only place he hadn’t tasted, however, was her lips.

He wanted to lick them. And he wanted to slightly nibble on them. He was crazy curious about what they would taste like.

Meanwhile, he felt the strength in Erna’s body gradually giving away. Kalion’s thing, which felt like it would shoot inside at any minute, tapped and rubbed her insides. Each time it did, the stinging sensation from below hit her body like thunder.


Unable to win against the powerful feeling, she twisted her body at the waist and gyrated. The more she did that, however, the fiercer Kalion’s manhood became. The tip, which was raised to its fullest extent, was shiny and wet with bodily fluids.

Erna, who was thinking about her private parts, suddenly realized that Kalion had become quiet.


Lifting her head, wondering why he was that way, she encountered his gaze staring at her. Kalion seemed to be thinking about something. The moment Erna became curious about why the hell he was acting that way, he opened his mouth.

“Your lips.”


“That’s why… I…” He hesitated and struggled to speak; unlike his usual self. “…can I kiss you?”

Frozen at those words, Erna only stared at him. A kiss. Erna had only experienced that once in her entire life. With Kalion at their wedding. At that time, she had cried out of resentment, shame, and sadness.

Perhaps that was the most disgusting moment in her life, Erna had erased everything that’d happened on that day as much as she could. However, her feelings from that time remained deep in her heart.

She hesitated. That day had left a strong impression on her, so a kiss still felt fearful to her. But…

Erna reached out and pulled Kalion’s neck.

She suddenly thought of food she didn’t like. When she was young, she had tried it once, and because of the bitter taste, she had never touched it until she became an adult. That she had come to eat it again was a coincidence.

The moment she realized that it was a completely different taste from her childhood memory, the bitter taste that’s been etched in her memory had disappeared.

If she kissed the same person again, that kiss, too, would be like that.

So would it be possible for her to erase all the displeasure that had been stuck in her memory for a long time?

Erna slowly placed her lips on Kalion’s lips. She thought she could feel his hot breath, then Kalion’s soft lips touched hers.



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