Chapter 76.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 76.1 (Rated 18)

Kalion couldn’t believe the situation now.

Erna had pulled on his neck and kissed first. When what he had wanted over the past few weeks happened, he felt a tingle like stars were bursting in front of his eyes.

Erna. Kissed. First.

Those words repeatedly went around in his head like he had become the world’s biggest idiot. However, the moment he tasted Erna’s soft, smooth lips, he couldn’t think of anything.

How could something so sweet exist in this world?

As their lips touched and slightly pressed with each other, Kalion instinctively pushed his tongue in when their lips naturally parted. His tongue brushed smoothly over her teeth. There was a moist, clingy sound like a while ago when he had taken his fingers out of her. He grabbed her waist with both hands and hugged her tighter in his arms.

Their lips collided, and their touching chests rubbed each other. At the same time, his pen*s rubbed against her v*ginal opening.

For her entire life, Erna’s lips experienced its second kiss, and she felt er*tic. The two carefully tasted each other’s lips like birds pecking together. Wondering if her lips fell away for a second, Kalion urgently rushed to her lips again.

Erna was shocked at the way he crazily rubbed and nibbled on her lips that she let out a moan. Her lips opened quickly. Kalion’s warm, moist tongue entered her mouth and explored inside. His tongue twisted inside, scraped up her cheek, and wrapped around her tongue.

He, who knew that Erna would not back away anymore, wrapped his two hands around her face. All the while putting his tongue deeper into her mouth. If her lips were small, would her tongue be small, too? A laugh flowed out the mouth of Kalion, who felt the tiny piece of flesh wrapping arduously.

A wet sound seeped out of the lips that did not part.

“Ah, mmm..”

Erna was trying her best to accept Kalion even though she was struggling. Before the kiss, she had been worried. What if he hates it the second time? But now she realized how meaningless that worry was.

After a long time, when Erna, catching her breath, patted his shoulders, Kalion moved back. His face, a little far away, was full of regrets. At the same time, he looked very nervous.

From some point on, when he saw Erna’s lips, he thought he wanted to kiss her. So he had been secretly aiming for them several times, and Erna didn’t seem to be aware of it, but she would always sneak away from his lips. It worried Kalion.

He liked her to death. So much that it would be nice to kiss like this until the day he died. But would Erna feel the same way? Nervous like a criminal awaiting his sentence, he stared at the lips he had just coveted a moment ago.

Was it because he had pushed her to the limit? For a long time, Erna gasped for air as she caught her breath. Then, her head wilted when she was barely calmed.

Did she not like it?

Still, wouldn’t she get better after a few more times? If only she practices until then…

Erna, who was bowing her head, muttered in a small voice as Kalion was rolling his thoughts.

“How could it… be so good…”

Indeed, the kiss was more than Erna had expected. She felt like his body was floating around. Kalion’s tongue, which had moved colorfully as much as her g*nitals were entangled, gave her whole body a sense of numbness with a different feeling from what she felt during the s*xual stimulation.

Her mind, which had become so distant that even his rising breath felt pleasant, was addicted. Erna thought that she was now in trouble. She wanted to experience it again…

Erna lifted her head. Then, he, who was still staring at her, wrapped his hands around her cheeks and kissed her forehead.

“What a relief.”


“What a relief that you didn’t hate it.”

Erna’s heart skipped a beat at his face smiling brightly as if he were truly relieved.

Kalion had always looked at her as if she was an annoying roach; his demeaning stare had always made her uncomfortable. Now, his eyes were soft while he smiled at her, seeming to melt away.

As far as Erna knew, he was never one to smile this way. She didn’t know his entire life, nor was she around him every single minute of the day, but she had never seen a similar expression on him.

He was the strongest knight and the most handsome man in Hessenguard. When a man like him smiled…

Erna hugged him without saying a word. She didn’t dare to look him in the face now. If she did, it may make her say something silly and absurd.

Kalion also silently hugged her body that clung to him. Always soft, warm, and fragrant.

Holding Erna, Kalion became a little upset over the past decade. Why had he not known that she was by his side?

The two were hugging each other for a long time, still feeling what they’d felt for the first time.

In the meantime, however, desires had steadily accumulated.

Unable to withstand any longer, Kalion’s thing, which had gotten stiffer, squeezed through Erna’s narrow gap. In the past, she would have already died, but today it felt stiff but didn’t bother her.


When she heard his drowsy voice in her ear, Erna shook a little without realizing it and tried to embrace him, who began to come in.

Kalion matched her movement and inched his way in.

“Ah… ah…”

Erna trembled. It didn’t hurt as much as last time, but that didn’t mean that the massiveness had decreased.

Kalion tried gritting his teeth as he attempted to enter. Erna did not like pain. She wanted to make her time with him full of only good things. In order to do so, it was worth holding back her desire to go wild right away.

She blinked her eyes to shake off her tears. It didn’t hurt, but it was hard to breathe with her insides filled with his thing.

Kalion sighed–mixed with satisfaction and pleasure–over Erna’s neck.

He always was this way, but, seriously, why was he so big? Erna thought.

His motion, which felt like it’d reach Erna’s deepest point, stopped. The feeling of his roughness rubbing between her legs made her feel ashamed. Their bodies in contact were more explicit and felt clearer than her own body.

“Oh, ah…”

Through the sound of Kalion’s breathing alone, Erna’s body trembled. Before long, her stomach felt numb.

“Does it hurt?”

Did Kalion feel that she was struggling? He had friendlily asked as he swept his hand down her back.

“It doesn’t hurt, but… it’s a bit hard. Because… you’re so big…”

She gasped even though they were lying motionlessly. Kalion put both his hands on her buttocks then pulled her in more.


Kalion delved deeper as if mocking Erna, who had thought that he could go no further. She always thought it was deep, but when he came into a place that he had never really touched, Erna’s body experienced convulsions. Her breath flowed out nonstop.

“Ohh, ah, ahhh…”

Her body trembled as soon as Kalion really reached the end.



“Do you remember… what I said?”


What you said was more than one or two words, she thought. Normally, she would have shot back at him, but she listened to him while holding her breath.

“I said I would do it until we make a baby .”

Erna shivered at those words. Her buttocks held in his hands clenched. Before she knew it, Kalion was lifting her in the air. His p*nis, which had been spending a relaxing time in the soggy cave, came out dripping wet.

Kalion didn’t take this thing all the way out. He put the thick tip over Erna’s entrance and waited until she got adjusted to it.

As soon as what had filled her insides came out, feeling empty, Erna’s inside piqued a hole and pulled his thing.


Both of them felt it vividly. The veins in Kalion’s neck bulged as he gritted his teeth. The soft smile hanging around his mouth had long disappeared. Now, Kalion’s eyes were overflowing with a burning passion.



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