Chapter 76.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 76.2 (Rated 18)

Perhaps because he thought she was open enough, he grabbed Erna’s body and let her down. Her v*gina, which had already been wet enough, easily swallowed Kalion’s p*nis to the base of it at once.

“Ah! Yes!”

Erna’s body quivered like a spear had been pierced through her. Kalion lifted one hand and patted Erna’s belly. He didn’t like that it was still flat. He thought that it would be nice if his thing, no, if something conceived by him were placed inside there.

Legally, Erna was his wife. But the couple hadn’t recognized that for a long time, so Kalion wanted clearer, more solid evidence. And he… knew very well how he had to make that happen.

Knowing that Erna had completely gotten used to his thing, he placed her on top of the bed. Her golden hair flowed messily over the bed which Kalion always slept in alone. That alone allowed Kalion to be s*xually excited.

His manhood entered Erna’s body as if it would pierce through it. Kalion trampled up her body with all his might to the point where her v*gina tingled.

“Ah! Ohh!”

Erna’s body went up because of his constant strength. Kalion, who somehow didn’t like it because she seemed to be moving away from him, grabbed her waist with both hands and moved his waist faster.

“Ah! Argh!”

The pleasure moving in like a wave surged sharply through her body. She absolutely could not escape. It was like she had to remain in his arms for the rest of her life, being pounded by him. But… she didn’t want that.

“Kalion, sl-slow down… ah!”

His movement, however, got even faster, like he didn’t even hear her begging.

He was too fast. At this rate…

Her mind turned blank so quickly that it was impossible to compare to before. Perhaps he notice her change in mood, Kalion, who seemed that he’d continued thrusting quickly, didn’t move anymore after one last thrust.



The two let out a moan at the same time. The earnest desire that he had endured for more than a week poured into Erna’s insides. She completely lost her will of resistance and accepted the s*men that shot out hard and wetted the inner walls.


Erna’s drooping body flinched sensitively every time Kalion shot out some more. Having reached org*sm too quickly, Erna was so embarrassed she turned her head. Then, Kalion reached out and grabbed her cheek, turning her face in his direction again.

The moment their gazes met his lips fell on her lips once again. Erna was also waiting, so she welcomed Kalion, who was willing to open her mouth with his tongue and crawl into her place.

The two naked bodies coalesced with each other. When Erna’s hard n*pples grazed Kalion’s chest, his p*nis, which he’d taken out, started to regain strength again.


When Erna made a crying voice as if whining, Kalion kissed her forehead, eyes, and nose as if he was dying for her love.

“I told you. I will do it until we make a baby. If I fill you up every day it will happen someday. I don’t want to go until it happens.”

He only spoke up until there, but Erna’s face was blanched. Kalion’s words somehow did not sound like a joke. If he wanted to do it, he was going to do it.

When Erna squirmed at his comment, Kalion smiled and hugged her body with his arms, tightly sandwiched himself between her legs, and moved his waist.

“Why are you trying to run away, Erna?”

“Hey, hold on! Sl-slow down! Ah! Ohh!”

Her voice was relaxed, but her waist wasn’t. Trapped in his arms, she helplessly had to accept him. The tip of his p*nis relentlessly scraped her insides. Body fluid from each of their bodies flowed down to the contact area, and every time Kalion moved, a white bubble was created.

“I can’t let it spill.”


“Why do you splash so much? Look at you spilling it like this.”

“No, it’s your f— Ah!”

Erna was appalled at the sound they were creating, so she immediately shut her mouth. Kalion, on the other hand, scratched her sensitive insides with his manhood. It was as if he was asking: “How much longer are you trying to hold out?”

“Erna, let me hear your voice,” he said.

“I d-don’t want to. I feel weird now…”

“Whatever. You’re so pretty.”

At that, Erna grabbed his shoulders with her struggling arms and pushed him away. Those words made her weak the most. It was something she had wanted to hear at least once because it was good to hear it from anyone when she was young.

Despite hearing it often after coming to Hessenguard, she still felt thirsty for those words. She didn’t even know how much more she had to hear it to fill the space in her heart.

“Why… did you… say…”

Kalion felt a pang in his chest when he stared at her face streaming with tears. The words weren’t anything special—just words he thought of often today. But the moment he said them, Erna had truly burst into tears. Kalion then realized, that Erna had really wanted to hear those words.

That was hard to figure out because he could just say what he thought of. Kalion pulled Erna into a tight embrace and whispered, “You’re pretty, Erna. The prettiest.”

Momentarily freezing up at those words, Erna couldn’t stop the tears that fell from her eyes. She couldn’t feel the thirst anymore.

“One more time, Kalion…”  she begged with her voice trembling, “say it… just one more time…”

Why was she begging him like this? Kalion felt his chest tighten again. He couldn’t guess why Erna was behaving this way. Because he knew both Erna in the past and present.

“My wife, Erna.” He kissed her forehead with a smile. “You are pretty.”

Kalion licked the tears from her cheek as he kissed her. A faint smile appeared on her face. Kalion waited while she lay there crying quietly for a long time.

Barely calmed, she wiped away the tears with the back of her hand and fumbled for Kalion’s face.

Unlike a while ago, this time she kissed him all over his face. Kalion shed a smile at the ticklishness. His heart tingled when she thanked him not with words but with her lips.

“Are you all right now?” he asked.

Erna nodded, blushing. She was thankful that Kalion had listened to her instead of laughing.

“Then can I too ask you a favor?”

“…what is it?”

Kalion hadn’t laughed at her absurd request. So, of course, Erna was ready to hear whatever he was going to say.

Kalion lifted his body, grabbed Erna’s waist firmly, and whispered, “Cry a little bit more.”

At that moment, his hands grabbed her bre*sts, and his waist began to move violently.



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