Chapter 77.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 77.1 (Rated 18)


Erna, bent over the bed, felt the heaviness of Kalion getting on top of her. With his hands, he spread her weakly dangling legs. Her insides, which he had entered countless times, stretched open with a sticky sound. Her tiny hole pouted and opened as soon as Kalion spread her legs.


Erna felt it flowing inside of her. Feeling the semen he had shot inside her all night, her body quivered and trembled.

“Kalion. Sto-.- oh!”

Before she could even tell him to stop, his manhood had already entered her swollen, wet insides.


Erna gripped the sheets firmly. Her body arched in shock woman for a moment but soon fell onto the bed again. A low laugh came from Kalion behind her. Her eyes sharpened at the sound from him.

“You b… bastard,” she muttered, still in the same position. She couldn’t tell how much time had passed. All that she could tell was that they had been doing it for a very, very long time.

At first, even she had performed diligently along with him. However, the difference in their stamina was evident. When Kalion reached orgasm the second time, she was already exhausted. Kalion, however, was unscathed.

“How long have been holding it in? You think I’ll stop a second time?”

She should have known then that Kalion was too crazy for her handle. He was always kind to her when he made love with her—kissing her, caressing her. But when it was too much that Erna could no longer count the times they’d done it, it was no longer kindness.

Erna focused on Kalion’s manhood. Kalion had said that everything he performed with his body was good; however, she hadn’t known it included s*x. As if he had memorized them all, he pierced only the places that Erna reacted strongly to.

In the beginning, Erna had told him not to, but not too long later, she was begging him with tears in her eyes.

The pleasure he was giving made her addicted. It had never felt this good, even when she had succeeded at summoning a tremendously complicated spell.

Is this what it feels like to be on drugs? Her head went blank, and she let out a moan. She realized something while doing it with Kalion: Why is he better?

Then, suddenly, she recalled what Kalion had said. He had told her that he read a lot of books while she slept. It wasn’t a lie. On the nightstand by the bed were several bookmarked books. Though she didn’t know what kind of books they were, she thought about burning them after today. Especially the book that’d taught Kalion how to move his waist while caressing her bre*sts with his tongue moving around busily inside her mouth.

He wondered if she didn’t like the fact that she was drooping and that he was the only one moving. Kalion lifted her waist out of the bent posture.

Erna stumbled over and over again trying to break free again but managed to pull herself up. Even though she was up, she felt ugly because he was just holding up her b*tt.

“Damn. You’re dripping again,” Kalion said as he poked his finger at the place that was tightly meshed. He dabbed his fingers on the inside of her thighs runny with bodily fluids. Not only the inside of her thighs but her stomach was already covered in dried sem*n. Filling her inside wasn’t enough–he had even left remains of his sexual desire outside of her.

“Hey, you are… a… real piece of work…”

Erna mumbled as she struggled to keep her limping body up. Everything in front of her was going in circles. The moment she was about to faint, unable to withstand anymore, Kalion grabbed her at the waist and wiggled her in his arms.


As she was twirled around while trapped in his grasp, Kalion’s manhood scraped and poked around her insides relentlessly until she reached climax again.

Kalion hugged her limping body tighter in his arms. Their bodies soaked in sweat and bodily fluids were sticky, but that only made him even h*rnier. However, even he knew now that he needed to stop.

He was afraid that Erna’s body, which had only recently recovered, might fail again. More so, he would be the culprit if she were to fall sick, given that they have not eaten anything at all since dinnertime—it was now the middle of the night.

Kalion kissed Erna’s face while she lay in his arms. His lips erased the traces of the tears on her skin. At last, clasping her tightly in his arms, Kalion laid her down on the bed, and slowly pulled out his manhood.

Her insides, which had endured his p*nis for such a long time, didn’t easily shrink down even after it was out. He rubbed his face as he stared at her v*gina. Why is the liquid coming out nonstop?  Kalion then tucked Erna under the blanket and headed to the bathroom.

Erna was left alone in the bed, confused. Her entire body was tingling. Not only her lower abdomen that constantly accepted Kalion, but also all over her body, which he had bitten and licked, trembled with a tingling sensation.

“You… f*cking…”

Erna, whose mumbling voice was mixed with resentment, curled her body. Though she cursed him, she longed for the heat of his body that fell away for a moment. Having been stuck to his body all these hours, she felt it was natural that he was next to her.

Little by little, Erna’s eyes closed.



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