Chapter 77.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 77.2 (Rated 18)

I need to bathe… Bastard. Did he go to the bathroom alone?

She wondered if he’d clean everything up after he washed. She too wanted to get up and go straight to the bathroom in her room, but she couldn’t even lift a finger, let alone walk. She could only exhale wearily.

Then, she heard the sound of the bathroom door opening, and Kalion approached the bed again.

Is he already done washing?


Shocked from suddenly being lifted, Erna wiggled from Kalion’s grasp.

“Hold still. You’ll fall.”

“What is… Why did you—”

“Why what? You have to bathe. How can you go to sleep like this?”

Kalion walked toward the bathroom carrying her lightly. As soon as he entered, they were hit with a burst of steam. Erna rubbed her closed eyes as she scanned the inside of the bathroom.

“The tub… It’s huge.”

His bathroom was more like a bathhouse. Hot water brought on by magic splashed in the huge space decorated with colorful tiles. It was a big enough space for not only Kalion but four other men his size.

“What is this? Why is yours so big?”

At Erna’s grumpy voice, he stared at her as he if was speechless.

“Is that important right now?”

Also complaining, he entered the water, still holding Erna. Erna’s whole body was wrapped in warmth, and she could not help but moan in relief and comfort.

Taking a seat in the huge bathtub, Kalion held her and fastened himself tightly to her. Erna leaned her head on his chest before closing her eyes. Then, Kalion lifted a handful of water to wash her face. Her eyes, still red, stimulated his carnal desire.

Erna was pretty when she smiled. However, she was so beautiful when she cried while calling his name that it made his mind go crazy. So, Kalion made up his mind that he would have to kill the next bastard to make her cry. Only he could see this.

He moved his hand, thinking if Erna found out she would scold him for acting like a baby. When he pressed his thumb slightly on her bottom lip, she bit his finger like she’d done during s*x and swirled her tongue around it.


Having almost said a curse word, he pursed his lips shut. His manhood started to tingle as he stared blankly at the lips sucking his finger. It felt good somehow. He wanted her to swallow it up like this.

As he washed down Erna’s body that’d gotten dirty because of him, Kalion thought about how lucky he was that it was too big for her to swallow.

Of course, he didn’t just bathe her meekly. When his hands, which caressed her face, ears, and neck, slid down to her chest it was more meticulous and stayed for a long time than the other spots.

He played with his heavy bre*sts as if they were dough. Squeezing hard and rubbing up and down with his palms, he slowly scratched under her n*pple.


Erna, who knew he was playing around with her bre*sts, lifted her hand to signal stop while splashing water at him. With water suddenly flung on his face, he decided to get revenge on her by pulling her n*pples with his fingertips.


As soon as he pulled them—not enough to hurt her—Erna curled her body in surprise. But that didn’t mean he was going to back down. He trapped her with his legs so she couldn’t escape, then he played with the tips of her bre*sts.

Her body flinched and curled in the water again.

“Kalion, Kali… ah!”

Erna’s body collapsed while calling his name. Once again, in the water this time, she had reached the climax.

Kalion giggled as he kissed her lips. Then, she pushed his face with her weak fists as if she didn’t want him to see her this way.

“I told you to stop…”

“Sorry. But what am I supposed to do? You’re so pretty when you climax.”

“What are you talking about?”

Erna fell again in his arms as if she had no more energy to speak. Kalion really couldn’t tease her anymore, he thought that he truly ought to wash her.

His hands washed the dried-up s*men on her belly. Then, juices spilled out from between her legs. He thought it was a very er*tic sight, so he gritted his teeth and continued to wash Erna.

“Kalion, your thing…”


“Your thing… It’s poking too much…”

“…deal with it. Since it’s not going soft anytime soon.”

Feeling resentful that he had not been able to enter her again, he washed her body with a bothered look on his face. Next, he massaged her body under the warm water.

In the middle of that, he all of a sudden stood up, put on his bathrobe, and left the bathroom. Not even wondering why he’d done that, Erna fell asleep on the edge of the bathtub.

When she opened her eyes again he was not in his bed but the couple’s room’s bed.

Somehow that was cool and refreshing. Unlike his bed where they’d have crazy s*x, the bed in the couple’s room was clean. Then, Erna smelled something that made her nose tingle.

“Are you awake?”

Sitting next to her, Kalion took Erna, who rubbed her eyes, and raised her body. It seemed that her wet hair smelled good.

“Huh… What’s this?”

“What’s what? You haven’t eaten.”

Erna looked at the table filled with food and fell on the bed again. She was hungry, but she didn’t have the strength to walk to the table. So she reached out to Kalion and said, “Feed me, Kalion.”

Kalion stared blankly at her. Soon, his thing was protruding under his gown, throbbing up and down. Erna muttered with a tearful look, “Not that, you crazy bastard…”

After grinning, he picked her up and placed her on the sofa next to the chair. Pondering as he stared at the table, he picked up a slice of orange and put it between Erna’s lips, and a taste of sour juice burst into her mouth.

Kalion picked up another slice and fed it to her from his mouth. Like this, he felt like a parent bird feeding a chick. A parent bird, however, didn’t lust to have a woman in its arms.

As Kalion fed her a few more slices of fruit, Erna’s energy recovered little by little. While Kalion gazed at her, wondering if she would thank him for wiping her mouth with the back of his hand, or if she would kiss him again, she said, “Come to think of it, they say that Marquess Canavan is alive these days. And the envoy from Haband? How is it going with the ancient ruin situation? I’m supposed to see the document but couldn’t because of you, so hurry up and tell me.”

“Work is what you do as soon as you wake up?”

Kalion stared resentfully at Erna’s lips, uttering words that did not have the slightest trace of lingering feelings of love.

It was inevitable. His wife was this kind of person.



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