Chapter 78.2

Chapter 78.2

Two days later, Erna could finally get back to her work.


“Your Grace Duchess! Are you okay?”

As soon as she appeared the wizards who hadn’t been able to see her scurried towards her and greeted her.

The last time they’d seen her was in Ilgees Forest. After that, she’d gone missing before returning to the Grand Castle unconscious, and they were worried sick because she had not come out for nearly two weeks again.

“Y-yep. I’m fine…”

Erna definitely looked healthy. She had a healthy glow to her. On her skin was a gloss that hadn’t been there before, like she had gotten skin treatment. However, at the same time, she had bags under her eyes as though she had stayed up all night. On top of that, she had a subtly sluggish mood to her.

These days rumors had come up in the Grand Castle about her appearance.

It was no joke, they said…

It’s so bad she hasn’t come out all day, they said…

It was a blessing for Hessenguard that the relationship between the couple had grown stronger. It was because of that that everyone who heard the rumor shut their mouths about it. They must work diligently on their love—it was the genuine sentiment of the people of Hessenguard.

Erna, who had greeted everyone, was on her way to the office. As soon as she entered, the unfamiliar smell of paper hit her all at once.

“That’s intense.”

She stared at the stack of papers on the desk before holding back a yawn and quickly sitting.


Upon sitting down, she tried to hold back the groan from the stinging pain in her back.

“Damn it… Kalion…”

Erna cursed immediately when she recalled what’d happened these past two days.

Kalion had extended her vacation on his own accord. And while putting her duties on hold for two days she had been stuck in bed. And, as Kalion had declared, she really had spent the whole time soaking wet.

What was really scary was that Erna had distinguished between lying about wanting to stop and telling the truth.

While he had clearly ignored her as she had said habitually that she didn’t want to do it when she had multiple org*sms, when it had gotten to the point where it felt like she really hated doing it, Kalion had withdrawn neatly, despite his raging erect p*nis below.

“I won’t let you go…”

Erna stood up and went to the bookshelf. Staring at the book that she’d put there, a smile appeared on her face. Soon she took out a book about the Grand Castle and began to draw a magic formula in the air.

“We’ll see tonight,” she muttered under her breath, a smirk forming on her lips.

Tonight, Kalion would come running to the couple’s bedroom. However, he would be the one to cry.

When she was humming at the thought of getting revenge, there was a knock at the door.

“It’s Orpé. May I enter, madam?”

“Come in.”

Entering, Orpé cracked a bitter smile as she looked at Erna.

“Finally we meet here, madam.”


“Nothing… I thought you would never leave that other room again…”

“…be quiet.”

When Erna glared at her, Orpé, as she understood, approached with a faint smile on her face, and spoke, “Of course. First, I shall start with the urgent news. I mention that a new wizard arrived while you were resting, right?”

“Oh, that man,” Erna nodded her head.

“Yes. In fact, he has been taking lessons for a while.”

“How is he?” asked Erna.


Erna was secretly shocked at Orpé’s answer. Even Orpé was someone who acted as fastidious as her. No, sometimes she examined things more meticulously than Erna–it was the duty of an assistant. So how could the word perfect come from the mouth of such a person?

“Um… Frankly, I was worried since he’s a man, but after hearing that I think I have no choice but to hire him,” spoke Erna.

“I understand why you worried, madam. Actually, there is a bit of a problem since he is handsome. I said that there are already people following him around, right?”

Erna thought about the last time when Orpé had said that. She had asked back if he was more handsome than Kalion.

“Tell him to come in, for now. I have to see his face.”

Orpé scurried outside, and withthin seconds she entered with a man.

The moment she saw the man she absently shot up from her chair. A man with blonde hair and blue eyes. A little taller than Erna, the man with his grinning smile, was indeed, as Orpé had said, a man rarely seen. That, however, was not the reason why Erna was shocked. There was a face she recalled as soon as she looked at him.


Something about the new wizard resembled Kalion.



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