Chapter 80.2

Chapter 80.2


Erna could say no more to his attitude, which seemed to question why she’d asked something so obvious. Kalion grabbed her hand and pulled.

“Hey! Hey! There are people around.”

Kalion looked at her as if flabbergasted.

“You don’t think the people here know what we’ve been doing for the past two days?”

At that, her face instantly turned crimson. Come to think of it, hadn’t Orpé grinned today? As Kalion had said, there was no way the people of the Grand Castle didn’t know about their relationship. But…

“Still, it’s embarrassing!” She snatched her hand away. Holding each other’s hands in front of others was one thousand times more embarrassing than rolling around in bed naked.

“Hey, you…” Kalion’s face froze when she snatched her hand away. Then, he bent down and whispered in her ear, “I’ll lift you and take you away if you keep doing that.”

What a crazy threat. It was ridiculous, but Erna held her hand out again. Kalion smiled as he grabbed it as if he’d been waiting for it.

Erna still wasn’t used to this side of him. Kalion, too, showed his serious side, unlike when he was alone outside.

‘That’s why no one seems to know.”’

Erna recalled Abel, whom she’d seen this morning. He resembled Kalion when he smiled, and since Kalion didn’t smile outside, people found it difficult to say that they looked alike.

Then am I the only one to know?

Erna remembered the expression of Kalion, who smiled slyly before her. When she thought about how she was the only one who looked at him she sighed and felt a little proud.

“What are you thinking so much about?” Kalion asked.

“About the newly arrived wizard.”

“That guy?”

“When did you see him? Do you feel threatened by Abel?”

“Abel? That’s his name?”

“Yeah. The others are going crazy that a good-looking guy has arrived.”

“That’s why I saw so many women around him the other day.”

“By the way, he looks like you,” said Erna.

“He what?” Kalion stopped dead in his tracks, and he stared at Erna as if he’d been betrayed by her. “Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for him.”

“What nonsense. I’m just saying he looks good.”

“Until now, you’ve never once said that another man looks good,” Kalion pointed out.

“That’s because you look the bes… hey!”

Erna shook her head at Kalion’s smiling face.

The smile of Kalion, who still held her hand tightly, was nothing but curious. Is it this easy to make him fall apart, she thought

* * *

Having both returned together, they decided to even have dinner together in the couple’s room. When Erna told Kalion to meet after showering first, Kalion was about to ask if they could wash up together, when Erna kicked his leg, sending him to his room limping.

As they ate the meal that had been brought out during their shower, they talked about the respective duties they had done today.

Erna felt the frustration from earlier disappear little by little during her chat with Kalion. Had she been alone, she would still be grunting and worrying. She hadn’t expected that the fact that she had someone to debate with would make her so comfortable like this.

After talking for a while, she yawned and went up to bed. Since they wouldn’t have s*x today, she thought she could go to the room and fall asleep, but now the bedroom in the couple’s room was more comfortable.

As soon as she headed to the bed, Kalion, too, quickly jumped into bed next to her. He lifted Erna, who was about to burrow into the blanket and placed her on top of him.

She said to him with an absurd look on her face, “We’ve already done enough…”

For two days, indeed, as Kalion had said, they’d done it sloppily with no breaks. But did he want to do it again?

“I’m still… tingly down there,” Erna mumbled.

“Then I’ll only touch your top parts.”

“Laying there and sleeping is the only option! I just want to sleep in my room.” Erna rolled herself down from the brazenly answering Kalion. His hand, however, soon gripped her ankle, as if asking “Where’re ya going?” Then, Erna’s hand summoned an orb in the air.

Inside the main building of the Grand Castle, her powers were becoming weak. She didn’t know what kind of spell the past grand duke, who’d built this place, put on this place, but thanks to this, it was very difficult to aim for her life with magic.

So, Kalion stared leisurely at her, wondering what kind of magic she was doing.


A string of light shooting out from thin air wrapped around his wrist.

Shocked, he tried to free his hand by shaking it, but the string tightened, then dragged his hand to the head of the bed, and fastened it firmly to the bedpost there.

“What is this thing?”

“What is what thing? It ties you up. I analyzed some of the magical effects here in the daytime. I mixed it up with what I used to practice when I was young, and… it’s a success.” Erna proudly looked at the struggling man before laying down next to him. “I’m going to sleep. You sleep, too.”


Erna turned over as she giggled at his scream. Then, her body shot up as she suddenly thought of something funny.

When she got up again, Kalion’s face reddened, as he thought she would untie it. But soon his face was distorted mercilessly.

From a spot where his arms and feet were out of reach, Erna began to unbutton her clothes one by one.

An obvious stimulation.



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