Chapter 81.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 81.1 (Rated 18)

Erna sang for joy as she looked at the firm string that bound Kalion’s wrist. This time, you fall victim to me.

For the past two days or three days including yesterday, Erna didn’t know how many times she had cried in this bed.

Kalion had really shown off his terrifying stamina, proving how much of a knight he really was. Erna realized that she really could have died in the middle of s*x. Of course, she hadn’t died. Though it had been good enough to die.

When Kalion had listened to the plea that turned to “No, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, please save me,” he leisurely licked the tears Erna shed. He had said while moving his waist mercilessly, “I’m more excited when I see you like this.”

That was when Erna had promised to herself: she wouldn’t tolerate it anymore.

She absolutely could not win against him with her strength. Then, all that was left was her magic. However, here was the Grand Castle, which nullified her magic. But it was not that she was unable to use magic completely.

The spell that’d been put on by the first grand duke, who was a wizard, was like a very dense net; a net that captured all of the magic that went on inside.

Magic, however, was a living strength. As time went by, the nose of the net grew bigger as it got older. Thanks to this, Erna hadn’t been able to use light magic, but now most of the lights and water supply in the Grand Castle had been done by magic. Of course, as she still had some magic strength left, strong attack magic was impossible.

Erna moved her fingers slightly.


Then, the light string around Kalion’s wrist tightened even more.

After checking that it was pointless for him to wiggle his body to free himself, she was thinking for a moment. It was good to have tied him up… but she couldn’t end with this. Couldn’t she make Kalion suffer like the way he had done her? What came to mind while lying down and thinking was exactly what she was doing now.

With trembling hands, Erna undid the buttons on her pajama top.

When she entered the room, she was not wearing underwear, as if it were natural. They were going to come off anyway. When she grabbed her loosened top and pulled it down, her white chest was revealed.

“Erna, you…”

The sound of Kalion gritting his teeth echoed in the room.

“…untie me right now,” said Kalion in a hoarse voice, struggling. Erna mumbled, pretending not to hear him by plugging her ears, “I think someone said something, but I couldn’t really hear it.”

When Erna teased him, Kalion shook his wrist tied with a knot, but it didn’t move as if his hand was stuck to the wall.

Erna unbuttoned her top with relief when she saw his reaction. Unlike what she normally wore, today her comfortable attire consisted of a top and pants. When all of the buttons were undone, her chest plate and pale stomach were revealed.

Kalion stared at her body for a moment as if he’d been possessed.

That body he’d pleased to his heart’s content for the past three days. The body he had touched, bit, sucked, caressed as much as he wanted. He was the only one who knew how soft, fragrant and warm that body was.

Not only was he not tired of it despite having made love with her for three days, he still felt an urgency…

“I said… untie me.” His voice was weighted down with desire.

“If you were me, would you untie me?”

Erna stared at him with eyes that suggested Kalion was talking nonsense. At that look, Kalion felt like he was being treated unfairly. You, too, enjoyed it! So why are you acting this way?!

Erna sat in a spot where her body was out of reach and waved her collar. Her voluptuous bre*sts appeared and disappeared behind the fluttering fabric.

As a result, Kalion was keenly aware of what someone tied up in front of water in the middle of the desert felt like. At the same time, he thought, what am I supposed to do if I’m untied?

Not knowing that Kalion’s eyes had sunken dangerously, Erna raised her arms and tied her hair in a ponytail. Then, her pajamas brushed over her bre*sts more narrowly than earlier. At the same time, Erna saw that Kalion’s thing was erect.

He was also wearing thin pajamas like she was. Erna stared with piercing eyes at the rock-hard p*nis seen through his pants—it was like it’d tear a hole at any minute.

Thinking about whether she should stay still, her eyes squinted playfully. “Are you frustrated, Kalion?”

“…what do you mean?”

After seeing his twisting body and powerlessness, Erna felt the resentment she had felt over those three days fade away a bit. And she was a little proud.

After having s*x like that, she had thought he might have gotten a little tired of it. But not only was he not tired… Erna’s gaze shifted down. Weird. He seemed to have gotten more chaotic.

Somehow he was still far away from being satisfied. While she’d already started, she decided to do a bit more. She summoned magic in the air again.

“You… Two again?”

Kalion, who noticed they were like the same ones she’d done a little while ago, wondered why she was doing it again, then two new strings flew out of thin air.

As soon as Erna moved her fingers, they wrapped around Kalion’s ankles, and the other ends were tied around each leg of the bed.

After checking that the knots were secured, she sat down between Kalion’s open legs.



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