Chapter 81.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 81.2 (Rated 18)

Kalion’s eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his neck were threatening to burst. His gaze was blank and empty. Is a high level of excitement indistinguishable from a violent temper?

Erna felt Kalion’s breathing become shallower as she reached out to grab his kneecaps.

When her hands were placed, his body stiffened. Erna reached out and poorly groped his body over the cloth.

Despite his body being covered by the pajamas, she could feel his hard muscles. His body was so tightly held that she wondered if the thighs of a wild horse were really like this.

Her admiring hands groped up his thighs.

Kalion didn’t call her. However, he just stared at her lips with resentful eyes while chewing his bottom lip. He threw a look at her like a predator that had its prey trapped in front of him.

Erna changed her mind when she saw that look. She had originally planned to joke around before untying him, but from the looks of it, she had to keep him tied up until the morning.

When her hands approached the innermost spot between his thighs, Kalion eventually let out a moan. She could see his p*nis drifting, pushing up under the cloth as if to ask for help.

Kalion let out the sigh he had been holding in. His hot breath hit the bare chest of Erna, who was seated next to him. Erna slipped back and sat down the moment she felt the temperature of his infested desire.

“Really… you should stop…”

“What did you do when I said stop?” asked Erna.

“…I continued.”

“Then you must know what I’m going to do.”

Erna’s long fingers scratched the shaft under the stretch fabric as if tickling it and Kalion’s body flinched heavily like he’d been struck by lightning. Erna was frightened by the violent movement. I won’t die doing this, right?

No matter how much she rummaged through her memories, no one had died from touching someone who was tied up.

“Having a hard time?” she asked Kalion, but received no response. “Kalion?”

The suddenly blushing Kalion lifted his head in silence at her question. Staring below and wondering why he was acting this way, Erna figured out the reason. She could see that he had a wet spot on the middle of his pant crotch; he had already ej*culated.

“Are you a pervert? I tied you up and… you came?”

“You touched me like that… you’re torturing me like a monst… no, you’re torturing me more than a monster.” Kalion looked at her with piercing eyes, his gaze filled with resentment and deep desire.

Instinctively sensing danger, Erna backed up a little. Did I bully him too much? But honestly… it was fun, Kalion whining and looking at her, unable to do a thing about it.

But did this make her a pervert? Erna fell deep into thought with her head turned. As she’d expected, it seemed a bit problematic. Her crotch was wet as she watched the panting Kalion.

However, her eyes were on the magic strings that’d tied him up. The Grand Castle’s magic has gotten poorer than I thought.

Frankly, she’d never once thought that it would be a success when she used this magic. It may look like magic used to shoot out an insignificant string, but there were many additional symbols drawn to accurately specify its goal.

I can’t write one or two letters, but there are more than ten of them.

Even if all powers used less powerful words, she can use magic that neutralizes the other person if she combines it well like the magic she used now.

Erna’s expression suddenly turned serious. This wasn’t a problem to be taken lightly. Should I fix the Grand Castle’s magic as a whole?

It was a magic that hadn’t been repaired since the first grand duke. Most of the records of that time had been lost, and if someone were to recover them, they would have to go through a new understanding from the beginning.

Erna had been tormenting Kalion until a little while ago, so she had been unable to see, but suddenly she thought deeply about another problem. That one of Kalion’s hands had come out from being tied.

After a long time, Erna realized that she had neglected him.


Suddenly her body rolled back. Erna struggled in surprise, but in an instant, Kalion’s body knocked her down on the bed, and then he pressed her hands so that she could not move.

“Hey! How did you…?”

“I untied it on my own.”

“You what!?”

“Your magic disappeared while you were thinking about something else,” said Kalion.

“That can’t be…” Erna’s eyes widened and she turned her head. The magic’s letters were seen on the ceiling, faintly appearing and disappearing. Her face turned pale when she discovered them. It still had the power to restore itself.

Even though the first grand duke’s magic had gotten poor, it seemed that the power to extinguish the magic as much as possible remained in this.

Erna, who hurriedly memorized the letters that appeared momentarily, said in an excited voice, “Done. It should be easy to repair with this! Move over. Right now…”

“Move what over?” Kalion clasped both of Erna’s wrists with one hand, then removed his shirt with the other. And her wrists were firmly tied. Then, her face froze.

“Don’t tell me…”

Kalion smirked and hung his wrist-tied clothes on the headrest’s bedpost. And with the remaining part, he covered Erna’s eyes.

“All right, now it is my turn. And my wife is relaxed. You made someone like this and thought about other things. Now, I am not curious about what you were thinking about. There’s something I need to do before that.”

A cold sweat rolled down Erna’s spine as Kalion pressed down on her writhing thighs and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. You’ve had a long day, so I am not going to have s*x with you. So…”

His callous hand entered through her open collar and brushed over her soft skin.

“You go alone, too.”



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