Chapter 82.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 82.1 (Rated 18)

“D-do what alone…?”

Before Erna could even finish talking, Kalion’s hands grabbed and massaged her bre*sts. Her body which had gotten used to him quickly awakened all its senses with just a few squeezes.

“Why are my eyes covered?” Erna asked as she tried to remove Kalion’s clothes that were covering her eyes. But then she felt the tugging of her clothes along with a tearing noise.

His hands were very meticulous—like someone lusting after a woman for the first time.

Then, when Kalion scratched her hard n*pple with his fingernail, Erna let out a shriek and wiggled her body to push his hands away. Kalion’s fingers, however, stroked her body persistently.

He traced over the lines of her round bre*sts and patted them. Then, he decided to squeeze both her taut peaks as if telling her not to forget.

“Ahh! Oh!”

Erna’s body fluttered in surprise whenever his hands moved. She couldn’t tell when and where his hand would land on her body next. She wondered if he would land on her shoulders, but suddenly her thigh was tickled; she wondered if he’d touch her earlobes, but suddenly he rubbed her stomach.

On top of that, from the moment her sight had been covered, the rest of her senses moved more sensitively in place of the lost senses.

Kalion’s fingernails grazing the smooth skin below Erna’s bre*sts felt so vivid it gave her goosebumps. Despite her vision being clearly obscured, it felt like she could see his movements.

However, at the moment she let her guard down, his hands appeared elsewhere, teasing her body.


Erna’s breathing halted. Within the spreading smile on her face was a cry.

Now it was safe to say that Kalion’s hands really were taunting her. If Erna had been indelicate, he wouldn’t have done this, but his touch had awakened Erna’s senses, and he was acting irresponsibly as if he didn’t care.

Erna’s body was increasingly enveloped in a flame of burning passion due to Kalion’s behavior as if he had set fire and pulled her to the edge of it.

Before she knew it, his fingers, which had come between her thighs, rubbed over her underwear.

Erna’s legs tightened at the tickly feeling of him scratching the fabric. Kalion, however, dug in between her thighs even more persistently as he continued to move his fingers. Because it tickled more than him scratching her bare flesh, her body continued to gyrate.

“St-stop, ah! Stop it!”

Erna had no choice but to beg even while knowing Kalion would not stop.

Unlike her stomach which he’d already touched enough, Kalion tortured her genitals. Before long, she started to get wet down there just like him earlier. Noticing that her underwear was wet, Kalion pressed down with his entire palm.


Erna, struggling with the large hand that was pressing hard, at one point shook and arched her back. And a little while later she passed out on the bed.

“Oh… ugghh…”

Erna breathed heavily in the afterglow of the orgasm.

It wasn’t enough.

Her body was looking for an ensuing stimulation. Now Kalion would move. So…

“Shall we go again after resting for a bit?”

Erna was breathing with anticipation when she heard his voice mixed with laughter. She was flabbergasted by his question.


His body that’d been pressing her backed up as if he was not lying. His hands slightly grasped Erna’s completely exposed bre*sts, then soon fell away. He felt the waves of the bed. Now the real Kalion was here.

“You said we’ve done enough. That you want to lie down and go to sleep.”

What does this mean? Erna wondered; he seemed to have remembered everything she’d said.

“I won’t do anymore, so go to sleep. I might caress you a little, but don’t worry too much about it,” added Kalion.

Then, Erna heard the sound of water being poured into a cup; the sound of Kalion plopping down into a chair.

A random laugh shot out of her mouth.

“So… this is you getting revenge on me now?”

“How could this be revenge? I’m telling you to rest,” Kalion said.

“Would you rest if you were me?”

Then, instead of a reply, there was laughter. Erna waved her hands around to try to summon a magic orb somehow.

“It’s a fruitless attempt. I knew you’d do that, so I tied the upper part of your hands tightly.”

Like Kalion had said, she couldn’t even move her fingers. Where had he learned to tie like this? Erna wiggled her body around for a long time, but there was nothing she could do.

Her body cooled down after some time had gone by. When she started to think about how she could realistically escape this situation, Kalion stood up and got on the bed again. With no hesitation, he pushed aside the clothes of Erna, who was tied down, and grabbed her bre*sts with both hands.

This was the moment she clenched her jaw, thinking he was going to start up again.


At the same time his tickling hair touched her chest, he bit one of her bre*sts with a big chomp, his wet tongue licking up to the top of it. The edges of his teeth scratched her n*pple and bit.

“Hey! Stop it! Stop!”

Each time Kalion’s breath came down on her chest, Erna shook her head and quivered like she was going crazy. Because of that, Kalion skipped her chest. Was this him telling her to stay still? His hand tapped the side of her bre*st.

“My goodness!”

This was Erna’s first time being stimulated in this way. Her body trembled and twisted. Feeling a violent reaction that was different from before, Kalion whispered in her ear, “Are you a pervert? Are you turned on?”

He’d unfortunately thrown the words back to Erna. She had to acknowledge that she had stimulated him for nothing and the fact that she might have perverted tendencies like he’d said.

Considering the terrible momentum from a while ago, Kalion wouldn’t let her go.

Feeling her body burning again, when Erna pondered what to do, Kalion’s hand untied the string of her pants and pulled them down. The cold air instantly filled the space between her legs. Erna screamed out, waving her legs, “You said we aren’t going to do it!”

“We’re not.”

“Then why are you undressing me?”

Instead of answering, Kalion pulled down her panties. Erna couldn’t understand his behavior even more.

“You called me a pervert. I’m showing you that I am.”


At Kalion’s reply, Erna let out a moan. He whispered in a low voice, smiling, “Why? Are you anxious to see?”

Erna couldn’t move her lips. She’d almost blurted out the words: Seriously, how did I end up like this with him?



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