Chapter 82.2 (Rated 18)

Chapter 82.2 (Rated 18)

If someone had told her three months ago that from then on she would spend every day with Kalion, doing this and that, she would have killed them mercilessly, thinking they were a crazy devil who uttered such terrible words.

Now, however, she was doing this because it was not enough to just roll around in bed every day with him…

Even worse, her heart was racing. Their relationship made her retch all day, not only from his touch but even from the way he caught her eyes from down the hall… How…


Lost in thought, Erna gasped in surprise at him coming between her legs. His erect thing came between her legs and rubbed on her opening.

“You said we aren’t going to do it!”

When Erna shook her body and uttered the same words like a parrot, his blunt tip tapped her v*ginal opening. It was amazing how his manhood was so stiff because of sexual excitement.

“Ahh! Oh!”

Even so, when her wet v*gina touched him, it spilled more liquid. Her body was steadily preparing for the next step. The sound of their wet bodies rubbing echoed in the room. It was as obscene as their engaged bodies.

Kalion carefully moved his waist while holding onto her waist. Erna’s legs were as soft and warm as her insides and pressed hard on his thing.

Kalion’s thing, which rubbed on her for a long time, flared up even more. Grabbing his p*nis that’d almost gone inside, he lined it up with Erna’s opening.

“Oh, ah!”

Erna’s body froze in fear, thinking his thing was entering inside her.

His p*nis spewed out a hazy liquid from a violent orgasm.


Kalion, who had ej*culated without even going inside her, slowly raised his body. His s*men flowed down Erna’s smooth v*ginal lips. He was staring down at her when he let out a breath of air and said to her, “I said I’m not going to do it.”

He had never planned to put it inside her.

Kalion looked at Erna, who was still tied up with her eyes covered. Erna was s*xually excited, but she twisted her body constantly as if she were frustrated. She still wasn’t satisfied.

Kalion trapped Erna’s body between his legs. He hadn’t forgotten about when she had provoked him a little while ago.

Wasn’t it a husband’s duty to satisfy his eccentric yet obscene wife?

He softly pushed up her bre*sts and said, “Can I do it with your breasts?”

If he was going to be perverted, he was going to try it until the very end. Because the next time, Erna would never let him do it. He had thought she was going to call him a crazy bastard, but to his surprise, she only breathed quietly. Then, she said in a tiny voice, “You can…”


Kalion was shocked. What did Erna just say? He could? When he showed bewilderment at her unexpected reply, Erna said again, “By the way, this… can you untie this thing covering my eyes…?”

Her voice trembled as she continued, “I want to see you. And it’s scary since I can’t see you…”

At that, Kalion swept his face with both hands. He was wrong. He wasn’t tough enough to the point where he was mean to people. Kalion hurriedly untied the cloth covering Erna’s eyes. Perhaps her being scared wasn’t a lie, her eyes were wet and slightly reddened.

Kalion hugged her and placed his lips on her eyelids.

He had lost… even though it wasn’t even an argument.

* * *

Kalion woke up from the knocking at the door. He looked down at his arms. Erna, who had given him every inch of her body last night, was asleep quietly in his arms.

Kalion realized the situation and hurriedly glanced at the clock. The lion on the front of the door was turned today, too. On top of that, it was 7:30 a.m. Unless the two went out first, it was not yet time to interfere with anything serious.

After Kalion quickly got up and put on his gown, he approached the door. As soon as he opened the heavy door slowly, Cedric was seen in the crack of the door.

“I am sorry to bother you out of your sleep, sir.”

“What is it?” asked Kalion.

Upon seeing his suddenly nervous complexion, Kalion guessed first that some demons had appeared. The words that came out of his mouth, however, were not what he’d expected.

“The envoy from Haband has arrived. Adelaide Haband. Lady Erna’s younger sister, the 4th royal princess of Haband, has come in person and asked to see the two of you.”

* * *

“So, this is Hessenguard Grand Castle.”

Stepping out from her carriage, she took off the hood she’d been wearing for the entire trip. Brilliant blond hair trickled down over her shoulders, and below her hair, her green eyes shined—a familiar color to the people of Hessenguard Grand Castle.

It was the same color as Erna Hessenguard, their grand duchess.

The royal servants that’d come out the front door stared at Adelaide with shock in their eyes.

Adelaide Haband was a beautiful woman. An innocent, slender, and pure beauty—different from Erna’s constant strong-looking impression.

They had the same hair and eye color, but how could their impressions be so different like this?

Adelaide smiled as she watched the servants whisper amongst one another. In Haband, dozens of men had courted her when she smiled only once, kneeling before her. But she left all that for here.

It had been a dangerous journey. She remembered that many royal people in the past had lost their lives before even reaching the land. So, she had desperately hidden her ID card until her arrival here, and she had changed her itinerary several times with her face hidden.

Luckily, she had been able to arrive unscathed. Of course, saying she arrived at the Grand Castle was not a sign that she was relieved. The subversive ones of the past would still live and seek the necks of aristocrats.

However, she had confidence now that she’d arrived alive.

Kalion of Hessenguard… I came to meet him, but… Adelaide repeated his name to herself.

One half of the grand couple; the one called ‘best knight in all of Hessenguard’. And… the one she had to have in her hands. The one to take care of her from now on.

“I can’t wait. They say he’s handsome, too.”

Adelaide stared satisfactorily at Hessenguard Grand Castle. It was a beautiful castle. A bright smile spread across her face.

“…such a waste of beauty to be with Erna.”



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