Chapter 86.1

Chapter 86.1

With both hands firmly grasping Erna’s face, Kalion kissed her again. Each time he did, the lipstick that painted Erna’s lips red smeared onto his own. For having said that it didn’t taste good, Kalion was certainly sucking her lips with too much enjoyment.

Erna shoved Kalion away after having smudged all of her makeup. “You said my lipstick doesn’t taste good!” she pointed out.

“You taste good, so I don’t care.”

“You’re mad!”

Hearing Kalion spew out embarrassing words so nonchalantly, Erna smacked his arms away as her face reddened. He, however, merely laughed after noticing the lack of vigor in her attack. Then, he recalled the conversation with Adelaide from just a moment ago.

* * *

During Erna’s conversation with Adelaide, every second was torturous.

Kalion used all of the might in his body to keep his leg from shaking frivolously. The reason he couldn’t hold back his desire to listen to the sisters’ conversation was that the conversation between Erna and Adelaide was rather interesting.

But to be exact, Adelaide’s attitude was rather entertaining.

Kalion escorted Erna, who’d arrived in the reception room, to a seat. Across them was Adelaide, standing in a daze.

“What are you doing? Sit down.” Kalion threw a glare at Adelaide, who obviously wanted to be escorted. Just a moment ago Erna had treated her like a precious diamond that would shatter upon first touch.

Marquis Canavan’s aide standing behind Adelaide urgently escorted her towards her seat. Adelaide was unable to hide her discomfort, and without her fan she frequently used in banquets, the corner of her lips could be seen quivering.

Kalion’s behavior was not against etiquette, but it was not decent either.

Adelaide was a representative envoy of a nation—it was only right for a man of equivalent or higher status than her to escort her in the sense of welcoming her.

The only one who was qualified for that position in Hessenguard was Kalion. That being so, Adelaide thought it was an opportunity for her to come into physical contact with him and discreetly seduce him. However, Adelaide was baffled at his behaviour. She hadn’t expected him to blatantly pretend not to know.

Even so, Adelaide couldn’t do anything. If she was in Haband, she would have pointed out his rudeness and ordered him to never be in her sight again, but this was Hessenguard, and Kalion was above her, and above all…

Kalion, sitting next to Erna, wouldn’t even pay the least attention to whatever Adelaide said.

Desperately hiding her embarrassment, Adelaide briefly changed her aim.

“Erna, my sister, your clothes are beautiful.”

It would be a sweet compliment coming from a sister for those unaware of their relationship, but Adelaide’s words carried multiple meanings.

Erna’s clothes were undoubtedly beautiful, but what about the rest of her?

On top of that, there was plenty more to compliment her on, but the fact that she’d chosen to comment on her clothes meant that she wanted to point out that she was wearing something that was not a ceremonial dress.

Erna answered with a bright smile, “Is that so? Since you came so suddenly, I roughly threw on what I normally wear, but thank you for the compliment. Had I known you were coming I would have gotten more prepared. I was originally supposed to wear a ceremonial dress, but please excuse my shortcoming, Adelaide, because I’m so glad to see you after such a long time.”

Adelaide, about to burst into tears at Erna’s reply, pretended to clean up the hem of his skirt with her clenched fists.

Erna had plenty to refute if Adelaide dared to argue about the rules of etiquette.

Once an envoy, it was an established procedure to greet the person who’d come to meet them at a place distant from the Grand Castle. They could only enter the castle once they finished with the physical examination. However, Adelaide had come straight to the Grand Castle, completely ignoring that standard procedure.

Despite both of them having disobeyed the rules, Erna was absolutely at the advantage.

Meanwhile, Kalion stared at Erna with a look that said, “What you normally wear? You’re a good liar.”

Completely understanding what it meant, Erna kicked Kalion’s leg under the table, avoiding the stares of the others.

For the entire time, Cedric and Orpé had been watching with interest from a distance. Orpé was particularly enjoying the sisters’ reunion.

Her thoughts drifted to the visit of Marquess Canavan before. At that time, Erna trembled every time she was on her way to meet him.

Now, the visitor was even worse: an estranged relative.

On top of that, someone who, before Erna had arrived, hadn’t been able to hide her disregard for Erna from her words and attitude toward the servants of the Grand Castle.



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