Chapter 96.2

Chapter 96.2

The rumor that Erna had called Ruben to her room late at night spread like wildfire. But as the time Ruben had spent inside was brief, they assumed that it had seemed like a short visit. However, what aroused people’s imaginations was that his face was strangely red when he had left the room and that his clothes were disheveled unlike when he had entered.

And those circulating stories had reached Kalion.

“…said that, My Lord.”

Cedric closed his eyes tightly as he relayed to Kalion what the servants in the main building of the Grand Castle had witnessed.

After his big fight with Erna, Kalion had come to the knights’ building, still on edge. Cedric couldn’t count how many broken sticks of wood had been tidied up.

Despite his body not yet completely healed, Kalion tired himself in the training grounds like he had gone mad. Every time his fist landed on the wooden pillar Cedric had brought in, it trembled until it eventually shattered into pieces. The surrounding knights would hear the rough grunting coming from Kalion’s mouth.

Upon hearing Cedric’s report, Kalion could barely manage to hold back a slew of curse words.

He had known what Erna had planned as she had told him everything in advance. But knowing wouldn’t stop him from getting upset. On top of that…

Calling him at night was one thing, but her clothes?

He had ordered Cedric to gather everything that was happening and return, and Cedric, as loyal and competent an aide he was, had relayed his report thoroughly, all the way down to what Erna had worn to show Ruben out.

Kalion could almost shoot flames out of his eyes at the fact that she had worn quite a revealing outfit she didn’t wear often.

There had been a time when Kalion had urged Erna to wear revealing clothes whenever it was only the two of them, saying, “You’re so pretty. Why don’t you wear something else that clings to your body? Should I buy it for you?”

As expected, Erna had slapped his hands away. She had said, “I already have those kinds of clothes. But why wear something so uncomfortable? It’s frustrating to wear clothes that cling tightly to my body. If you like it so much, you should wear it.”

It was inevitable. No matter how much he wanted it, how could Kalion tell her to do something she didn’t want to do? He couldn’t force her to dress that way. She would have strangled him.

Since Erna was prettiest when she was undressing anyway, Kalion had swallowed his regret, thinking it didn’t matter.

But you met Ruben wearing that kind of clothing? If you’re going to do that, at least show it to me first, even once!

Kalion swept both of his hands down his face. Having listened to Cedric’s report, Erna seemed to be doing just as she had told him in advance. If so, he, too, had to do what he had to do.

He approached the front of his desk. A bouquet had arrived with a letter signed with Adelaide’s name placed in it. He wanted to shove them into the fireplace but he couldn’t.


“Yes, sir!”

Afraid of how Kalion was going to rough up the knights again today, Cedric waited for him to speak, trembling.


“Princess Adelaide’s letter?” Cedric asked.

“Right. You write the response.”

Cedric’s face brightened. It didn’t matter what Kalion ordered as long as it wasn’t rolling around the training grounds. “Yes, Lord Kalion. What should I write?”

“I have something I want to say confidentially, so bring a few maids to the knight’s building.”

* * *

“At this rate, this is troubling, Vanessa.”

The security guards in front of the door connected to the Grand Castle didn’t know what to do. In front of them stood Vanessa, who was looking more and more worn out these days.

They cast sympathetic glances on Vanessa. Vanessa Schulz; famous for her devotion to the grand duchy and the council. Her hair was gray, but her straight back despite her old age, strong eyes, and powerful voice made people bow down in front of her.

The current Vanessa, however, was different from her normal self.

After receiving orders that she was barred from entering the castle she visited every day, she constantly asked the guards if Lord Kalion had given orders yet. Each time she did, the security guards announced her visit to the main building with pity. But what she got in return was just a cold order: “Get out.”

“Am I still unable to enter?” Vanessa asked.

“Yes… You still cannot enter…”

“Alright… Thanks for letting me know. Have a good day.”

“Farewell, madam.”

She turned around as she heard the security guards’ voices. Forlorn gazes sank into her drooping shoulders. The guards felt sorry thinking she, who had always looked confident, looked exceptionally old today.

Vanessa, who was walking with her secretary, said after turning the corner of the path, “I guess he has firmly made up his mind this time.”

She stretched her back as she spoke. Perhaps her slumping shoulders were hurting, she rubbed her neck and shoulders.

The old woman who had been helpless a while ago disappeared in an instant, and the chairman of the troubled council was here. Noticing Vanessa’s instant change, her secretary shook her head at her.

“That’s understandable. I, too, was shocked when I heard you say that Ruben Aether and Erna Hessenguard went to the knights’ building together.”

Vanessa sucked her teeth at the secretary’s reproachful tone.

“Because that man is a fox. He came to me right away, knowing something was going to happen. Thanks to that I’ve been able to prove his innocence. I don’t know about anyone else, but if I prove it, others can’t doubt it.”

“That is so… but Lady Erna’s treatment this time is too much. You have been working so hard to bring her here,” spoke the assistant.

Everybody knew that Erna treated Vanessa like a mother. They had assumed this probation period would have ended earlier, but even after a few days, Vanessa still wasn’t allowed to enter the Grand Castle.

“I know that. Frankly, I thought she would let me in at this point. Come to think of it, ever since she returned from Ilgees Forest I think she’s been distancing herself. It’s like she saw something in there,” said Vanessa. Suddenly, the corners of her lips curled upwards. “Did she see him after all?”

“What can you do, madam? Now she knows what the Grand Duchess of Hessenguard needs to know. She’ll understand if she knows everything.”

“Right, that’s right. But…” Vanessa sighed and said, “I don’t know if she understands that we chose the grand duke and grand duchess.”



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