Chapter 97.2

Chapter 97.2

The people in charge thought they’d gone deaf. Turning to one another and blinking, they started to move like they’d been possessed. The people in charge of Kalion literally put their hearts and souls into it.

Even so, he was envious of the people who’d been in charge of Erna for a while, saying that Erna often visited them these days.

Kalion’s clothes were always ready for each season, even if he didn’t wear them.

His size had reduced slightly due to the poisoning incident, but adjusting the clothes was nothing to the ones in charge.

They had started grooming Kalion early this morning, saying they didn’t care if their heads were cut off. Their hands touched every inch of his body, from head to toe. And one hour before, Kalion had looked at himself in the mirror wearing a different outfit with a different hairstyle.

Though he looked splendid, he wasn’t drenched in dangling jewelry and decorations.

Basically, it was a long stretch from traditional Hessenguard formal wear. But the traditional crest and design threaded in the golden thread were just splendid.

That alone wasn’t bad at all. No, it was quite alright. So much that the servants who had come in to tidy up the room looked at him and widened their eyes.

Kalion, who’d come to the knights’ building to meet Adelaide, was headed in the direction of the main building’s garden. Sitting at an outdoor table that already had snacks prepared, he turned around and stared at the main building.

It had been a few days since he’d last seen Erna.

“We can never pretend to not know each other. You know that, right? Look at me like you used to.“

On the morning of the day he accidentally hit her, Erna had asked him firmly over and over again. She insisted that it would not be difficult to behave as they did before, a few months ago…

Kalion recalled Erna’s movements that he’d heard from Cedric. She seemed to be really playing around with Ruben, just like she’d said.


In fact, it didn’t seem that Erna really had to put in much effort. Kalion’s breath becomes hoarse from one touch of Erna’s finger, so what’s the difference with Ruben?

He wasn’t happy thinking that Erna was getting along well with Ruben. How many times did Erna smile at that guy? How many times did she touch him? Wait. Why on earth does she have to try so hard to seduce him?

With his inside boiling again, he looked in the direction of Erna’s room.

There were actually three reasons why he’d called Adelaide to this garden:

1.) To let the others know that he is also looking down on Erna.
2.) To let Erna know that he is making an effort like this.
3.) To at least get to look at Erna like this.

He was looking at the window of Erna’s room when, as he’d expected, she appeared.

“…what’s that? Over there.”

Kalion’s eyes grew wide. Erna beyond the window was wearing something he’d never seen before.

That’s pretty, Kalion thought. He started shaking his head. No, now isn’t the time to start thinking that.

But why the hell is she wearing a shoulder-revealing outfit in her bedroom? While he was wondering, he saw someone else behind her. It was Ruben.

“…he’s a dead man.”

The sound of gritting teeth came from Kalion’s mouth. Anyway, thankfully it wasn’t just Ruben in the room; Orpé was there as well. Erna’s eyes and Kalion’s eyes met momentarily. Erna, however, put her hand on Ruben’s shoulder as if they were close.


Kalion let out a fake laugh at them. I know you’re doing that on purpose, Erna. Trying to pretend to be completely broken up with me in front of Ruben. Despite knowing that, Kalion insides were boiling. Is there a reason for all that? In front of me too?

Then, he felt Adelaide approaching from behind.

Good. He did not intend to lose. He stood up and turned around. It felt like he could feel Ruben’s and Erna’s gazes scanning his back.

Kalion smiled as he stared at Adelaide. All the while saying to himself:

That there is Erna. That there is Erna. So…

He intended to seduce her as much as he could. Just as he’d normally wanted to do to Erna. Just as Erna wanted to turn Kalion’s stomach, he also wanted to turn her stomach.

* * *

Erna sat down in a room on the first floor and sighed. She had been away from Kalion for two weeks. Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the Grand Castle was literally a disaster.

“Oh well. We’ve cheated on each other now.”

The two went around with their respective partners on their sides. Thanks to this, Adelaide and Ruben were the ones who were relaxed.

Erna thought about Adelaide and Kalion being together yesterday. Kalion, after calling Adelaide to the garden, had moved without hesitation.

“They went to the grasslands outside the capital together.”

Erna pressed her temples. You’ve never done anything like that with me, but you went out and picked flowers and played with her, right?

Of course she too wasn’t sitting still. Meanwhile, Ruben behaved like a complete dog, a dog who came running with his tale shaking when Erna called him.

When Kalion and her eyes met briefly a few days ago, he had glanced slyly around Adelaide’s waist.

“I’m doing what you told me to do well.”

He probably would have thought that. He had to. If not…

Erna’s shoulder’s sank. They were doing great, but why does she feel like a total wreck?

Of course, Erna didn’t stay still when she saw Kalion do that. She deliberately took off her shoe, pretending to have twisted her foot. Sure enough, Ruben Aether got down on his knees and put Erna’s shoe on while she sat on a bench.

She felt bad that Ruben was touching her bare feet but laughed really desperately. At that time, she didn’t know what kind of face Kalion had on. Because she didn’t look at him.

She rose from her seat after having sat for a long time.

The stuff she’d brought from Ilgees Forest were piled up in her room. That thing with Adelaide and Ruben was real, but there was too much work to be done.

“Time to take a look at… Huh?”

Suddenly, there was a ruckus outside her room. The moment she was about to go out into the hallway to see what was going on, she heard servants yelling:

“Lord Kalion.”

Kalion? Why Kalion?

The door flew open in an instant. There stood Kalion, dressed neatly, or more beautifully than he needed to be, recently. He had a look of anger on him. So angry that it made Erna absently cower and back up.

“No one comes in!”

Kalion slammed the door after yelling at the servants who didn’t know what to do.

Anyone could see that he was ready to punch Erna any minute now.


When the bewildered Erna cowered again and was about to retreat a few more steps, he strode over to her. And the next moment Erna felt a rough arm tugging hard on her body.

“Erna.” Kalion’s low voice sounded into her ear. “I can’t take it anymore.”



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