Chapter 98.2

Chapter 98.2


Kalion scoffed at himself for not even realizing the most basic problem. Such information had to be kept safe from everyone other than the two. Erna could easily send the note through her spells but how was he supposed to contact her? 

Kalion became irritated as the one excuse to meet Erna had become impossible to do. He picked up the paper and went to the fireplace. The information was too confidential that it wasn’t safe to keep it any longer. 

As Kalion threw the paper at the small fire, he watched the flames grow. 

While blankly staring at the fire, Kalion opened his mouth and quietly muttered to himself.

“I miss you.” 

He wanted to see her face to face, not peeping at her like a creep. 

He swept his face with his hands. He didn’t want to stay apart from her, but he knew he didn’t have a choice. Also, he had once thought that he could handle not seeing her to some extent. Looking back now, it was just a big lack of self-awareness.  

The image of Erna and Ruben during the day would constantly pop into his mind.

Erna’s hand that swept Reuben’s hair, the smile she made while doing so. 

It used to all be Kalion’s. The only man that Erna Hessenguard should have cared and loved for was her husband Kalion Hessengaurd. 

Kalion’s eyes were locked on to the ashes from the paper. All of a sudden, he turned around as if a realization hit him. 

He can’t use magic nor can he trust anyone else to deliver it. Then, he can only go by himself. Kalion picked up his sword and headed towards the main castle. 

Seeing Kalion, who never even stepped foot in the castle for the past two weeks, walk in with such vigor and a sword in his hand, the servants started to wonder if they should stop him. Just from his appearance, it seemed like he was going to strike Erna as soon as he found her. However, he too was the owner of this castle. Also, it was nothing that Erna could not defend herself from. 

As expected, as soon as he came in, he asked where Erna was and immediately went into the newly decorated room on the 1st floor.

The servants knocked on the closed door and shouted, “Please no, sir Kalion!”

While the servants thought about whether they should enter the room or not, they heard the door lock and then they heard banging sounds on the door as if something was crashing on to it. 

Their faces became pale with fear. What if one of them ended up dead? Among the puzzled servants, one had his ear on the door for a relatively long time. However, because of the crashing and banging sounds, he could not tune in on any conversation. 


Kalion ignored Erna’s glare and tried to grab her hand. 

Erna backed off as she was clueless and shocked about why Kalion was here and what he was trying to do. After a few retreating steps, her back touched the wall. Erna had nowhere else to run so she stared at Kalion. 

“What are you doing? You know we must be careful!”

She was talking loudly but her voice was not audible outside the door as the sounds from her spells were even louder. 

Kalion looked at the door and asked, “How long will that last?”


“Your spell.”

“That? Around an hour or two…”


Before Erna even finished her sentence, Kalion threw his sword to the ground and put his hands between Erna’s face. Erna, who was now stuck between Kalion and the wall, looked up towards Kalion. As the two made eye contact, Kalion smiled and said, “Well, I’m incapable of using magic to send a message to you, so I had to come myself.”

Erna swallowed the criticism she was about to give to him after hearing what he said. She had been curious about what Kalion had learned about Adelaide. Considering everything he had done with Adelaide, there had to be something good. 

Right when Erna was about to open her mouth, Kalion lowered his head and held Erna’s hand. 


“Before you say anything…” Kalion grabbed Erna’s wrist and placed her hand on top of his head. “Please touch me for a bit.”


“Like how you touched that prick. No actually, even more softer than that.” 

Erna’s heart spiked. 

“…You were watching?”

“Oh yes. I could see you treating him quite nicely.” 

Kalion gripped Erna’s hand harder, signaling her to hurry up. Erna swallowed a sigh and put her fingers through Kalion’s hair. 

She was wondering why he seemed so crooked; it turned out he had seen everything. 

Erna carefully swept Kalion’s hair just like he had asked. Then the outline of his eyes began to soften, although the look in his eyes were still sharp. 

Looking at him, Erna smirked and asked, “You got jealous?”


“You got jealous because I touched Ruben like that?”

Kalion’s eyes slimmed after hearing Erna’s question. He assumed she was enjoying his jealous reaction. You’re asking when you already know. He grabbed Erna’s hand that was sweeping his hair. Her long and thin fingers combing through his head felt nice. But he knew that this hand could bring him more pleasure. 

Kalion placed Erna’s palm on him and slowly pulled it down so that her hand passed his face and neck. He pulled it down past his beating chest and further down. 

The playfulness in Erna’s face disappeared. Her hand, which was now below Kalion’s belly button, could now feel something that was so big that her hand could not entirely hold. Something that was hot and beating as if it was alive…

Erna swallowed her breath as she witnessed Kalion’s below, which was about to burst open his pants any second. She had forgotten. 

Kalion had been patient. However, past a certain point, he would turn into a maniac. And currently, Kalion had been past that point since Erna asked that question. 

After seeing Erna’s smile fade, Kalion made a relaxed smile and said, “Your habit of asking despite knowing didn’t go away. Turn around, Erna.”

Before she could even ask ‘why,’ Kalion flipped her body around. Erna was now facing the wall and before she could look back at Kalion, his knee had spread her legs apart. At the same time, she could hear his pants fall off. 

Kalion yanked Erna’s skirt up before she could stop him. Between her legs, she could feel something hefty. That thing was fiercely pressing onto her below over her underwear as if it was going to pierce right through it. 

“Hey, wait…!”

Before she could tell him to wait, Kalion’s fingers pushed her underwear to the side and aligned his thing to her hole. His thing had only entered a bit through her skin but he could feel his body getting tight. Erna shook her body out of shock, but Kalion didn’t back off.  

He placed his hand and firmly gripped on her shoulder as he whispered huskily, “You asked if I was jealous?”

“T, That was… aah!”

Kalion’s manhood began to slowly enter Erna.

“I don’t think I can explain my feelings through puny words…”

Kalion held on to her quivering waist and started to move his hips. 

“So, I’ll show you with my body.” 



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