Chapter 99.1 (Rated 18)

Chapter 99.1 (Rated 18)

Erna gasped as it has been a while since Kalion’s thing entered her body, especially from behind. 

When they would make love on top of the bed, Kalion would sometimes put it in from behind. Its length and girth were already too much for her to bear in a normal position. So, when his thing entered from behind, it came in deeper and was more difficult for Erna to take. Every time this happened, it made Erna quiver and difficult to breathe.  

This time was no different. His manhood pushed in slowly, and relentlessly scratched on and stimulated Erna’s insides, which had not received anything like this for the past two weeks.

“Ah… Ughh!”

She felt as if she would faint. She continued to breathe heavily, but her shaking did not seem to slow down. 

“Nngh! Ugh!”

Everytime Kalion thrust his hips, moans bursted from Erna. It was more exhausting than painful.

“Don’t act like you’re tired. It’s going in so easily. It’s so wet I don’t even need to touch it. What were you doing before I came in? Your thing was all ready to go.”

Erna could hear Kalion’s annoying comments but couldn’t think of anything as a comeback. 

In fact, since the moment Kalion came in and whispered to Erna, her body had been getting ready for it. She thought she was crazy as she noticed her lower stomach tensing and her private area getting wet. 

Kalion whispered into Erna from behind. “You weren’t thinking about that f*cker, were you?”

Kalion thrusted his hips hard. His ferocious attitude led his movement to ruthlessly hit and rub against the deep parts of Erna. The tingling sensation from her stomach spread all over her body.

Her body was powerless against such stimulations she hadn’t felt for a long time. Kalion continued to hit the sweet spots inside her like, and tears started to gather in Erna’s eyes. 

“It, wasn’t, that…”

“Then why is it like this? It’s swallowing mine completely.”

“That’s, hahh, ughh!”

His thing had fully entered and poked the deepest part of her insides. Erna could see fireworks going off in front of her eyes. She let out short moans and twisted her body, trying to escape from the overwhelming sensations. 

All she could think of was to get that thing deep inside out her body. So, Erna lifted her heels as if she was trying to climb up the wall, which did help get Kalion’s manhood out a bit from Erna. 

Kalion smirked. 

Erna could hear his laugh while she continued to hold on to the wall. She could tell that although his laugh sounded relaxed, his face was probably stiff and cold. 

Erna’s erotic reaction easily crushed Kalion’s sense of reason. 

He was going to restrain a bit. However, the moment he saw her pale soft *ss, his blood started to rush. And after he inserted his thing, only basic instincts were left inside him. 

Erna was unrealistically soft, warm, and aromatic. 

My wife. 

The moment that bastard, Ruben, wrapped his hand around Erna’s waist resurfaced. Kalion intentionally held on to that specific part of her waist strongly. It wasn’t only that area. Kalion had been feeling and caressing all the parts that had contact with Ruben, like he was cleansing those parts from Ruben’s dirty touch. 

Kalion pulled her down with some force and his manhood fully hid itself inside Erna again.

“Uhh, Ahh, nnnghh…”

Erna’s hand quivered on the wall. 

Kalion steadily put his hands down. Although Erna knew she couldn’t escape because they were connected below, she still tried to get herself out. 

Followed by a series of sloppy sounds, Kalion’s manhood revealed itself. His thing was drenched with fluids and its veins were so defined as if they were going to pop. 

Trying to run away again, huh?

Kalion looked at Erna who was struggling to stay on her toes. Only her skirt was flipped over. Her upper body was still covered up, though the lower part was biting on to her husband. 

If you’re going to enjoy me this much.

Why would you smile at him?

Of course, he knew why Erna would do so. Still, his heart could not accept it.

Just smile a little bit. Just a little. He would still fall for you over that. 

Just like I did. 

Kalion’s hand headed towards Erna’s outer garment. He quickly unbuttoned the shirt and reached inside the gaps to find what he was looking for. 

Once his hands caught her soft bre*sts, Kalion squeezed them tightly. 

“Haaghh, Ahhh!”

Erna’s eyes and mouth both opened wide. It became even harder to breathe. Her vision blurred. Erna loosened her legs, forgetting all about escaping from Kalion’s thing. 


Then her body collapsed on top of the remaining half of Kalion’s manhood. His thing was so hard that it easily penetrated the deepest part of Erna again. 

“Hahh, nnggh…”

When her weight instantly swallowed all of Kalion’s thing, Erna could not take it anymore. 

This was not a bedroom. Although she was generating loud noises with her spell, the walls and door were thin. If anybody opened the door, they could see everything. 

Just imagining such a situation embarrassed her, and that made her tremble more. 


Her quivering body started to fall sideways. Before her body hit the ground, Kalion caught her, as if he was expecting it to happen. 

Kalion turned Erna’s body, which still swallowed his p*nis inside. The inner walls scratching against his tool made her squirt out fluids, making it easier for Kalion to move it around inside her. 

Only Erna had climaxed. 

Kalion couldn’t release himself as his rage that had piled up until he came to the room didn’t fade yet. 

Kalion made Erna lean her back on the wall. She was still breathing heavily. Then he lifted one of her legs with his hand.

“What, what… are you trying to do…”

“Getting back to work.”



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