Chapter 99.2 (Rated 19)

Chapter 99.2 (Rated 19)

Kalion started to move his waist again. Erna moaned with her back on the wall, while having one leg by Kalion and the other supporting the rest of her body. 

She was getting pounded, with one of her legs lifted, in a regular room, with her clothes on.

While Kalion mercilessly thrusted upon Erna, she remembered what Kalion had said to her earlier. That he would explain with his body.

What he was showing was not just jealousy. He was furious. 

After realizing Kalion’s feelings, an odd feeling of satisfaction arose in Erna. 

She quite enjoyed picturing how he had been struggling to see her with another man. But…

“Hahhh!, nnggh, Nnnyaa!”

Kalion’s fierce movement made her grit her teeth. 

“S, stop, ugghh!”

Her asking him to stop only made him move faster and stronger which made her call him insane. 

She was aware that Kalion usually restrained himself when they made love. 

Even after several turns, whereas Erna would plop on the bed with exhaustion, Kalion would still try to push his thing inside her as if he still had more to go. But if Erna seemed to struggle, he would stop himself. 

But not today. It seemed like he really wanted to let her know what it meant to explain with his body. 

Erna’s hand grabbed onto Kalion’s shoulder. Instead of his usual smooth and strong shoulder, Erna felt his uniform and embellishments on it. As she couldn’t feel his warmth, Erna felt a bit disappointed.

“Why are you so angry…” 

Erna, who had been swallowing her own breath and shaking every time Kalion moved, struggled to speak up.

“You, you think… I enjoy watching?”


“You… and Adelaide… having all the fun you want.”

Kalion was silent.

“I saw everything too. You, aghh! Took Adelaide… And ran off…”

When did she see that? 

Kalion bit his lips. Adelaide had said the weather was good in Hessenguard and wanted to tour the palace. He thought if he didn’t go with her, she would wander off to places. He didn’t have a choice but to accompany her. 

The sound of her constant blabbering until they returned to the castle was so disturbing to Kalion, that he had to order Cedric to get him some painkillers. 

“…So, what about it?”

He asked in a cold manner, trying to stop his mouth from forming a smile. He realized that Erna had also been disturbed seeing him with Adelaide just like he was with Erna and Ruben.

Then Erna’s face, that was hopelessly shaking along Kalion’s movement, blurred. 

“You never… went out with me… like that.”

“You never told me you wanted to.”

Erna then glared at him with her blood shot eyes.

“Do I have to tell you everything?!”

Kalion stopped his movement after seeing Erna’s disappointed eyes. The two stared at each other.

Both were angry at each other. Although they thought it wasn’t something to get mad over, they couldn’t hold it in. They had agreed and even practiced how they were going to act but now they were fighting over the exact same thing. Seeing themselves like this made them angry and sad. But at the same time, it gave them some sort of satisfaction that their other half was so upset and jealous. 

“Erna. Kalion lifted her up. The two were still connected to each other. He then whispered to Erna, who was holding her tears while having her erotic body completely exposed, “I missed you.”

Erna couldn’t say anything but stare at Kalion after hearing those unexpected words.

“I wanted to touch you like this…”


While having her up in the air, Kalion pressed her body down deeper onto him. Erna’s body quivered inside his arms.

“And kiss you.”

Right after saying so, Kalion started to move his body. Erna wrapped her arms around Kalion’s neck and took in all the stimulation.

“Hagghh, Ugh, Nnngh! Ka, Kalion!”

Her wailing filled up the room but Erna’s spell successfully buried the sound with louder noises.

“It’s, t, too deep… Aghh!”

His fully swollen g*nital filled up Erna completely as he held her shaking body. At the same time, his cream blasted into Erna. As soon as Erna felt the fluid which once used to enter her body every night, a great deal of fatigue hit her.  His coming that she hadn’t felt for a long time, and also quite different than the ones before, took all her energy away. 

Erna’s body drooped and hung in Kalion’s arms and Kalion kissed her on the neck and lips. 

Although his p*nis started to shrink from coming, it was still inside Erna’s body. 

Kalion caught his breath and whispered to Erna, who looked like she was going to lose her consciousness. 

“Erna, let’s go outside the castle.”



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