Extra, Part 5.1 (Rated 19)

As Kalion regained his strength, he filled Erna completely in one swift motion. Her body was red and heated from their passion, and she lay beneath him panting for breath, her stripped-off clothes barely covering her body. Kalion expertly removed his own clothes, admiring Erna’s naked form. He remembered teasing her before about how it was more exciting to leave some things to the imagination, but in truth, he always thought she was most beautiful when completely bare. And the fact that it was a sight that only he got to see made it all the more arousing.

Despite the urgency of his movements, Kalion didn’t remove himself from inside Erna. However, as he grew harder, Erna writhed beneath him in pain with each movement. Finally, as Kalion reached for the last piece of his underwear, Erna pushed him away with trembling arms and tried to escape his grasp.

“You, you… why…?” Erna would normally have grabbed a handful of his hair, screaming at him to stop, but now she could only weakly gaze at him with dilated eyes. Kalion knew the look on her face well—it was the expression she wore when she reached the peak of pleasure.

The first time? Kalion wondered to himself. He knew it took more than just a few rough thrusts to bring Erna to this state—usually, it required him to give his all and hit all the right spots. So why was her body so receptive now, after only a short amount of time? Had he been doing something wrong all along?

Kalion inwardly lamented. In an effort to be gentle and not hurt her, he had taken it slow and easy, treating Erna like fragile porcelain. He had thought she would like it this way, but now, after being rough with her, she was already finished.

As he reflected on his actions, his manhood regained its full strength. Erna’s face, which had been slack and lifeless beneath him, tensed up in response. Kalion slowly moved his hips, gently stroking the inside of Erna’s relaxed body.

Kalion’s member was of a size that had made it a struggle to fully insert it when he first made love to Erna, requiring several days of slowly getting used to it. And now, in his current state of arousal, its firmness seemed to have only increased. Despite holding onto it for years, Erna always found it a trial to accommodate it. As it pressed firmly against her now, Kalion moved with the utmost caution, knowing that even the slightest movement caused Erna immense discomfort. But if he were to disregard her discomfort and continue on…

“Ah! Ah!”

Erna let out a moan as the tip of Kalion’s member pressed against her most sensitive spot. He made up his mind and thrust into her with renewed force.

“Oh! Oh, my!”

Erna gasped, her head thrashing about as she struggled to hold on. Her golden hair, which had always captivated Kalion, was now disheveled and scattered across the bed. With each of Kalion’s movements, the golden strands seemed to dance and shimmer in the light.

“No, no, no, no… Ah! Ah!” Each time Kalion moved, Erna could only manage to let out a short moan, unable to form coherent words. She was quickly falling back into a state of excitement, and Kalion was feeling the same. Erna, who had initially seemed surprised, was now moving with abandon, matching Kalion’s movements. He decided to let go of any remaining doubts and fully embrace the moment.

His hips moved in a circular motion, then began to thrust back and forth. There was a crunching sound as their flesh collided violently. In the tightly joined area, the fluids they had both initially secreted were now mixed together, forming white bubbles.

Far from resting, Erna panicked at the increasing violence of Kalion’s movements and tried to push him away. However, as she pushed, Kalion only increased the strength of his thrusts. Eventually, her hand that was trying to push him fell onto the bed and grasped the sheets.

“Ugh! Ugh!” As Kalion moved, Erna’s body was pushed up by his power. Kalion did not want Erna to pull away from him, so he tightly embraced her with his arms. Nevertheless, Erna’s head was pushed up and struck the end of the headboard as she couldn’t withstand Kalion’s strength, which was like a charging water buffalo.

Erna winced in pain as her head kept hitting the headboard. Then, Kalion’s large hand wrapped around Erna’s head, but he did not stop moving in that position.

When he made love to Erna, he always tried to hold onto his sanity and endure it. But when he realized he didn’t have to, Kalion became a ravenous beast. Now Erna was pinned beneath him and lay with her mouth open, unable to even moan. Despite this, Kalion continued to thrust firmly underneath her.

As Kalion groaned in pleasure, Erna thought he’d finally slow down. But instead, he had seized the moment to redouble his efforts, pulling her legs even further apart and thrusting his body deeper into hers. Erna cried out in pain and desperation, her arms and legs flailing as she tried to escape Kalion’s grasp. But no matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t break free. She was completely at his mercy, and it seemed that he had none to give.

Erna’s fist pounded against Kalion’s chest and shoulder, but he seemed not to care at all. He was lost in the moment, his movements wild and animalistic, as if they were mating rather than engaging in a love affair. His harsh breathing filled Erna’s ears as they lost themselves in the passion of the moment.



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