Extra, Part 5.2 (Rated 19)

“Erna, Erna…” Kalion muttered her name like a man possessed as he moved vigorously inside her. And as he buried himself deeply again, Erna’s body stiffened and trembled with pleasure. They were connected more deeply than ever, and together they reached their second climax.

“Ah…” Erna’s body shook as she arched her back, and at the same time, she heard a tapping sound. As her uterus couldn’t contain all of Kalion’s semen, it spilled onto the sheets.

Kalion let out a short breath, his vision flashing and blurring as he was overwhelmed by a host of intense sensations. Every muscle in his body was clenched tight, and he felt a terrifying sense of exaltation that he had never experienced before.

Kalion was amazed by all the feelings he was experiencing. Ever since he had been with Erna, he had always learned something new about her. At the same time, he was proud to think he knew everything about her, but he realized now that it was a false assumption. He still didn’t know anything about Erna, and he wondered what more she could possibly give him.

Kalion wrapped his arms around Erna’s waist with a satisfied smile. Tonight, he felt like he could spend hours exploring her endlessly.

His hand slid over Erna’s sweat-covered back as he spoke. “Well, first of all… I wonder how many times we can hold out…” He couldn’t help but wonder how far they could push themselves. And as he thought this, he felt his strength returning to him.


The chirping of birds on the road woke Kalion from his slumber. Although he didn’t open his eyes, he could sense the bright light filtering through his eyelids, indicating that the sun had been up for some time. As was his habit, he reached out to the person lying next to him, expecting to feel the warmth and softness of their body.

But instead of encountering a familiar presence, his hand met with nothing but empty space. “Erna?” he called out, sitting up in surprise. The harsh sunlight streamed through the window, nearly blinding him.

Kalion rubbed his eyes and looked around. Erna’s side of the bed was empty, and a quick check with his hand revealed that it was cold to the touch. It seemed that she had been gone for some time.

Except when one of them was sick, the two of them always greeted the morning together. But Erna wasn’t here. Kalion’s face suddenly turned pale; the events of last night passed through his head.

How many times did we do it?

He had held Erna tightly as they both basked in the afterglow of their extreme pleasure, feeling as though he had been completely emptied out. This was the first time he had ever held onto Erna so fiercely, pouring all of himself into the act.

At first, Erna had begged him to stop, but as they continued, she begged him to keep going. Kalion’s heart nearly broke at the sound of her pleas, but he also couldn’t help but recall a similar scene from a book he had read. In the novel, when the female protagonist begged like that, the male lead held her even more fiercely. So Kalion did the same. Or was it just a coincidence? Even as she cried, Erna pulled Kalion closer, wrapping her legs around his waist. It was a request for more. But where was she?

He had gone to bed looking forward to waking up in the morning and experiencing the warmth and affection of Erna. Every morning, she would give him a kiss on the cheek and cuddle with him, making cute faces that brought a smile to his face. He found such joy in these simple moments and had been eagerly anticipating them as he fell asleep the previous night. A shiver ran down Kalion’s spine. Had Erna gotten angry with him?

Suddenly, the door connecting Erna’s room to his opened with a thud, and Erna walked in. Kalion found himself immediately kneeling on the floor, his feet unable to hold him up as he looked up at her with a mixture of concern and fear.

But to his surprise, Erna simply looked at him with the same calm expression she always wore and spoke as if nothing was out of the ordinary. “Did you wake up? You slept for a long time. Do you want to have breakfast now?”

Kalion was taken aback by her response, his mind racing as he tried to recall the events of the previous night. Had it all just been a dream? But as he looked at the red marks on Erna’s cheek and the stains on her clothing, he realized with a start that it had all been real.

And yet, despite the events of the night before, Erna seemed perfectly at ease, her demeanor unchanged. Kalion watched her cautiously, trying to gauge her reaction. Suddenly, she turned her head and let out a small cough, and Kalion noticed that her neck and ears were now reddened as well.

It was a reaction he had never seen from her before, and Kalion couldn’t help but wonder—was she feeling embarrassed?



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