Extra, Part 6.1 (Rated 19)

This morning’s breakfast with Erna was no different from any other day. After they finished eating, Erna said she was going to go out first and left the room. Kalion found himself alone in the room, lost in thought. It wasn’t until a sudden epiphany jolted him out of his reverie that he sprang from his chair and made his way to the desk, searching for a particular book.

” Dangerous Barbarian,” he whispered to himself as he carefully thumbed through its pages, devouring each word written on the rough parchment with a fierce intensity. It was more than just reading for him—he was absorbing the story of Marius, the male protagonist, committing every word and action to memory, even the innermost workings of his heart.

Erna must really like this, Kalion thought to himself, filled with excitement at the prospect of sharing this newfound passion with her. In that case, there was no reason to hesitate. Kalion reread “The Dangerous Barbarian” several times before heading to his room to get dressed.

One hour later, Kalion emerged from the bookstore with a copy of “Dangerous Barbarian” clutched in hand. The owner of the store, who had been stealing glances at Kalion as he made his purchase, couldn’t help but stare at him with a peculiar expression. Kalion understood the reason for this; the only people he had seen in the store holding copies of “The Dangerous Barbarian” were women.

At times, Kalion noticed men who seemed to be with their female companions glancing at the piles of books on the counter and sighing heavily. When their eyes met Kalion’s, who had his cap pulled low, they gave him a look that seemed to say you too? But Kalion paid these men no mind and made his way to the cash register with his expensive hardcover copy of “Dangerous Barbarian.” He held the book carefully as he left the store and headed home. Fortunately, he had told Cedric to clear his schedule for the day before leaving the castle, because he intended to spend the entire day reading and rereading this book.

This book, which Kalion had previously considered replacing with a light novel, had now become his personal development guide, or perhaps even a manual for living.


“Ah, ah, yes!”

Until just a moment ago, Erna’s pale, voluptuous breasts had been pressed against the desk, causing papers and pens to roll about. In comparison to her slender body, her large breasts spilled over to the sides of her stomach, revealing their dizzying weight. Kalion reached out his hands and playfully tapped the side of her chest.

Erna’s body shook wildly on Kalion’s desk, her robes, the ones she usually wore as a wizard serving the Grand Duke, were piled on the floor beside her. It had been easy to remove the garments, which were designed for ease of movement. The robe-like dress she wore beneath them was hiked up around her waist, exposing her naked form as she lay prone on Kalion’s desk.

“Ah, ah!”

Erna’s lower half shuddered as Kalion’s body also trembled. Kalion chuckled and looked down, his lower half buried between her voluptuous, round thighs.

“I knew you liked it better from behind,” he said with a sly smile, reaching under her bre*sts to grab and twist her taut n*pples. Erna’s lower body writhed in response, pulling Kalion’s even deeper into her grip. “Tell me,” he groaned huskily, “where did you learn to squeeze so tight?”

“No, that’s not it! I don’t know!” Erna protested, her voice high and strained.

“Sure you don’t. You’re doing it so well,” Kalion said, roughly pinching her nipples. Each time he did, Erna’s body twitched even more, pulling him in deeper. The intense pressure sent waves of pleasure coursing through Kalion’s brain. He groaned, his voice low and strained.

“Did you come here just to let me know what you learned? Do you want to be treated like this on my desk?”

“No, I, uh, just found a new ancient relic, ah! Ahh!”

As Kalion grabbed and fondled her breasts, Erna tried to wriggle and crawl away on top of the desk. In response, Kalion freed one hand and smacked her buttocks. Clap! He thought he had just lightly smacked her, but due to his excitement, the noise was louder than he had intended.

Kalion’s eyes widened in surprise as he looked down at Erna, who was now lying motionless on the desk. Red handprints were visible on her round buttocks. It seemed that the strong pressure he had just applied to her had brought her to the brink.

“Erna, you…” Kalion gasped, his voice rough from the moans he had just released. He couldn’t believe what he had just done. He had never struck a woman before, and yet he had just spanked Erna with all his strength.

His hands gently traced the red marks he had left on her body. She shuddered at his touch, her body still trembling with the aftershocks of her climax. With a sudden movement, Kalion slapped her again on the same spot as before, causing her body to convulse even harder. She tried to push herself up with shaking arms, but her body was too weak and she collapsed back onto the desk. Her eyes rolled back and she fell unconscious, unable to even make a sound. Kalion knew that she had fainted from the intensity of the moment.



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