Extra, Part 15.1

Erna’s calm words left Kalion speechless with surprise, and he missed the opportunity to exclaim. He was forced to respond in a calm tone, “Is that possible?”

Erna’s response was uncertain. “Well, I’m not sure how far ancient magic can go… it might not be entirely impossible.”

Kalion’s eyes followed Erna’s gaze to the top of the pillar, which was devoid of the densely packed magical letters that covered its base. Instead, a few letters swam slowly in the empty space, spelling out a word that caught Kalion’s attention: “Future.”

Everyone wonders about their future at some point in their life, and Kalion was no exception. He stared intently at the slowly moving letters, trying to decipher their meaning. Although the ancient magical letters were complex, he was able to make out the rough meaning of the letters on the top pillar.

“Health…?” he said tentatively, hoping that he had interpreted the letters correctly.

Erna confirmed his interpretation with a nod. “Yes, you seem to be very healthy in the future.”

Relief flooded through Kalion at her words. “Being healthy in the future…even the street fortune tellers can predict that much.”

Erna, who had been transcribing the letters from the pillar out of curiosity, also shared her own curiosity about the future. “You were also trying to figure it out? What were you curious about?”

“Yeah. Whether I have a child or not,” Erna muttered.

Kalion watched as her face turned gloomy, realizing too late that he had not been careful enough with his words. Erna had been struggling with infertility, and it was a sensitive topic for her. Despite both of them being healthy, Erna’s irregular menstrual problems made it difficult for her to conceive. After examining herself, Erna discovered that the issue was related to her magic. Who would have known that the side effect of using such powerful magic would be like this, she thought.

She had reached out to the Magic Tower, offering to provide them with anything they needed in exchange for information about the effects of magic on the body. They had sent her two wagons of books, and after reading everything and examining herself, Erna had come to a sobering realization: the powerful magic in her body was protecting her body, making it difficult for her to conceive. The only solution was to wait and let time decide, but no one knew how long that would take.

Kalion settled into the soft chair that Orpé had brought, cradling Erna in his arms. “Were you worried?” he asked gently.

Erna nodded in response, realizing that lying was pointless. Kalion would have found out eventually, so it was better to be honest from the start.

“I heard talk of a successor at the council, so I couldn’t help but feel concerned,” she admitted.

Kalion’s expression hardened at her words. “Should I kill that bastard tomorrow?” he joked, attempting to lighten the mood.

Erna kissed him on the cheek, shaking her head. “No, I’ll handle it.”

Kalion relaxed a little at her response. After all, she was his wife, and he trusted her implicitly.

“Regardless, I’ve been curious for a while,” Erna continued, tracing her fingers along Kalion’s face. She admired his long, straight eyebrows, sharp nose, and manly jawline.

“If we were to have a child, whether it’s a daughter or a son, I wonder what they would look like and what their personality would be like,” she mused. She pressed her finger to Kalion’s lips. “I’m also curious about who they would resemble more, the mother or the father.”

Erna’s mind was racing with possibilities, imagining what their child would look like. She had spoken to other magic users who had children, and they had warned her that their offspring could be “unbearable” by the time they reached seven years old. Despite this, Erna was certain that their child would be beautiful and adorable.

“I’m sure they would be lovely,” Kalion said with a smile.

The children who followed their parents into the Grand Castle often looked like angels, with their sparkling eyes and adorable chatter. Erna couldn’t help but wonder if their parents had cast an illusion spell to attach white wings to their backs.

“Other people’s children are so cute too,” she murmured, thinking of the magic users who adored other people’s offspring even though they were enemies. They all had expressions that said they were beautiful, even when they claimed otherwise.

If our child looked like Kalion, they would be incredibly handsome, Erna thought, picturing a miniature version of her husband with his striking features. And if they looked like me, they would be pretty! And skilled in sword and magic, she added with a grin.

“What’s on your mind?” Kalion asked, noticing her expression.

“Just the thought of having a child is beautiful, and I believe we would make great parents,” Erna replied smoothly.

Kalion’s face softened, and he smiled at his wife. Suddenly, he noticed letters glowing above their column, illuminating the area with an eerie glow. “Erna, do you see that?” he asked, gesturing towards the glowing letters.

Erna’s eyes widened as she took in the spectacle. She had never seen the letters glow like this before, and she knew that they had to investigate further. “I don’t know what’s happening, but we should find out,” she replied.

Erna summoned her magic, and the two of them rose into the air. As they ascended the pillar, they saw that the same letters were glowing from both columns and moving rapidly.

“What is this?” Erna wondered aloud, reaching out to touch the letters. But before she could make contact, the letters erupted into a blinding light, enveloping Erna’s body in its brilliance.

“Erna!” Kalion cried out, his arms wrapping tightly around his wife’s body as he tried to shield her from the dazzling glow.

Suddenly, the light spread from Erna to Kalion, engulfing both of them in its brilliance. They could feel its power coursing through their bodies, filling them with a strange sense of energy and vitality.

“Why is this happening?” Kalion demanded.

Erna shook her head, equally bewildered. “I don’t know,” she replied, her voice barely audible above the roar of the light.

As the light continued to intensify, Erna could feel her consciousness slipping away, her body falling into an endless void of light and darkness. It was a terrifying sensation, and she fought against it with all her strength, unwilling to let go.

But it was too late. The light had consumed them both, and there was nothing they could do but surrender to its power.



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