Extra, Part 3.2

Kalion recalled what Erna had done in the meantime. When she regained consciousness after the three months she had been lying in bed, she immediately grasped the situation and promptly restructured and developed additional defensive magic for Hessenguard. She also meticulously examined all affairs pertaining Hessenguard as well as diplomatic matters between the other kingdoms.

If Erna liked it so much, there was nothing he could do. Of course, he still didn’t want to hear or know what the bastard Marius was. When the curtain falls, he would never be allowed to enter Hessenguard again. Leave this kingdom and never come back for the rest of your life.

Kalion, who was grumbling to himself, looked at the table inadvertently. The cover of Dangerous Barbarian was already worn since she had read it so many times. Kalion reached out and picked up the book. “Is this so much fun?” he muttered. The image of Erna mumbling Marius’ name in her sleep flashed in his mind. He scoffed, “Just how great could he be?”

Perhaps the male actor portrayed Marius impeccably, but wasn’t it the Marius of the novel whom Erna first fell in love with? Kalion slowly flipped the book open, wondering how magnificent this Marius was.

* * *

“This guy is supposed to be good?” Kalion muttered to himself and sighed, as if he couldn’t understand. By his standards, Marius was trash. He constantly insulted the female protagonist and coerced her into something she didn’t want to do. The heroine ultimately accepted his actions because she was actually in love with him, but when it was revealed that Marius had forced her to have an abortion, Kalion could not stop himself from cursing Marius.

Kalion didn’t realize how long he’d been holding on to the novel until Cedric came to see if he still hadn’t eaten. As he ate dinner with the knights after a long time, he still kept pondering about Marius’ actions. Cedric murmured absentmindedly as he observed Kalion, who often finished his meal quickly, “Is something wrong? Why are you so blank?”

“What?” Kalion asked, snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh, there’s something I don’t understand.”

“What is it?” asked Cedric.

Kalion, who was about to dismiss the topic, changed his mind and asked Cedric, “What’s the appeal of a bad guy?”


Cedric looked at Kalion with a perplexed expression and glanced at his plate. Did you eat something bad? Then another knight appeared from behind them and intervened with their conversation. “Women like a bad boy,” he said. Another knight quickly piped in. “That’s right,” he added, “They said it wouldn’t be fun if you’re too nice to them.” The knights at the other table also crowded around and added their own comments.

“Is that just something you say because you’re not attractive?”

“Shut up!”

“But I’ve seen really bad guys who are popular.”

Before he knew it, Kalion’s conversation with Cedric had stirred up the entire knight brigade. In the end, he returned to his room without any new insights. He showered and changed, then proceeded to the bedroom, where he sat on a chair and stared at the empty bed. During the lively debate that ensued at the dining hall, someone’s words struck him.

“What is good for the body is whole wheat bread, but isn’t fatty steak seasoned with hot peppers more delicious? People are drawn to stimulation.”

When he thought about it, it seemed to make sense. Kalion picked up the Dangerous Barbarian again.

“Well… spread your legs. If you have a body that’s dull and boring like a wooden block, you might as well make it worth eating…”

His voice as he read Marius’ dialogue was very awkward. All his life, he had never uttered such unkind words to Erna and he had no intention of doing it. Why, then, would she go running to visit a guy who speaks such foul words? Kalion closed the book, still unconvinced  by Marius’ supposed charm. Today ought to be the day he talked to Erna going to the vacation house together and make her forget about Marius.

But a few hours later, Kalion was still sitting alone in his room. Usually, Erna used to come back before midnight, but today, even though it was past one o’clock, he didn’t hear the sound of the carriage. Kalion paced the room nervously, despite knowing  better than anyone else that Erna would be the last person to be in danger in Hessenguard—no, on this continent.

Eventually, when he could not stand it any longer and prepared to leave the castle, he heard the sound of an approaching carriage. Not long after, the door to the bedroom opened, and Erna shortly followed. Even though she was one of the owners of this room, she entered the room in cautious tiptoes. When she saw Kalion eyeing her suspiciously with his arms crossed, she abruptly froze. Kalion could smell the faint smell of alcohol.

“Uh? Were you up all night?”

“Have you been drinking?”

At his question, Erna smiled and nodded her head.

“Somehow, I got a chance to drink with Marius-sama!”

Kalion’s face sank as soon as he heard the name Marius. But Erna, who had bought a lot of things, failed to notice the look on his face as she arranged her purchases.

“They didn’t even know I was a grand duchess, and they asked me about this and that, but I got scolded for holding back my laughter… Kalion?”

Erna turned back to tell Kalion what had happened today, but he suddenly grabbed her wrist. Right then, Kalion bent down and whispered in her ear.

“So now, are you saying that you came here after laughing in front of other bastards?”

Erna’s eyes widened at those words.



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