Extra, Part 4.1 (Rated 19)

Erna’s startled expression didn’t go unnoticed by Kalion, who couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction at her reaction. He had purposely repeated a line from a book he had read, one that Marius had spoken to the female protagonist after waiting for her to return for a long time. He had remembered thinking that he could simply ask where she had been, but instead his mouth had uttered words that were likely to cause conflict.

Despite his mischievous intentions, Kalion couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt as he watched Erna freeze in place, her eyes wide with surprise. She was so adorable that for a moment, he entertained the idea of kissing her. However, he ultimately decided against it, choosing instead to continue making a joke out of the situation. After all, he was feeling a little cheeky and wanted to see how far he could take it.

“I’ve been waiting all day,” he said, trying to sound both playful and annoyed.

Marius was merely a fictional character, but Erna was tirelessly uttering his name every single day as if he were real. And to top it off, she had spent the entire day hanging out with the actor who played Marius’ role. It was enough to make Kalion feel a little bit jealous and unsure of how to react. If she liked him so much, wouldn’t it be fine if he behaved like Marius?

Unable to resist the temptation to find out, before he knew it, Kalion had grabbed Erna’s wrist and pushed her onto the bed. The sound of her body collapsing and the bed shaking made him flinch, worried that he might have hurt her. She was so delicate and fragile that he always treated her with the same care he would show to a piece of thin glass.

I’m dead, Kalion thought as he braced himself for the shock that he was sure was coming. He knew that the usual Erna would either fly off the bed in outrage or unleash some magical attack on him. So, he shut his eyes tightly, prepared for whatever was coming his way.

But the shock never came. Slowly, Kalion opened his eyes to find Erna still staring at him with a surprised expression. Was she contemplating some kind of magic to take him out?

As Kalion’s gaze shifted to contemplate whether it might be time to make a run for it, he noticed something different about Erna. Despite the alcohol making her cheeks slightly flushed, her face was now completely red. After staring blankly at her for a moment, Kalion swallowed and then spoke.

“You left her husband and sought out someone else. Did I not satisfy you, even though I sucked religiously between your legs?” he asked. These were the same words Marius uttered in the book.

Erna’s face flushed scarlet, her lips trembling as she struggled to form a response. Kalion couldn’t help but feel a twinge of desire as she caught sight of Erna’s teeth, glistening in the light, and the hint of her tongue peeking out between them.

Swallowing hard, Kalion couldn’t help but remember the warmth and flavor of Erna’s lips, causing a fire to ignite in her lower belly.

As he prepared for the meeting, Kalion couldn’t remember the last time he had spent time with Erna. It felt like it had been a month or three, but he knew that couldn’t be accurate. At this point, he thought he was no better than a priest. With such a pretty wife by his side, why does he have to sit and wait in her bedroom alone at night? The thought made him feel bitter and resentful.

I’ve endured enough!

Kalion moved with the stealth of a predator, his muscles coiling with tension and anticipation under his clothes as he climbed atop his wife. He let his weight bear down on her, his knees digging into the mattress as he hiked up her thin skirt and exposed her wheat-colored undergarments beneath. With a hunger that had been building for far too long, Kalion reached for Erna, ready to reclaim what was rightfully his.

“Wait a minute, Kalion!”

As if she finally understood the situation, Erna called him by name and tried to push him away. But he didn’t listen. Instead, he buried his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent. The aroma of alcohol and food lingered on her skin, but it only enhanced her allure. Kalion swiftly inserted a hand into Erna’s blouse and loosened her underwear, then he cupped his hand around his favorite soft bre*sts.

“Ah!” Erna mo*ned. She attempted to raise her body, but Kalion pressed and rubbed his knee against her womanhood. Erna twisted her body The moment Erna tried to raise her body, Kalion pressed and rubbed Erna’s vagina with his knee. Erna was startled by the sudden stimulation and twisted her body in response, letting out a groan. Despite her reaction, Kalion pressed down on her relentlessly.

“Ah! Don’t do that!”

“If you like this, why do you keep resisting? Tonight, I’m going to keep fucking you until your pussy could no longer take it,” Kalion whispered coarsely. These, too, were Marius’ words.

Erna struggled to break free, but her weak grip made it difficult to escape. Besides, if she really didn’t like it, she would have already used her magic to escape the situation. Despite this, she continued to mo*n and flush with pleasure.



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