Extra, Part 4.2 (Rated 19)

If only Kalion had realized that she enjoyed this type of behavior, he would have made an effort to act in this way. He set aside his reasoning and conscience for a moment and decided to behave in a way that Erna would like. So, he decided to act rough, like Marius.

Kalion smiled as he felt the wet spot on his knee. He knew exactly where and how Erna liked to be touched. He continued to press and rub her intimately, grabbing Erna’s already hardened n*pples with one hand and squeezing them.

“Ah, ah!”

A stuttered cry escaped her lips, the sound growing in intensity and pitch as she writhed under his touch. Erna struggled in the air, trying to push Kalion away with her hands and eventually covering her face with both of them. It was Erna’s habit before reaching clim*x. With one hand that was still free, Kalion grabbed Erna’s wrist and pushed her aside. Her reddened face showed her eyes, wet with tears. He leaned down, his lips eagerly finding the bre*sts he had been tormenting. He ran his tongue over the sensitive tips, causing Erna to tremble and moan as she reached her clim*x, even though he had not penetrat*d her yet.

Erna’s slender waist, previously arched like a bow, collapsed onto the bed as her limp body continued to tremble. Kalion noticed that the arousal he felt was becoming almost unbearable, and quickly lowered his pants. His genit*ls, straining against the fabric, burst out violently.

Kalion had intended to remove Erna’s clothing, but then he remembered that Marius was not known for his gentleness. He wondered what Marius would do in this situation. Recalling the book he had read, Kalion knew the answer.

He grabbed the hem of Erna’s skirt, which was already hiked up. With a rough tug, the buttons came loose and clattered to the floor. Kalion spread her thighs apart with both hands, exposing the wet center of her underwear. He ran his fingers over the damp spot, his touch almost scratching.

As he lightly traced over the soaked area on top of her most sensitive spot, Erna tried to pull her legs together in surprise, only succeeding in trapping Kalion’s arm between her own legs. Kalion let out a low laugh and moved his fingers.

“You want more?”

“No, no… stop…”

Kalion paid no heed to Erna’s weak objections and continued to move his hand. He persistently teased the sensitive spot beneath her wet underwear. As Erna grew accustomed to the pleasure he provided, Kalion swiftly slipped his thick, long fingers inside her, pushing her underwear aside. Erna gasped in surprise at the sudden intrusion and tensed her body.

Despite his tyrannical actions, Kalion was dying inside. Before, they took a long time in forepl*y until she was completely wet so she could accept him easily. Maybe it’s because she got wet earlier than usual today, but even though her sheets were dripping wet enough, Kalion’s fingers tightened strongly under her.

Kalion swiftly removed his finger and positioned himself at her damp entrance, leaving her underwear untouched. As he slowly moved his hips, pushing his tip inside, Erna’s bottom trembled in anticipation, and she wrapped herself around him. But he couldn’t go any further. The entrance, which felt narrower than usual, tightly encircled the end of his pen*s. Kalion looked down, swallowing a mo*n and desperately clenching his teeth.

Erna’s response was different from usual, as Kalion’s actions were different as well. She was even more provocative. As Kalion pushed himself in with more force, she called out his name in a weepy voice.


Normally, he would have kissed her lips that made such a pretty sound and caressed her face, her neck, and her chest. He would hold her close and make sure that she was experiencing pleas*re, while savoring the wonderful sensation she gave him.

But not today.

He thrust himself all the way inside with one brutal motion. The rough p*bic hairs of their lower bodies became tangled as he filled her completely. Erna gasped in shock at the sudden, cruel movement. Kalion’s vision momentarily turned white from the intense pressure clamping down on him—a sensation that felt like he’d burst if he let go of his control even a little.

“Do you like it like this?”

At his words, Erna’s inner muscles tightened around him even more. Kalion laughed and moved his hips, engraving in his mind that Erna gets even more stimulated if he whispered these things to her. Kalion dismissed the remaining hesitation in his heart. If Erna enjoyed it, he could have acted even more harshly.

“I’m going to be rough with you. I’ll fuck you all night, so get ready to cry.”

Kalion grabbed Erna’s slender waist and pulled her forcefully towards him.


Erna let out a groan as Kalion drove her to the brink of her endurance.  After repeatedly stabbing her most sensitive spot, Kalion began to forcefully thrust into Erna, moving her waist roughly back and forth. Just as Erna was more aroused than usual, Kalion was also bigger and more swollen than usual.

Kalion had always been considerate of Erna; he moved cautiously to make sure she wouldn’t get hurt. Of course, he moved wildly when he climaxed, but he had to hold back from doing what he truly wanted even at that moment.

But not today.

As he moved, his body became more rigid. Feeling the rush of ejaculation, Kalion grabbed Erna’s chin with his hand and opened her mouth. He swallowed her lips with his own. His thick tongue filled her mouth and violently devoured her insides, and at the same time, the bottom of him swelled to the limit and exploded. After a while, under Erna’s mo*ning voice, the s*men that she couldn’t contain flowed out and soaked the bed.

Kalion embraced Erna as tightly as he could.

Today, I will try to become a tyrant who surpasses even Marius.



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