Chapter 6.1

“The notion that their lives could be abruptly extinguished never crossed the minds of those absorbed in the scene before them. However, the problem is that it’s needlessly beautiful.”

Elena’s curiosity piqued regarding whom Kennard was referring to and the events that had transpired, but she refrained from inquiring further.

As Kennard fell silent, lost in contemplation, Elena cautiously distanced herself from his embrace.

Despite Elena assuming he was preoccupied with the garden, Kennard, in a sudden and effortless motion, enveloped her in his arms.

“Your Highness,” she exclaimed in shock, her voice almost a shriek.

“Don’t struggle. You could get hurt,” Kennard cautioned, holding her securely in his embrace and carrying her with ease. Though Elena’s frame was delicate, he bore her as if she were a small child.

In just a few steps, Kennard retraced the challenging path Elena had previously traversed, as if he were handling a precious treasure.

Gently, Kennard placed Elena on the bed, covering her first with sheets and then a cozy fur blanket. Contrary to his inscrutable demeanor, Kennard’s touch was incredibly tender and gentle.

Elena felt a wave of relief wash over her. She didn’t have to endure the pain of returning to the bed, and her earlier embarrassment seemed trivial in comparison.

As her racing heartbeat gradually settled, the feverish heat in her body began to recede.

But then, Kennard’s words took her by surprise, landing like an unexpected blow to her chest.

“If you plan to wander around like that, don’t complain about feeling cold later,” he said.

Elena realized that, of course, the room wasn’t even dark, so Kennard had likely seen her disheveled appearance. Her response was quick; she hastily pulled the sheet and fur up to just below her eyes, a mixture of confusion and embarrassment flooding her.

She wished she could disappear, perhaps into a mouse hole.

Leaving Elena in her awkward state, Kennard departed without a backward glance, disappearing through the door.

“What a disappointment!” Elena wished she could leap out of bed, but her body refused to cooperate. So, she pulled the fur up to her head and let out a small sigh instead.

She remembered Kennard’s recent remark, “If you plan to wander around like that, don’t complain about being cold later.”

“Did I mention I was cold?” she wondered aloud.


“Is the water temperature okay?” Cura asked, pouring another bucket of hot water into the bathtub and giving it a test with her hand.

“Yes, it’s perfect,” Elena replied in a hushed tone as she eased her body into the tub, allowing the water to cover her shoulders. It was more than just comfortable; it felt heavenly.

Her hair, bundled up to her shoulders, revealed only her arms, which were tinged with a deep shade of red from the warm water. The soothing heat penetrated deep into her body, relieving the stiffness that had plagued her.

A contented sigh escaped her lips without her even realizing it.

It had been a few weeks since her arrival here. While the scars remained, the worst of her injuries had nearly healed.

Cura diligently wiped her body with a damp cloth every day, but it couldn’t compare to the bliss of soaking in warm water.

As Cura tidied her hair, Elena leaned against the edge of the bathtub, overwhelmed with happiness that almost brought tears to her eyes. Not only did she feel rejuvenated, but her body also felt lighter, as if it could take flight.

Elena lingered in the soothing bath for a while.

The bathtub was filled with tiny flowers, creating a fragrant scene. Elena scooped up some water with her hand, enjoying the delightful aroma that filled the air. The small grape-sized flowers floated up but gently sank when she spread her fingers.

Cura inquired, “Do you like the scent?”

Elena smiled and replied, “Yes.”

“It’s herbs,” Cura explained.

Elena raised her head, curious. “Herbs?”

Cura nodded and continued, “Yes, it’s a type of herb. It’s good for the skin and leaves a pleasant fragrance when used for washing hair or the body. We also added herbs to the ointment we applied to Lady Elena’s wounds.”

Elena picked up one of the flowers and took a whiff. Alongside the rich scent, there was a hint of sweetness.

“It’s quite a unique scent,” Elena remarked.

Cura shared, “It’s Lord Serin who grows these herbs.”

“Lord Serin?” Elena inquired.

“He’s the aide to His Highness the Grand Duke and also the leader of the Knights,” Cura explained further.

“He’s a knight, but he cultivates herbs?” Elena asked with surprise.

Cura couldn’t contain her amusement and chuckled, covering her mouth with the back of her hand.

“That’s right. He’s not just any knight; he’s the leader of the Knights. He has a passion for herbs and flowers too. His father used to be the gardener at Baruchella Palace, and he wanted Lord Serin to follow in his footsteps, but Serin insisted on becoming a knight to protect His Highness Kennard. He did become a knight, but it seems his love for herbs never faded…”



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