Chapter 15.1

Rezette turned towards Ruben, the question burning in his eyes. “What did you say to His Majesty?” he demanded.

“I simply reported what I had seen and heard,” Ruben replied, his voice meek.

Rezette’s patience waned. “So, what did you say?”

“For almost half a month, the two of you spent their time together, day and night, without exception. That’s the truth, isn’t it? Don’t look at me like that….!” Ruben’s words hung heavily in the air, and his gaze revealed an unspoken defense.

Rezette suddenly felt drained. The memory of that day by the lake rushed to the forefront of his mind. Though nothing had happened, he momentarily forgot that it might not appear that way to others.

Noyer’s voice rang out with conviction, breaking the silence. “You’re telling me that there’s nothing going on between you? Don’t lie. Would you dare to lie in front of the Emperor?”

“I told you it’s a misunderstanding, Your Majesty,” Rezette insisted.

“Then why did you go to the underground prison the day before yesterday?” Noyer pressed, his tone cold and unyielding.

Rezette didn’t hesitate to reply. “I didn’t go.” But even as the words left his mouth, he wondered if anyone had seen him.

Noyer’s voice grew colder. “Yanok Sihat, the fourth prince of Ugel, has a black eye. I sent for the imperial doctor. How many teeth do you think have been knocked out to make someone’s face look like that?”

“I have nothing to do with it,” Rezette lied.

“Are you saying that someone other than you has the audacity to create such a mess with the Emperor’s guest in this Van Yela?” Noyer demanded.

“Find out and investigate,” Rezette shot back.

“Was it just a coincidence that you left the banquet hall at that time?” Noyer’s voice rose, his patience waning.


“Speak sensibly, Rezette Kyrstan. Is the Emperor a joke to you?” Noyer threatened. “Why did you go to prison yesterday? Did you go to check on the woman who banned your child? Huh?” His voice was thick with accusation, and Rezette could feel the weight of his words like a physical blow.

“I already said no… If you were so convinced, why did you call me in the first place?” Rezette’s tone was curt, his patience wearing thin with each passing moment.

Noyer’s response was equally cutting. “When you came running and opened that door, the answer had already revealed itself. After all, to thaw your frozen heart, it would have taken more than just an average beauty. I was wrong all along. I should have sent you the beauty of the continent, not a woman with a sturdy body.”

Rezette’s frustration had reached its peak, as he could not bear the emperor’s relentless accusations any longer. He cut off Noyer’s words with a rude interruption, fearing that his senseless gibberish would only escalate further.

“Your Majesty,” Rezette interjected sharply. “I can assure you that there is no truth to your accusations.”

But to Rezette’s dismay, Noyer paid no heed to his interruption and continued his tirade.

“I sent a doctor to the Crown Princess. We’ll find out if she’s really pregnant or not based on the doctor’s opinion. That’s the plan,” Noyer announced, his tone icy and resolute. But his gaze suddenly turned to Rezette with a strange look.

If it’s true, can you be sure that the child is yours, Rezette?”

“What are you talking about?”

Noyer’s lips twisted into a sneer. “The child might have been conceived by someone else before. The doctor can’t know whose child it is, right? The princess’s claim may not be enough. What do you think? How can you be sure you were the only one?”

“The child might have been conceived by someone else before. The doctor can’t know whose child it is, right? The princess’s claim may not be enough. What do you think? Is she the only person who knows a man like that, or were you the only one?” Noyer’s words were like poison, seeping into Rezette’s mind and filling him with a sickening dread.

Rezette remained silent, struggling to keep his composure in the face of the emperor’s insinuations. Meanwhile, Noyer’s eyes were fixated on Rezette’s face, analyzing every subtle twitch and change of expression.



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