Chapter 27.2

On the other hand, Rezette was skimming through a letter from an enraged Noyer.

[You’re definitely insane. Do you think you can hide your identity by wearing a mask? You know he’s the Fourth Prince of Ugel, right? And you deliberately killed him? And then have the nerve to send his head to me? You crazy bastard. My order to you is to go back to Rotiara quietly without causing any more trouble. Do you hear me?]

He skimmed over the content of the letter, which had little value to him, and replied insincerely, detailing everything from the poisoned arrowheads to the torture of Ugel’s soldiers who were forced to testify, and even included the damages they had suffered. He knew this would be enough to have Yanok Sihat’s head cut off. Noyer might have been angered, but he was not going to bow his head to Ugel. He would deal with the matter on his own terms.

So, the matters that needed to be resolved on Rezette’s end were now almost over.

Rezette’s quill glided across the parchment as he finished penning the last words of the letter. But as he lifted his gaze, he noticed the stillness around him. The woman who had been lying half-covered in the blanket, her eyes flickering, had finally succumbed to slumber.

Though the princess appeared to have taken refuge under a blanket, a closer inspection revealed that she had not covered herself properly. Leaning in, Rezette spotted her crouched under the meager fabric, shivering in the cold.

Suddenly, a blast of frigid air caught him off guard, and he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. “It’s cold,” he muttered.

As he reached out to touch her cheek, a chill pricked his skin. Her skin was cold to the touch, and the air around her felt like it had been blasted with an icy gust of wind. Rezette knew that something was amiss.

Despite his attempts to warm her up, the princess’s body refused to hold onto the heat, dissipating it as quickly as he could generate it. If this persisted, she would remain chilled for weeks, prolonging her recovery and placing her in further danger.

Rezette had enlisted the help of several physicians, but their examinations had proved fruitless. “There’s nothing wrong…really?” he had asked them, but their answers had only added to his confusion.

It was clear that something was wrong with the princess, but the only way to ascertain whether she was still alive was to rouse her. With a sense of urgency, Rezette shook Elise awake.

“Your Highness!”

Elise stirred from her slumber as Rezette shook her gently. He enveloped her in a warm embrace, and she blinked her drowsy eyes, still disoriented from sleep.

“What’s wrong?” she mumbled.

Rezette eased her onto the bed, propping her up against the headboard, and drew her closer to him.

“You’re cold,” he said softly.

Elise murmured a word of thanks, and Rezette ran his hand over her slender back, infusing her skin with warmth. She sighed with relief, her tense muscles relaxing under his touch.

As she stretched her body, Rezette gazed down at her. Her long, dense lashes fluttered as she shifted positions, rousing from her sleep. When she lifted her head, their eyes locked in a gaze, and Elise felt a sense of uncertainty wash over her.

The cold that had been radiating from Elise’s body slowly dissipated. Seeking comfort, she instinctively held onto Rezette a little tighter, like a small bird finding refuge in a nest. Her cheek rested gently against his chest, causing a ticklish sensation that made his eyebrows curl.

Elise’s attire was nothing more than a thin, cotton nightgown that provided little protection from the chill of the night. Every curve of her body was pressed against his, and he could feel her every breath. The proximity between them was intense.

As their bodies connected, the carefully constructed walls in Rezette’s mind began to crumble. His thoughts became hazy, and his hand, which had been resting on her waist, slipped down without his conscious awareness. The sweet scent of flowers emanating from her skin further clouded his judgment.

It wasn’t his intention, but it wasn’t a sin either. After all, it was Elise who had made the promise to surrender herself to him completely.



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