Chapter 28.1

Her body was a work of art, a masterpiece of curves and softness that begged to be touched. Rezette could feel the addictive texture of her skin beneath his fingertips, a sensation that he had already confirmed several times, yet he could never bring himself to withdraw his hand at the right moment.

He wanted nothing more than to tightly grasp the soft flesh with his fingers, to spread her thighs wide and bury his face between them. The desire was overwhelming, a primal urge that threatened to consume him.

“Uh…” Elise’s small voice interrupted his thoughts, and he felt a ripple pass through his abdomen as she pressed against him. He could hear her gasping breaths and see the blush that crept up her neck and onto her earlobes.

Sensing his mood suddenly change, Elise removed his hand from her chest and moved away from him. The thick haze that had enveloped them dissipated, and a strange sensation jolted her back to reality, causing her to wobble slightly.

“Um, can you adjust your position a bit?”

“Stay still,” Rezette commanded in a blunt tone, his touch on her back impatient.

Elise’s arm gave out, and she crumpled against him. A solid volume pressed against her stomach, and she jolted in startled confusion. Uh…? Her face contorted with bewilderment. What was pressing so intimately against her?

But her doubt dissipated in an instant, and she froze, unable to move a muscle. Could it be? She couldn’t even fathom shifting her body in such a compromising position.

“Sir, this…” Her words trailed off, her voice quivering.

“You can ignore it,” he replied, his tone clipped and devoid of emotion.

“But, that’s impossible,” Elise protested. How could anyone ignore such an overwhelming sensation pressing down on her stomach?

Elise absentmindedly glanced downward, and her eyes widened in shock. Compared to her flustered state, the man remained eerily composed. If it weren’t for his gloomy gaze and his solid presence, she might have thought differently.

Rezette’s hand glided along Elise’s waist, his voice a low, hypnotic murmur. “Then you’d best start adapting now.”

She blinked, taken aback. “What?”

“You wanted this, did you not? You demanded it of me with great fervor.”

“That’s…not–” Elise stuttered.

“What’s the matter?”

There was a hidden amusement in his voice that made her bristle. Elise’s mind raced to fill in the gaps of what Rezette was alluding to. A blush crept across her face, igniting her embarrassment.

But no one had ever told her that this was something she had to endure…

Her reaction was transparent, almost naive. Rezette’s hand snaked inside her thigh, and as he pressed his cold skin to hers, she stopped breathing for a moment. She tried to shut her legs, but his grip was unrelenting.

Her eyes, moist and golden, shook as if a quake was erupting inside her.

Rezette silently swallowed his laughter, thinking to himself. You truly know nothing at all.

Elise was bewildered, a foreign sensation pulsing through her body. She felt foolish for having placed a limit on how many times she would engage in s*xual activity when she had never seen a man’s body before. It was enough to stir a man’s primal instincts.

Rezette, while not surprised by her reaction, felt a mixture of excitement and discomfort every time he saw her like this. He wondered where the courage came from for a woman who didn’t even know how to be a mother to offer to have a child with him. Or was it because she was so blissfully unaware?

Perhaps if Elise had known him a bit better and realized that this was an opportunity she shouldn’t miss, she would have taken his hand like she had last time. He could have undressed and laid her down right then and there.

In truth, he had been craving to do just that for the past two months.



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