Chapter 31.1

“Is it time yet?” Elise inquired.

“Yes, it will be done swiftly,” came the reassuring response.

“Immediately, then?”


Elise had only arrived in Rotiara a few hours earlier, guided by Rezette. As soon as they reached their destination, he hastened to his study. Had he informed the court physician about Elise’s condition?

No, that prudent man did not appear inclined to needlessly involve more individuals in the secret. Besides, Rezette’s instructions did not imply an urgent need for Elise to receive treatment before even discarding her outer garments. Since her arrival at Rotiara Castle, she had not even had the opportunity to rest.

“Thus, the decision rests with the lady.”

Lady Petisson desired firsthand confirmation of Elise’s pregnancy suspicions and insisted on personally witnessing the truth with her own eyes.

Elise mustered a composed smile, despite her inner unease.

“I would prefer to unpack and have some time to myself now. Let us delay the examination until evening when my personal physician is available. Even if he were to examine me now, it wouldn’t yield any significant difference.”

“It will be brief,” Lady Petisson asserted, her regal demeanor accentuated by her oval glasses and piercing emerald eyes. There was no warmth in her stern countenance, and the downturned corners of her mouth displayed resolute determination.

Elise spoke once more, hoping to convey her request more explicitly.

“I specifically mentioned my desire to unpack and freshen up, ma’am.”

“It truly won’t take long. Please understand the concern we hold for the well-being of our new master.”

Elise stared at Lady Petisson, her eyes filled with a sense of unfamiliarity. Never before had someone dared to interrupt her, someone who was meant to serve her.

Within the walls of Argan Palace, Elise had wielded authority effortlessly. Merely a glance or a simple gesture would elicit swift compliance from the lower servants. She had never encountered anyone who dared to defy her commands.

Being the epitome of nobility in Argan and later in Grandel, this current situation presented her with an entirely new experience. Well, it seems there is no one here to indulge my every whim, she thought.

Given the circumstances, Elise had no choice but to adapt. She nodded slowly.

“Very well then.”

Ivetsa, who had been observing the scene, guided Elise to the sofa. Finally, Elise settled down, allowing her weary body to find respite since her arrival at the castle. The personal physician approached, gently taking hold of her wrist.

As the physician nodded in repetition, Elise fixed her gaze on the vibrant greenery beyond the window. McLan, the physician, discreetly glanced at Lady Petisson.

This outcome was expected. With such a perfunctory examination, there was naturally nothing to discover.

Impatience flickered across Lady Petisson’s countenance.

“In that case, we should proceed with a blood draw for an accurate diagnosis,” she suggested.

“You’re going too far, Lady Petisson!” Ivetsa, who had been silently observing, interjected with anger. “Are you planning to stick a needle in her before she even has a chance to freshen up after a long journey? How can you be so thoughtless…! Step back! Even if you draw blood, the results won’t be immediate. You won’t drop dead if we delay it for a few hours!”

Ivetsa growled fiercely as she swiftly adjusted Elise’s sleeves. Only then did Elise redirect her gaze towards Lady Petisson and the physician.

“It’s not surprising that you are unaware of my body. Most physicians tend to be that way, except for those specifically assigned to me by your master.”

“I have already informed you twice that hastening the examination in this manner is pointless,” Elise calmly stated, her voice devoid of warmth and replaced with an icy detachment.



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