Chapter 32.2

“You have made remarkable progress since I last saw you at the palace. It’s difficult to believe that you experienced a severe accident,” Freya stated, visibly relieved as she released a sigh.

“You are slowly regaining your vitality. Though compared to the average person, you are still considerably weak, it no longer appears as precarious as before to face the days ahead,” she continued.

“Is that so?” Elise inquired, her expression reflecting a glimmer of hope.

“Yes, your energy is gradually returning, as evidenced by the strength of your pulse. However, it would be prudent to preserve your well-being and observe your progress for a few more weeks. We still need to determine whether your current condition is a temporary symptom or a part of the recovery process,” Freya explained, her words carrying a note of caution.

Nonetheless, it was undoubtedly good news. A faint blush returned to Elise’s cheeks.

“Are there any potential complications for conceiving a child?” Elise inquired, her voice tinged with concern.

“We will need to observe further to determine that. After all, the Duke is not an ordinary man,” the physician responded, causing Ivetsa to gaze at both Elise and the physician in astonishment. It appeared that she had finally grasped the meaning behind Elise’s earlier statement, “There was never a baby in the first place.”

Freya, observing Ivetsa’s reaction with a mix of concern and consideration, took a deep breath before speaking.

“Your Highness, there is something you should be aware of regarding the union between a dragon and a human. I have been hesitant to discuss it, fearing it may cause undue worry, but…”

“Please, go ahead. Spare no details,” Elise interjected, straightening herself to give her full attention.

She understood that she couldn’t simply rely on others without being well-informed herself. Elise needed to be aware of the potential implications that lay ahead.

During their journey to Rotiara, Elise had come to realize her own ignorance regarding intimate relationships between men and women. She had been taken aback by the intimidating nature of a man’s desires, a revelation that left her feeling ill-prepared for the challenges ahead.

With a serious tone, Freya began her explanation, delving into the conception and growth process of a hybrid between a vampire and a human. She started by reminding Elise of the origins of dragons, tracing back to the half-breed descendants of the Great Dragon Sameshita and humans. These hybrids only existed during Sameshita’s active phase, and the current dragons were the product of interbreeding between those hybrids and humans.

Elise nodded, already aware of this information. Over generations, the blood and abilities of Sameshita gradually diminished within dragons, yet the essence of the dragon was not entirely diluted by human blood. However, as time passed,dragons grew further detached from both dragons and humans.

“Although the Duke is an exception, most dragons lean more towards being monstrous than human. They possess low intelligence but high aggression,” Freya explained. “Even Sameshita, who is not an ordinary dragon but rather a half-mad Great Dragon, passes on that madness to dragons. The same applies to vampire fetuses.”

“In contrast, human wombs are too fragile to bear dragon seeds. It is challenging for them to take root in the uterus, but the true problem arises after conception. Dragon fetuses consume their host mothers as they grow.”

“They consume their host mothers?” Elise asked incredulously.

“Yes. Particularly when they reach a stage where they roughly resemble a human form, they become restless, yearning to break free from the confines of the womb. As I mentioned earlier, dragons possess certain features resembling those of their draconic ancestors. If they are fortunate, it may be limited to their head, wings, or skin. However, if their nails, claws, or teeth bear resemblance to beastly forms, there is no way the mother’s womb can withstand it.”

“Even if the pregnancy manages to endure for ten months somehow, all the nutrients will be drained away,” Freya continued. “By the time childbirth approaches, the mother will have become too weak to give birth. Unable to be delivered by the mother’s body, the child tears the womb apart and enters the world independently.”

As the physician paused, an indescribable silence fell upon the room. This time, even Elise struggled to maintain her composure. The prospect of bearing a child was already a daunting task, but the reality painted by this story far exceeded her vague speculations.

Suddenly, Rezette’s words echoed in Elise’s ears.

So that’s the reason. Could it be that Rezette himself was born in such a manner? Was that why she felt such profound guilt for deceiving the emperor?

“There is a method to slice open the abdomen and extract the child before the mother’s demise… but the chances of survival are slim. That’s why society refers to the offspring of dragons as ‘demons’ and rejects them. They are indeed creatures that consume their mothers and are born,” explained Freya.

“Why does the child thrash within the womb?” Elise inquired.

“Human wombs lack the magical energy necessary for the dragon fetus to nourish and grow.”

“Magical energy…”

“As a substitute, they drain all the nutrients from the mother’s body, leaving her with just enough to barely survive. The body of a woman who has given birth to a dragon is a horrifying sight beyond comprehension. Her face and limbs become almost petrified, and her belly is torn apart.”



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