Chapter 34.1

“It’s quite remarkable how her recovery speed has accelerated within a few months. It’s evident that prior to her capture by the Van Yela Army at the border, she endured injuries, inflammation, and even a prolonged fever for at least a month and a half. However, after her fall into the lake, her suffering lasted a mere two weeks. It’s truly puzzling.”

“Perhaps the initial period of suffering when she was first captured by the Van Yela Army was largely influenced by psychological distress.”

“Isn’t the experience of nearly falling off a cliff and almost drowning something that would cause significant psychological trauma? It appears to make sense, if not more so.”

“Well, that’s a valid point, but…”

The physician stammered, feeling a twinge of embarrassment. Rezette delicately placed the parchment on the desk and began to gather his thoughts.

If there has indeed been a change in her physical condition, and the underlying cause extends beyond the physician’s diagnosis, there is only one plausible explanation.

“The Princess employed magic, a large-scale barrier that shielded the heads of hundreds. Could its influence be at play here?” asked Rezette.

“Magic remains an enigmatic realm, one yet to be fully explored and understood. We cannot be certain,” Freya replied.

Magic and the boundless wellspring of mana. These subjects were jealously guarded within the sacred domain of the Argan Imperial Family in Grandel.

While the populace of Grandel held magic in awe and coveted its power, the Argan lineage diligently veiled this mystical force from the prying eyes of the continent. Even Rezette, with the very essence of mana coursing through her veins, possessed only a meager understanding of this enigmatic power.

The Argan Castle’s Institute of Manaology had fallen into the hands of the Ugel tribe, leaving only Elizabeth Aseica and her profound knowledge of magic as the guiding beacon in the realm of the arcane.

“In the end, we can’t know anything until she opens her mouth,” Rezette mused, his gaze momentarily drifting towards the medical records handed to him by the physician before gently setting them aside.

“However… Your Highness,” the physician cautiously interjected, carefully observing his reaction.

Apologizing for her audacity, she continued, “Even with her slight improvement, it would be unwise to assume that she possesses the same level of health as ordinary women. Therefore, when you share an intimate bond with her, you must exercise utmost caution—truly, and with great care. I trust you are already aware of this.”

Rezette fell into a contemplative silence, absorbing the weight of the physician’s words.

“And, if possible, be gentle… Her Highness, the Princess, appears to be unfamiliar with the nuances of intimacy between men and women, let alone the natural pleasures that accompany it…”

“In essence, you are advising me to approach her with restraint?” Rezette sought clarification, his voice laced with a hint of resignation.

“I-I apologize,” the elderly physician stammered, her concern etched upon her features. Bowing her head deeply, she conveyed her earnest apologies. Rezette, feeling the weight of mounting pressure upon his temples, gently massaged them, a burgeoning headache emerging in its wake.

“If only I were oblivious to such knowledge, I wouldn’t find myself trapped in this predicament,” Rezette lamented, his voice tinged with regret.

Though the princess possessed the potential as a magician, Rezette had no intention of relying on a slim possibility that held no guarantees. He had learned a valuable lesson after unreservedly revealing his desires to Elise at the inn—once the boundaries of reason were crossed, there was no retreat.

The insatiable nature of a dragon could not be satiated by mere fleeting encounters. A single day? Perhaps two? Rezette couldn’t even assure himself of that. The mere thought of Elise’s golden irises, shimmering with moisture, and the intoxicating floral fragrance that emanated from her eyes ignited a fervent heat within his mind.

For how many days should I keep my distance? Rezette pondered, a mixture of annoyance and frustration clouding his thoughts. He made a lackluster gesture, devoid of enthusiasm.

“You may take your leave now,” he uttered dismissively.

“Yes, Your Highness,” responded the physician, bowing respectfully before exiting the office. Rezette redirected his attention away from the documents, fixating his gaze upon the closed door.

Through the gap left by the departing physician, Rezette caught sight of a vibrant green dress. A voice soon followed.

“May I come in, Your Highness?”

Rezette nodded in acknowledgment.

Lady Petisson entered the study with purposeful strides, exuding confidence in her demeanor. Rezette briefly glanced at the window, gauging the late hour. It was well past sunset, ensuring that Lady Petisson wouldn’t approach him at an inconvenient time.

“What brings you here, Lady?” Rezette inquired, his tone composed.

For a moment, Lady Petisson maintained a thoughtful silence, an uncharacteristic display of hesitation for someone known to provide unwavering advice and counsel. Finally, she spoke.

“I have learned that Her Highness the Princess retired to her bed not long ago.”

Rezette had already received a report regarding Elise’s rest. His eyebrow arched slightly as he awaited Lady Petisson’s next words.

“And what about it?”

“With the arrival of the mistress, it is only fitting that certain changes take place within Rotiara Castle. There is a matter I would like to discuss with you, Your Highness,” Lady Petisson proposed.


Lady Petisson took a moment to gather her thoughts before addressing a topic that hadn’t crossed Rezette’s mind. It was a matter that had been overshadowed by Elise’s unexpected proposal, leaving little room for other considerations. Specifically, the responsibilities and duties that befell Elise as the grand duchess and the wife of the lord.

In Rezette’s regular absences from Rotiara, the management of the castle fell under the oversight of Alfredo, the steward, and Lady Petisson, the housekeeper. Particularly, Lady Petisson had been the figurehead of the family, efficiently handling the affairs of the Petisson Marquisate as the young widow of Lord Petisson. She had proven her competence in managing the internal affairs without causing any disruptions.

However, with the change in circumstances and the appointment of a new mistress, it seemed like an opportune moment to reevaluate the situation and engage in a discussion.



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