Chapter 34.2

Beneath the surface, the marriage between Rezette and the princess was nothing more than a facade, with an uncertain expiration date hanging over their heads. Entrusting the management of internal affairs to someone who would only be present temporarily would not be the most efficient approach.

Rezette delved into the pile of accumulated documents, meticulously organized by those who had been in charge for nearly 15 years. The papers were immaculate, a testament to the competence of those who had handled the responsibilities in his absence.

In truth, it seemed more practical for Lady Petisson to continue overseeing the internal matters and seeking his approval, just as they had done before. If Elizabeth hadn’t been the princess of Argan, that would have been the natural course of action.

Rezette’s contemplation was brief. He casually voiced his decision.

“First, inquire about the intentions of Her Highness.”

Lady Petisson stared at her master, a mixture of disbelief and curiosity in her eyes. Seeking the princess’s wishes first was tantamount to granting her indirect authority over internal affairs. Although she recognized that the grand duke never spoke without purpose, she couldn’t help but seek clarification.

“Are you granting decision-making authority to Her Highness the Princess?”

“If she wishes,” Rezette responded calmly.

Lady Petisson raised a valid concern, expressing her worries about the potential consequences if someone unfamiliar with Rotiara hastily took an interest in internal affairs and made mistakes.

“Is my domain so fragile that it can be easily shaken by a few mistakes?” Rezette questioned.

“But it would depend on the specific areas she shows interest in. Take finances, for instance. While Rotiara may be prosperous, it differs greatly from the flourishing days of the Argan Empire. Your standards may not align,” Lady Petisson elaborated.

Nodding in acknowledgment, Rezette understood the implications. The princess, having spent her entire life within the confines of the Argan Imperial Palace, would undoubtedly be ignorant about the intricacies of Van Yela or Rotiara.

“That is true,” Rezette concurred. “If the Princess wishes to gain knowledge, we will provide her with the necessary information. There is no need for her to seek my permission for every decision. Serve her as you would serve me, and we shall not encounter any shortcomings.”

Having conveyed his perspective, the grand duke redirected his focus to the documents before him, indicating that the discussion had reached its conclusion.

Lady Petisson pressed her lips together, deep in thought. She had anticipated this turn of events, but witnessing her master’s willingness to accommodate every request from the princess left her pondering.

Why would he go to such lengths? He’s not one to be easily ensnared… Lady Petisson mused, contemplating the underlying reasons behind her master’s actions.

Reluctant to burden her recently returned master, Lady Petisson had initially refrained from bringing up her concerns. However, given the course of their conversation, there was one crucial matter that needed to be addressed.

Ever since she first heard the rumors about the relationship between the grand duke and the princess, Lady Petisson couldn’t entirely dismiss her suspicions.

“There is something that troubles me. Her Highness, the Princess, has been hesitant to let me witness her receiving treatment from the court physician,” she revealed, shifting the topic unexpectedly.

Rezette looked up, his attention captured by the sudden shift in focus.

“And?” he inquired, awaiting further explanation.

“As the Lady-in-Waiting, it is my responsibility to be fully informed about Her Highness’s condition. This knowledge would enable me to handle any emergency situations that may arise,” Lady Petisson stated firmly, emphasizing the importance of her role.

“Didn’t the physician keep a record of the treatment?” Rezette sighed wearily, placing the documents on the desk. Lady Petisson braced herself for his response, knowing that her intentions could not be openly expressed in the presence of the grand duke. If he truly was the astute ruler she believed him to be, he would discern the underlying doubts she harbored regarding the grand duchess.

“Petisson,” Rezette began, his voice tinged with a sense of exhaustion. His next words, however, caught Lady Petisson off guard, deviating from her expectations.

“I explicitly instructed you to serve me as you would serve me. Have you been imposing your own interpretations on my intentions?” he questioned, his tone firm.

“No, never would I dare to do so,” Lady Petisson hurriedly responded, her voice filled with deference.

“Then there is no reason for the Princess to act differently. If she does not wish to share her condition, she has the right to withhold that information. I fail to understand why this conversation persists. Moreover, did you forcibly examine her against her will?” Rezette’s words carried a hint of reproach.

“Excuse me?” Lady Petisson’s voice wavered with surprise.

“McLan mentioned that he went to her bedroom,” Rezette calmly stated, his tone carrying a hint of authority.

The revelation hit Lady Petisson like a sudden gust of wind, rendering her momentarily speechless.

“There should be no occurrences within my domain that elude my awareness,” Rezette continued, his voice firm.

“I apologize,” Lady Petisson offered, her voice laden with contrition.

“I must seem like a stranger to you,” Rezette remarked, his tone tinged with a hint of disappointment.

“I underestimated your thoughts. Please forgive me,” Lady Petisson swiftly responded, her words laced with remorse.

In Rotiara, where the watchful eyes and attentive ears of the grand duke pervaded every corner, not even Lady Petisson, as a confidant, could escape their scrutiny. However, due to her deep-rooted connections in Rotiara, her every move garnered even more attention.

“In that case, I shall inquire about the matter concerning the appointment with Her Highness tomorrow,” Lady Petisson declared, her voice composed.

“Please do so,” Rezette acquiesced, allowing a brief pause to hang in the air.

Lady Petisson closed her eyes, fighting the urge to release a sigh of exasperation. She knew it was time to withdraw, yet her feet seemed unwilling to comply.

“May I dare to raise one more matter?” Lady Petisson’s voice quivered with a mixture of trepidation and determination. “This time, not as the Lady-in-Waiting of Her Highness the Princess, but as Your Highness’s trusted aide.”

Rezette, who had just poised his hand over the pen, froze in place. 



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