Chapter 5.2

The hero and his clan protected the human world with their magical powers, and the country they founded was Argan. That was why, even after hundreds of years, the entire continent loved and respected the Argan royal family.

However, as the years passed, the magical power flowing through the Argan Empire gradually faded. Up until now, wizards were a rare occurrence, appearing only once every few generations. And the last wizard of Argan had passed away just a few weeks ago. The princess sitting in front of Rezette was her twin sister.

Rezette asked directly, “Are you a sorceress, Princess?”

“I am and I am not,” the princess answered vaguely. It didn’t seem like she was being careful not to reveal too much, but rather that she was struggling to maintain a fragile shield.

“There are many myths about dragons in the Argan imperial family, sir,” the princess said, changing the subject. “Do you know them?” It was clear that she was trying to find some common ground with him, possibly hoping to gain his sympathy or generosity through their shared interest in dragon myths.

A smirk spread across Rezette’s lips. “I do not know, and I do not want to know,” he said, his voice not gentle even to his own ears.

A woman whose hope is dashed usually collapses or quietly sheds tears. But the princess did not show any disappointment at Rezette’s callous response. Instead, she only had a weak smile, as if she had expected this outcome.

“I’m sorry. You don’t even want to hear it. Maybe it’s not worth it to you as it is to me,” she said.

The melancholy that fell on the princess’s face made Rezette feel guilty for a moment. She had the ability to make her opponent feel guilty just by closing her eyes.

Her fingers were still tangled with Rezette’s hand, like a thin and fragile thread that was difficult to untangle. The touch was softer than anything he had ever felt, and it penetrated deeper and deeper into his skin.

As the princess gave him a tight grip, Rezette had a feeling that she had not given up yet. The longing for life burned in her eyes as she looked at him. Rezette realized once again that the princess had no intention of facing the most beautiful form of death that she deserved. This surprised him, as it was not what he had expected.

Members of the imperial family were supposed to live and die with honor. It was their pride and duty to commit suicide rather than humiliate themselves in front of their enemy. No one saw the imperial family as just one human being; they were representatives of a country. Even though they had been defeated, an Argan still carried their pride.

Elizabeth Aseica was meant to die cleanly and virtuously, without any damage. This was an order given to Rezette by the Emperor of Van Yela, directing him to guide the princess to a death worthy of a princess.

But why did she have to take the difficult road? Rezette still couldn’t quite guess what she was going through, so he gave up trying to understand. The princess had already rejected Van Yela’s consideration, so she would be sent to her deathbed as soon as she arrived in Van Yela.

The princess seemed to regard Rezete as a friend, but he had no intention of becoming her salvation. The Princess of Argan was destined to disappear into history along with her homeland, as commanded by his emperor. Rezette was not the kind of person who let his personal feelings influence his actions. The princess’s beauty did not motivate him to show mercy.

“I am of no help to you,” Rezette said, feeling the need to express his thoughts directly to the princess. “I have no intention of being of any help. I am a knight who is loyal to my brother and lord, His Majesty the Emperor of Van Yela.”

“And Van Yela is the leader of the Northern League of Grandel, and at the same time a brotherhood with the Ugel Kingdom,” he continued. “Therefore, a lord of Van Yela cannot help the princess of Argan, the enemy of the brotherhood.”

“Yes,” the princess said, standing still for a moment and meeting his eyes.

“What if I kneel before you?” she asked, indicating the floor beneath her knees. It was a challenge.

“It is absurd,” Rezette said.

“Crying, begging, and asking doesn’t work at all?” the princess asked, frustration clear in her voice.

“It just makes me more embarrassed than I am now. If it were me, I wouldn’t put my energy into meaningless things,” Rezette replied.

“It’s impolite for me to get down on my knees, but it’s alright to drink poison and kill myself?” the princess asked, her eyes scrutinizing him. It was a contradictory statement.



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