Chapter 73.1

Desire for violence and carnal cravings were no strangers to dragons. The frenzy that boiled within him, born from a deep-seated animosity towards humans, possessed a cruelty akin to the act of taking a life, much like the fervor of a mating season.

Thankfully, his cycle had passed, and today it was only fitting for his fierce nature to subside. Nevertheless, whether it was a result of newfound emotions or some other cause, the current of his thoughts remained far from gentle.

Before he could pass judgment on his own mind, Rezette, without warning, enfolded Elise in a tight embrace from behind. He lowered her onto the bed as if gently pouring her out, leaving her in a supine position. Elise, her face buried in the pillow, was taken aback and mumbled something unintelligible to his ears.

Rezette firmly held her in place to prevent any movement, and his delicate fingers traced the contours of her body. Magic surged forth like a torrent from her slender waist, visible beneath the semi-transparent fabric.

Rezette’s gaze turned ominously dark at the stubborn mark that refused to fade. Perhaps it was the same magic that had previously concealed her from his view a few hours ago.

“What are you doing, Rezette?” Elise attempted to shove herself up from the bed using her arms, trying to raise her upper body. But a sharp, searing pain suddenly pierced her back, causing her arms to give way.

Powerful fingertips scraped against her waist, sending shivers down her spine. It felt as though something was being drained from her, though she couldn’t quite comprehend what it was.

“Rezette…!” Elise’s resistance grew more desperate as she sensed something unsettling transpiring. She struggled fiercely to break free from his overwhelming grip, and in response, Rezette clenched his jaw in frustration at her struggling.

“Elise, calm down,” he instructed firmly. “You might injure yourself.”

“I hate this. Release me!” Elise demanded, her voice filled with defiance.

Where would she find refuge if he were to let her go? Rezette struggled to suppress the words that threatened to escape his lips. Elise’s resistance seemed unfamiliar to him.

Ever since she had fallen into his grasp, Rezette had become the sole focal point in Elise’s world. She often whispered this truth with her lips, pleading for him not to forget the depth of her devotion.

Rezette recalled the expression of the woman who was so utterly besotted with him. He had listened to her earnest pleas for three long months, and it had now become a natural part of his existence.

So, in the days to come, he must remain the sole salvation in her forlorn life. However,  Rezette grappled with uncertainty about how to transform someone attempting to break free into a willing captive.

If her heart had already set its course towards the south, what could he do to bring her back to him?

The image of Elise flashed in Rezette’s mind, a snapshot of the moment she had pushed his hand away with all her might and then turned to look at him. In her golden eyes, his reflection wavered like a mirage in a river. She gazed at him, seemingly entranced, before her strength waned, and her delicate hand fell gently to her side.

Oh, should I face her?

Rezette halted the flow of magic and gently guided Elise to lie down. She, already teary-eyed, cast a resentful glare in his direction. The potent sense of rejection left him uncharacteristically mute.

“Don’t be frightened. Why… why won’t you say anything?” he implored, his heart twinging as he observed her sorrowful countenance. Whenever she wept, it always cut him deeply.

Unconsciously, Rezette brushed his fingers against her cheek as he pondered the situation. He could assert his will if he chose to, but experience had taught him the importance of comforting and calming her.

So, perhaps a bit of both.

“I apologize,” Rezette conceded.

“Why are you doing this… because I left the castle?” Elise inquired, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“No, it’s not because of that. I acted rashly. Please, don’t cry,” he reassured, following his customary script. Elise gradually relaxed as she witnessed his presence before her. Rezette tenderly wiped her tears away with the palm of his hand until they subsided to some extent.

It was a fleeting moment of patience, though Elise remained unaware of it as she weakly spoke with a hoarse voice. “Today… I’ll just sleep.”

“That’s perfectly fine,” Rezette replied.

“Can’t we do it tomorrow…?” Elise inquired.

“Shall we? It’s almost midnight,” he quipped.

In response to Rezette’s cheeky remark, Elise found herself momentarily at a loss for words. As she attempted to pull away from him, Rezette gently lifted her chin to meet her gaze. His face was clearly reflected in her tear-filled golden eyes, and there was no creature more fervent and impassioned than her familiar face.



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