Chapter 74.1

Elise’s soft sobs filled the room like a haunting melody. “Just, quickly…” she pleaded.

“If I do that, you will be torn apart,” Rezette whispered, his words a gentle caress.

“It’s okay! Ah, don’t do it like that, please…” Elise implored.

‘What’s okay about it?’ 

The prospect of a swift resolution was not on Rezette’s agenda. He had no intention of allowing this night to rush by like extinguishing a hastily ignited flame.

Elise’s reaction seemed inadequate in the face of the impending ordeal. Compared to her, Rezette appeared resolute, almost unyielding. As previously cautioned, if she wished to avoid the macabre scene of blood staining the bed, she needed to surrender to the moment—both in body and mind. So that nothing else would invade her thoughts.

Restraint pinned Elise to the bed, rendering her helpless, and she could only emit continuous whimpers. The sensation coursing through her was alien, not one of pain but an overwhelming peculiarity that gradually eclipsed her rational thoughts. It was an experience entirely foreign to her, an emotional maelstrom that swept away the familiar contours of her reality.

“Make a sound,” Rezette breathed against her cheek, planting a tender kiss. Elise squinted her eyes and sealed her lips tightly, cognizant that complying with his request would only heighten his excitement.

Rezette chuckled, attuned to her resistance. “Do not resist me, Elise.”

“Ah, ah…!” A gasp escaped Elise’s lips, a fleeting moment that felt like a tiny lightning bolt had struck before her eyes. She moistened her lips, surrendering to Rezette’s embrace, her head swimming in a haze of sensations.

Her entire body quivered, as if caught in convulsions. When her arched waist finally met the cool embrace of the sheets, Elise became aware of the peculiar sounds emanating from her own throat.

“Ah…?” Blinking through wet eyes, she struggled to comprehend the situation. As she looked up, a satisfied curve graced the man’s lips, and his gaze descended from her navel area. It was then that Elise realized the depth of her current state—an incredulous revelation. The mix of struggles and gasps beneath a man’s weight was something she couldn’t fathom.

The climax she experienced for the first time in her life left her genuinely shocked, a revelation that reverberated through her with undeniable intensity.

“What just happened…?” she asked, a cloud of confusion veiling her expression.

“You did well,” Rezette whispered, his words a delicate touch that wiped away the tears clinging to Elise’s long eyelashes. Yet, Elise remained in the dark about what she had accomplished.

“That expression just now,” Rezette murmured, “And this reaction… I’d be lying if I said I’ve never imagined it.”

Rezette’s full, sated gaze lingered where Elise had rearranged herself with her hands. Although there was no physical sensation conveyed through his gaze alone, that intimate area continued to prickle with an unbearable embarrassment at being laid bare before his eyes.

“Don’t look…” Elise eventually covered her face with both hands, shielding herself from a vulnerability she hadn’t anticipated in their relationship. The fear of losing control clawed at her mind.

In the midst of her resurging fear, Rezette, who had been idly rubbing wet fingertips together, furrowed his brow. The sound of heavy chains dangling echoed in the air.

Oh, damn it. Rezette swallowed the brewing irritation. Once again, an invisible force tugged at him, urging him forward into uncharted territories.

Though the resistance had weakened, it still lingered, an irritant in the air. Clearly, some conditions governed the activation of this troublesome restriction. A glance at Elise’s wide, fear-filled pupils provided a straightforward clue.

Is it when she’s scared?

He comprehended the sentiment, but urgency clouded the present situation. Rezette drew the trembling Elise closer, tenderly planting his lips on her round forehead. The desire to swiftly ease her apprehension and mold her compliance began to take root.

“What’s wrong? You used to be so persuasive.”

“I didn’t, I didn’t know,” Elise stuttered.

“Are you saying you didn’t know that your husband was a dragon?”

“It’s not like that…”


Elise stammered, “I, I thought something was wrong… that it would hurt. This is just, too, too embarrassing…”

Even Rezette hadn’t shed all his clothes yet. Elise found herself in disarray, desperately clutching the hem of his garment. In response to her feeble attempt, Rezette released a laughter reminiscent of the wind’s playful whisper.

Ah… I see.

Elise harbored no fear of him. Her trepidation stemmed from stepping into uncharted territories, delving into experiences with him that were beyond the contours of her familiar world.

A profound devotion enveloped him, a sensation of overwhelming beauty that he hadn’t fully grasped until that very moment. The warmth behind his eyes and at the back of his neck marked the realization of this emotional revelation.

Elise had never truly feared him. She stood as a woman who regarded the most formidable man in the world as her ally, finding stability in their connection. Even in the midst of being consumed by an intoxicating passion, she did not cower. Could there be a more endearing soul than hers?

After a few more playful bites and teases, the restriction was lifted. As Elise relaxed slightly, Rezette crossed his arms and discarded his upper garment.



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