Chapter 74.2

Her golden eyes, once trembling with uncertainty, widened in surprise. His bare body unfolded before her like a revelation. Elise stared in a daze. The densely packed muscles appeared too perfectly sculpted to belong to a mere mortal. No sculpture, no matter how beautifully brought to life, could rival the perfection standing before her.

“Have you seen enough?” Rezette chuckled.

Elise’s scattered thoughts coalesced at the sound of his laughter, a mysterious melody that tugged at the edges of her consciousness. A formidable upper body, sculpted with precision like a vivid work of art, hovered over her like a masterpiece carved into the fabric of a statue.

Rezette, his touch tracing the alluring contours akin to tempting fruits, murmured gently, “Relax.”


Without further warning, Rezette embarked on the path he had unveiled, a slow journey marked by mental awareness and physical anticipation.

Elise found herself breathless, swallowing any sound that threatened to escape. A moment later, a feeble sob escaped her as she weakly struck his chest.

“Stop, please stop. It hurts…!”


Initially inevitable, Rezette infused warmth into her body, coaxing Elise’s stiff form to absorb the soothing heat spreading through her muscles.

“Elise.” Rezette seized her chin, compelling her to face him as she continued to resist. “Call my name.”

“Rezette, ah…”

“It’ll be okay,” Rezzete whispered reassuringly. “It’s nothing strange or frightening.”

She couldn’t discern the expression on her face. Without waiting for her response, Rezette pressed forward, reaching the brink. A raw moan and a scream intertwined in a symphony of intensity.

A chilling sensation traced his spine as sharp pleasure surged to the apex of his consciousness. Rezette’s jaw clenched, overwhelmed by the incredible sensations. How had he endured the preceding months with this body right in front of him? Thrills coursed through him as he witnessed the woman enduring pain, trembling, and embracing her own vulnerability.

The distorted visage in agony, tear-blurred golden eyes, and perpetually parted crimson lips created a tableau akin to an erotic painting. It was a scenario Rezette could never have fathomed with Elizabeth.

“Ha….” A sigh, bitter and laden with laughter, escaped him.

In this moment, Elise transcended any unattainable deity or saint; she was solely his wife. A woman whom the gods had cast down from heaven into his embrace. The steadfast walls Rezette had maintained until now crumbled, and a pitiable desire for conquest paralyzed his senses.

A lightning-like realization struck him at that moment.

He couldn’t relinquish this pleasure for a lifetime.

Rezette tenderly brushed away the tears on Elise’s cheek with his thumb, but it was more than a gentle caress—it was a collision of passion and desire.


New tear trails followed the paths of the ones he had just erased, etching fresh marks on Elise’s pale cheek. As their movements intensified, her body convulsed with an uncontrollable tremor.

“Rezette, slowly, ah, stop…” Elise begged.

“If we stop here, it would be in vain,” said Rezette in between ragged breaths.

“If you just finish….”

“Wouldn’t it be less unjust for you to receive what you desire?”

An excited voice, brimming with simmering arousal, poured into Elise’s ears. In the arms of a man who had relinquished sanity to such an extent, she burst into tears. He wasn’t merely beautiful; he was an unrivaled beast.

Yet, something truly peculiar unfolded. Amid her sobs, embarrassing sounds surfaced, impossible to suppress.

“Uh, haa, ah….”

Rezette easily discerned that her writhing wasn’t solely due to pain but for another reason. Her inherently sensitive body responded intensely to the slightest stimulation. Amid the continuously ringing, beautiful voice, his mind drifted into a distant world. There was no denying that she was driving him to the brink of madness.

With unrestrained movements, Rezette shook her even more vigorously, aiming for the most intimate and pure depths of Elizabeth. To delve into the forbidden territory that only he could touch.

Finally, Elise let out a short scream. Patience was utterly useless. A fierce moan erupted from Rezette’s lips, marking the culmination of their passionate dance.

Elise’s vision blurred into blinding white, and her consciousness became a void. Involuntarily, her waist arched, and her toes curled, ushering in sensations that defied articulation—propelling Elise to an ineffable height.

Yet, he showed no sign of stopping. The second climax crashed upon her like a relentless wave, sweeping Elise into an unfamiliar tide that violently overwhelmed her.


Perhaps she momentarily lost consciousness.

During those fleeting moments of blackout and return to awareness, Andrei’s voice pierced through. “I can’t reach you anymore. I need to come find you right away.” The voice echoed intermittently with each flicker of her consciousness.

“Wait until autumn… Bellator… Send a messenger to Barnon… North of the Tene River, the scouting unit…”

Rezette pressed his forehead against hers, releasing a suppressed breath. It was clear that he, too, had ascended to the pinnacle of pleasure, mirroring Elise’s experience.

Only now did the stark reality engulf Elise like a raging river. She had finally obtained what she desired from him.

And so, she crossed a river that could never truly be reversed.

In her mind, amidst the echoes of her brother’s voice, she clung to a man who was nothing short of an enemy, both arms wrapped around his neck… Her mind screamed for everything to halt, but her body, lost to the moment, drew closer to the man.

If she were in her right mind, it wouldn’t be like this.



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