Chapter 75.1

What, where and how did it get so twisted? Perhaps the problem started with me holding onto you like a lifeline?

As the intense climax subsided, Elise, who had clung to Rezette with unwavering strength, surrendered to the sheets, seemingly drained of energy. The bedroom echoed only with the sounds of their labored breathing.

Rezette, the first to break the silence, cautiously opened his eyes to assess the aftermath. A subtle hint of blood hung in the air, and as he examined the scene, his gaze fell to the white bedsheets, revealing a trace of crimson. A faint furrow appeared on his forehead.

While the relief of finding no visible wounds washed over him, the lingering scent of blood ignited an uncontrollable heat within his body. Even his wife recoiled at the mere odor.

“Elise,” Rezette murmured.

She, breathing shallowly, struggled to lift her eyelids. Her golden eyes, still clouded by the aftermath of ecstasy, gazed faintly in his direction. Rezette tenderly touched her chin and inquired softly, “Are you in pain?”

“Not exactly in pain… it’s strange,” she murmured.

“What is?”


Elise, who had been staring into emptiness, suddenly contorted her face, and tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Everything feels strange.”

Rezette instinctively understood it wasn’t due to the intensity he had exerted. A sense of guilt spread in her golden eyes, as if she had committed an unforgivable act. Elise turned her head, tightly closing her eyes. Unlike the lingering passion in her unsatisfied body, Rezette’s mind rapidly cooled down.

He disliked it. There was nothing between them that shouldn’t have happened. He had warned countless times, yet the blame seemed to rest on her for persisting.

Just a few days ago, it was like that. No, just until this afternoon.

I shouldn’t have waited until tonight, Rezette thought, the span of just a few hours since noon now casting an unsettling shadow over him. Contentment had dissipated like fleeting gusts of wind, leaving impatience in its wake.

Driven by a need to fill the void, Rezette refused to pull away, lunging himself even deeper. Elise, taken aback, pushed against him, her voice trembling with urgency. “Rezette, it’s over now, it’s over, it hurts…”

Although her body appeared more at ease, her words belied a different truth. Rezette chuckled, his amusement cutting through the tension. “You should have said that sooner.”

“W-what?” Elise stammered.

“If you had, I might have pretended not to notice even obvious lies.” It was only then that Elise grasped her error; she shouldn’t have honestly responded when he asked about her pain. But it was too late; she found herself once again captivated by him.

The stimulation overwhelmed her, every sensation provocative. Gradually, the pain dissolved into the background. Elise’s hurried breaths transformed into something hot and sweet. Rezette, with a forceful gesture, inserted his fingers between her lips, parting them.

“Elise, just a bit more. Look at me,” he commanded.

“Haah, huh, how much… longer…”

“Just once.” Unintended words slipped out effortlessly. The moment he discovered another’s traces on her body, any inclination to yield to her pleas vanished completely.

“Just once more.”

Yes, this was undeniably more than just a surge of instinctual desire. Rezette was convinced that, in this moment, he was more rational than ever. With a clear and sharp consciousness, he was asserting his claim on his wife—the woman he believed, if gods took on female form, would undoubtedly bear a face like hers. Even as he raised his head, he couldn’t ascend to the level of the princess he imagined, so he pulled her down to lie beneath him.

Had there ever been anything more worthwhile in his life than this?

Despite the awareness of potential miserable consequences, Rezette was driven by an unwavering determination to imprint his mark on her body at this very moment. Thus, he found himself more impulsive and irrational than ever before, acknowledging that, despite considering himself rational, he was being mercilessly swept away by the current of instinct.

Elise extended her hand, suppressing her sobs. Yielding to her desperate plea to halt, Rezette willingly descended. Clinging to him with all her strength, Elise remained oblivious to the fact that she was immersing herself in the embrace of a beast poised to consume her.

Sensing the tender fingertips digging into his shoulders, Rezette erupted in sounds saturated with satisfaction. Pathetic, beautiful Elizabeth. The coveted blessing of Grandel, sought after by numerous inhabitants of Argan, had unquestionably become his woman.

And thus, Rezette had her at last.



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