Chapter 75.2

Galeus’s Raven. 

This term encapsulated the entity known as Rezette Kyrstan before he acquired a name.

Galeus represented the name of the third-rate arena that shaped his early years, as well as the surname of the couple who owned and managed the establishment. The husband was the one who stumbled upon the lifeless mother and the dragon cub nestled beside her in the worn-down hut on the village outskirts.

“Good grief, we’ve hit the jackpot.”

The man swiftly delved into his pocket, revealing something glimmering—a gold cross dangling from a string attached to his finger.

“As the Lord is above all creation, grant us the grace and mercy to preserve this humble life for one more day….”

Uttering prayers, the man shook the cross, seeking divine intervention when confronted with perilous entities such as dragons or monsters. Despite his seemingly harsh nature, he was a believer, motivated by a desire to avoid perishing and descending into hell for reasons other than the Lord’s will.

As the man withdrew, carrying the cross with him, a sense of unease crept over him. “…Hmm, something feels off.” What Galeus stumbled upon did not display hostility, unlike other dragon cubs, nor did it mindlessly attack. It simply stood there, unmoving, fixated on the lifeless form of the woman.

Galeus found the creature captivating. Newly hatched dragons, lacking mastery over magic, typically assumed animal forms rather than human ones. The one beside its deceased mother bore no resemblance to a human infant; it was diminutive and more akin to a crow, adorned with rigid scales in place of feathers.

Curiosity piqued, Galeus experimented by looping a noose of thorn vines around its head. To his surprise, the creature remained passive, allowing itself to be pulled without resistance. 

“What is this? Is it lifeless?” Galeus muttered to himself.

Yet, when he tossed a fig from his pocket, an immediate response ensued. The fledgling dragon eagerly devoured the fruit, concealing its actions as if guarding the moment from the world.

With juice smeared around its mouth, the creature lifted its head, its sky-blue eyes locking onto the human who dared to make contact. Despite its resemblance to its deceased mother, there was no foul odor emanating from it, and no dark, sticky blood clung to its form. This marked the first encounter with another being since its birth.

Sensing the intense scrutiny, Galeus released a sigh. “Oh-ho. Found something too precious to be left as mere merchandise, eh? Young dragons don’t typically bother with such inspections.”

The dragon cub’s gaze fixated on the cross hanging from Galeus’s waist. The modest cross, adorned with a faux crystal, shimmered in the sunlight. The creature’s blue, bead-like eyes followed the cross’s movements. Seizing the moment, quick-witted Galeus tossed the cross before the dragon cub could make a move.

“Here, take it. A gift to commemorate our first meeting.”

The dragon cub remained silent, its attention fixed on the sparkling object. Galeus, pulling on the vine like a makeshift leash, coaxed the creature forward. Enchanted, step by step, it emerged into the sunlight for the first time, following the human who had both discovered and gifted the captivating item.

An enticing object. An intriguing human. 

The creature desired both. 

Galeus chuckled, a wry smile playing on his lips as he shook his head.

“Indeed, there’s a brain in there, recognizing its owner. Yes, little raven. If you desire something, present it to your master. Politely, with courtesy. If you behave yourself, I’ll give you what you want.”

In Rezette’s recollection, it marked the day he first uncovered both submission and a burgeoning sense of greed within himself.


The sharp aroma of potent herbs lingered at the edge of Elise’s nose, disturbing her sleep. Startled by the alluring fragrance, she awoke suddenly, recognizing it from somewhere in her past. Blinking her heavy eyelids, she found herself in a warm environment. Nestled against a man’s chest, she seemed to be seated on his thigh.

Her body, limp and unresponsive like soaked cotton, resisted her attempts to move, as if firmly anchored. Realizing this, tears welled up in her eyes.

Isn’t this… isn’t this too much? Even if he’s a dragon, even if he’s not human…

With a soft sob, Elise turned her head. Faint light seeped through the thick fabric covering the window, hinting at either dawn or sunset; time had become elusive.

Even if an entire day had slipped by, she had no recollection of the man ever leaving her completely. Yet, a large hand gently rested on Elise’s trembling waist.

“Not yet.”

Only then did she notice that he, too, was awake. Rezette’s hand pressed against her waist, securing her in place.

“Just a little longer like this,” he murmured, his voice still carrying warmth.



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