Chapter 77.2

Perhaps, sensing Elise’s determination, he was preemptively closing off any potential escape routes. But why? Was it because he was unwilling to let her go? If borrowing Genovia’s expression, was she the most prized trophy he had ever obtained? Whatever the reason, it seemed he had no intention of allowing Elise to escape with her entire being. Hence, whenever she displayed any inclination to avoid him, it felt like he would mete out punishment.

This was likely the reason for his persistent and cruel pursuit. Rezette showed no hesitation in exploring every inch of her body. At one point, he even maneuvered her completely, making her lie down. Even though Elise wasn’t entirely sure of her own appearance, a profound sense of shame overwhelmed her.

Moreover, the sensation of something trickling down her lower back intensified her discomfort.

Her violently trembling vision whitened several times as Rezette forcefully pulled her collapsing upper body, arms trembling, toward him. He didn’t relent even when she was breathless. At most, he would delicately nibble on her earlobe and place kisses on her cheek.

Each time, the restrained breath and occasional moans of the man tantalized her ears. There was no trace of his usual coldness and indifference; he poured all his attention into leaving his mark on her. His body temperature seemed to rise with each passing moment.


Pausing in adding a new stamp to the bruise on her shoulder, Rezette halted his lips. Elise spoke hesitantly with a cracked voice.

“I want to see your face,” she murmured.

Though it seemed like he himself was not aware, he clearly had something he desired from her.

Occasionally, while cradling Elise, Rezette would shoot her a chilly look, indicating a dissatisfaction simmering within him.

“Come closer,” Elise said. Without hesitation, Rezette raised Elise, who nestled against his chest, drawing deep breaths as she contemplated her words. Her throat felt dry, apprehensive that he might handle her roughly again.

She sought words that would pacify him, urging a kinder demeanor. Suddenly, Elise recalled the primary motive behind this interaction.

“When will the baby arrive…?” She murmured hesitantly, realizing that those words held the key. A fleeting emotion appeared in Rezette’s eyes, a gaze distinct from the earlier fervor. It was as if an emptiness had unexpectedly been filled. After a moment of silence, Rezette asked slowly, “Do you want it?”



The meaning of “still” remained ambiguous, but Elise promptly nodded. She was aware of the answer, offering no reason to delay her response.

“Yeah, still…”

She yearned to break free from the brutal ecstasy that threatened to consume her at any moment. The need to halt Rezette’s complete dominance over her was urgent.

Continuing on this path for a few more days filled her with dread, fearing that she might lose herself entirely. The prospect of transforming into a wanton woman who abandoned family and homeland for the allure of a man haunted her.

Terrified of succumbing to his control and being unable to break free even as autumn approached, Elise, feeling as though she were chaining her own ankles, finally spoke words that might soon turn insincere.

“I want it. You, and the baby…!”

Once genuine, these words now carried a shadow of doubt, threatening to turn false. The man’s firm hand covered Elise’s belly, his warm breath in her ears sparking a strange joy.

“Our child, Elise.”

Before she could fully comprehend the voice that felt like it could shatter her eardrums, she spiraled into climax once more. The white wave covered her vision again. It was becoming an unbearable repetition.

Sensing the heat of breath against her neck, Elise allowed her mind to go blank with a subdued sound.


The effectiveness of Elise’s chosen method remains shrouded in uncertainty. Following that particular day, Rezette did ease his grip on Elise to some extent, yet the reasons for this shift were unrelated. It was because Elise had commenced menstruating.

Originally, her menstrual cycle was irregular—sometimes appearing without her awareness, leaving only faint stains, while at other times, it would skip altogether. Since fleeing Argan, possibly due to mental fatigue, she had consistently avoided it until reaching Rotiara. However, this time marked a departure.

Awakening to a piercing sensation in her abdomen, Elise realized that menstrual blood was flowing. It was only natural that Rezette had taken notice.

“Why is there sudden blood again?” he muttered.

“This… this is…!”

He was on the verge of checking by spreading her legs when he heard Elise’s trembling voice, leaving him perplexed. However, Rezette’s furrowed forehead betrayed a different concern.


Something about it unsettled him.

Despite the pain-induced dizziness, Elise recognized that this was truly her final opportunity. Even though unintended, tears streamed down her cheeks.

“My stomach hurts…” Elise complained. Leaning against Rezette’s chest, she sobbed, aiming to appear as pitiful and wretched as possible in that moment.

“I want to rest…”

It was an unreasonable request, yet it managed to stir some semblance of conscience in Rezette. As he held Elise, he sighed deeply and eventually reached for the cloth.

The seemingly endless three days and nights eventually drew to a close.



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