Chapter 79.2

Duke Bellator. The name Barnon, associated with Duke Conrad. Finally, the Tene River. Elise had often dreamt of Andrei coming to her, but this dream, where it felt as if she had sought out Andrei herself, was a first of its kind. The dreams I’ve had so far were, in fact, too vivid to be mere illusions.

The only clue she could personally verify was the last one: the Tene River. It served as the primary watercourse flowing from the eastern part of Van Yela, originating near the southern border of Rotiara and extending westward. However, Elise found herself lacking knowledge about the world beyond the castle walls. Her only excursion had been to observe a festival with Rezette.

While she had gathered snippets of information about the prominent terrains near Rotiara, this knowledge was insufficient for planning her future. She yearned for more information, and the prospect of seeing the world for herself was even more enticing. Lost in thought, Elise felt Rezette dressing her with a deft touch.

Enduring the embarrassment of having even her underwear put on by him, Elise finally adorned herself in real clothes after a prolonged three days. Once Rezette completed his task, she sensed he might stand up abruptly, so she swiftly reached out to find his hand.



“When my period ends, could we go outside again, like we did last time? This time, a bit farther,” she said.

“Farther?” Rezette asked. “Is there somewhere specific you’re curious about?”

“Just anywhere. I heard the canyon of the Grenthern Mountains has a beautiful view, and the plains along the Tene River are also said to be pretty. There’s not much greenery in the north, I heard…”

Sensing Rezette’s hesitation, Elise continued, “It seems like mountainous terrain might be challenging, and I want to go near the riverbank.”

As she spoke, her heart felt like it might leap out of her mouth. Rezette gazed at her intensely, as if internally weighing something.

“Going out isn’t a problem, but I wonder if your stamina will hold up,” he pointed out.

“You’re coming with me. Just take care of me like you’ve been doing.”

His consent didn’t come easily. In the end, Elise chose words that might touch his heart this time.

“If we have a baby, it will really become difficult to go outside.” It was a statement that Rezette would likely appreciate. “I don’t want to be confined here. My brother used to make me feel so frustrated all the time.”

This was a statement that Rezette would find distasteful, if not downright unpleasant.

Sorry, Andrei. I never had any complaints against you… Elise silently apologized to her brother while firmly holding and shaking Rezette’s rock-like hand.

Reluctantly, Rezette nodded. However, Elise asserted quite forcefully.

“Rezette, you have to answer verbally.”

It was a rare experience for him to be speechless in front of her for such a long time. He found it unbelievable and even pitiful, but her swollen eyes held no trace of mischief.

Eventually, Rezette reluctantly opened his mouth.

“We plan to dispatch a reconnaissance team near the Tene River,” he disclosed.

Elise’s pupils began to sparkle with hope.

“Is it because of the recent incident with the tribute robbery?” Elise asked.

“Yes. We plan to investigate up to the point where it merges downstream. It’ll take about ten days, generously speaking. If you wish…”

“I want to go.” Before he could finish his sentence, Elise nodded. Only now did Rezette gently sweep away the woman’s long hair, which was starting to regain its vitality.

Elise leaned her face against his palm with an expression full of anticipation. She was absolutely sure now of how to handle him to get what she wanted.

“Let’s go together, Rezette.”

The hesitation was brief. Rezette answered decisively, “Then I’ll instruct the preparations.”

Considering she had been tormented by him for three days, he’d be generous this time. After all, once she becomes pregnant, the opportunity to go outside will disappear forever.

Thankfully, she had voluntarily placed herself in these shackles of her own accord, so it was reasonable to grant her this level of freedom. Above all, there was no unfamiliar magic emanating from Elise at the moment, something Rezette was not aware of. Even if it was a temporary phenomenon, it was satisfactory for the time being.

A small blossom of relief and joy mixed into Elise’s face, forming a little smile.

“So, this will be our second outing. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes, me too.”

Rezette embraced his wife, covered entirely in his marks and scent, with a sense of tolerance.



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