Chapter 83.2

Fortunately, the water was not cold.

“Are you out of your mind, really!” Rezette exclaimed, eyeing Elise, who now resembled a drowned rat. This marked the second occasion she had been branded as insane by Rezette.

As expected, it’s effective. Her husband, endowed with a beast-like intuition, sharply turned his head, sensing an ominous energy behind him. He observed Elise’s silver hair fluttering in the air as she vanished beneath the rock. In a swift motion, her body plunged into the river only to be promptly lifted by a force of remarkable strength. In the end, her time spent in the water amounted to mere seconds.

However, the shock experienced by Rezette and the others was understandably beyond words.

“Wha- How in the world, even for a moment…!” Rezette stammered, clearly startled. His attempts to conceal the confusion on his face were in vain as he urgently inspected Elise’s body, running his hand over her face to check for any signs of injury. Even his hand, trembling unexpectedly, betrayed the depth of his astonishment.

“Did you hit anywhere?” he asked.

Elise shook her head. “Nowhere. I’m fine.”

Originally, the river’s edge wasn’t that deep. However, the impact of her buttocks and waist hitting the riverbed had left some lingering soreness, even if she hadn’t fully registered it. Complaining about the pain would undoubtedly have drawn attention and risked a return to Rotiara Castle. There was no turning back now. To avert a crisis, Elise intentionally smiled, pretending everything was fine.

“Just wanted to dip my feet. There’s moss under the rock, you know.”

“You should have called me for whatever you wanted to do. Why would you sit up there so dangerously…!”

Inside the hastily donned robe, Rezette seemed to radiate heat, as if on the verge of bursting into flames. A familiar energy permeated Elise’s skin, warming her body. Tightly embraced by him, Rezette managed to regain his composure.

In his arms, Elise discreetly glanced at Barnon, who had successfully blended in with the peasants. Barnon was whispering something to the person next to him.

What is he up to?

Elise’s question was swiftly answered. One of the peasants who had been murmuring stepped forward hesitantly.

“While it’s rather modest for esteemed guests, would you consider a brief stay? There are matters that high-ranking individuals might wish to investigate, and the madam appears quite shaken. It might be beneficial for you to freshen up before departing.”

Barnon’s intentions were evident. The gaze he directed at the back of Rezette’s head held a foreboding quality.

What is he plotting…! Any impulsive actions could potentially lead to a massacre! Elise couldn’t expose the Argan people to the proximity of the Van Yela knights like this.

“Rezette, I…” Elise began, intending to persuade him to return across the river immediately. However, the moment she uttered a word, a sneeze forcefully burst out.

Elise hastily covered her mouth with her hand, attempting to stifle the inevitable sneeze, her face flushing. She quickly scanned the surroundings, but it was already too late.

As if the temperature had plummeted, the faces of everyone, including Ivetsa and Ruben, turned pale.

This is bad.

The culprit was unmistakable, and she didn’t dare lift her head as a freezing wind seemed to whip over her.

As Elise sighed inwardly, Rezette spoke, his voice lowered to a chilling tone that made hearts involuntarily shrink. “Where is it?”


The farm owner led them to a modest two-story house where the couple would stay. It was the cleanest and most spacious room in the place, though it still adhered to common standards. Rezette, dissatisfied with every aspect of the situation, seemed particularly perturbed.

Above all, the decisive blow came when Elise’s wet clothes were removed, revealing red bruises from her slender back to her buttocks and thighs.

With a terrifying expression, Rezette appeared ready to unleash immediate retribution. Elise, fussing in various ways, clung to Rezette’s embrace.

“It’s cold. Just a little longer like this. Hmm?”

“No matter how I think about it, it would be best to dismiss your maid as soon as possible. She has never properly accommodated the Princess before,” remarked Rezette with a tone of disapproval.

“Ivetsa has done nothing wrong. It was my lack of foresight. I’m truly sorry….” Before she could finish her sentence, Elise coughed.

As Elise sniffled, Rezette’s gaze turned even colder. The disorienting sensation that momentarily made the sky and the ground feel like they swapped places subsided, leaving a chilling atmosphere in its wake.

“This will be your last outing. Once you return, you won’t be allowed near the castle gates.”

“Yes. I understand.” Elise felt a sense of relief inwardly. If she could avoid immediate danger, this level of pretense was tolerable.

However, in the next moment, Rezette wrapped his hand around her neck, and a warm breeze seeped in. It felt as if she were ensnared by a predator’s claws, and suddenly, the atmosphere became chilly.



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