Chapter 87.1

Moments ago, Rezette, who had stood tall and imposing, now stooped, directing his gaze downward towards an individual. The grip he held lacked warmth as he nonchalantly turned the cheeks of a young man kneeling before him, almost as if scrutinizing the appearance of his opponent.

With a gaze akin to studying a lifeless stone rather than a person, Rezette eventually withdrew his hand. His attention then shifted to the left, where Barnon awaited. The merciless hand rose to lift Barnon’s chin, cradling his head firmly.

“Rezette,” Elise called out, capturing the slowly returning gaze. As her eyes surveyed the grassy field stained black, not only Rezette but everyone in the front yard fixed their attention on her.

Amidst the silent audience, Elise’s gentle voice carried towards Rezette. “What’s happening?”

Rezette met her gaze. “Elise.”

“Are you searching for something?” she inquired further.

“Something like that. Why did you come out? You didn’t have a chance to rest last night.”

“It was noisy outside, so I woke up,” Elise halted just a step away from him, directly facing Barnon without a downward glance.

Rezette responded with a calm and composed tone, void of any agitation. “It will be over soon. Go inside and rest. You stayed up all night, so you must be tired.”

“Your back must be sore, too,” he added.

Silence lingered, and Elise couldn’t shake the feeling that he was subtly mocking her. Though his voice remained steady, as if discussing the weather, a subtle undertone hinted at something more. When she felt his gaze lightly scanning her body, the tightly clenched muscles in her waist and inner thighs twitched involuntarily.

Rezette casually brushed aside the silver strands of hair covering her neck, revealing traces of long and slender marks tinged with red under the sun. Elise gasped, her cheeks paling as she hastily adjusted her shawl, suddenly conscious of the numerous gazes directed at her.

Among the people in Rotiara, no one was unaware of Elise’s recent tireless efforts. However, revealing explicit traces of intimacy in front of others was an unexpected breach of Rezette’s usual discretion. It was uncharacteristic of him to expose such private moments. 

He seemed different today.

“I hope you didn’t cause a disturbance this morning. I couldn’t sleep much, as you mentioned. And even that was interrupted by a restless dream,” Elise said, trying to sound as nonchalant as she could be.

“Another nightmare?” asked Rezette.

Elise nodded, and at that moment, a faint smirk passed across Rezette’s eyes.

“Whether it qualifies as a nightmare, I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“You would know better. About the dreams you’ve been having.”

At the ambiguous response, Elise’s cheeks turned pale with tension. The mere mention of dreams sent a chilling shiver through her, as if someone had poured icy water on her head.

Surely, he wouldn’t be penetrating into the dreams I have.

Or perhaps, did I utter something dangerous in my sleep?

Elise couldn’t decipher the man’s emotions in front of her. Just a few hours ago, he had been exploring her with fervent mo*ns, seemingly consumed by ple*sure as if she were the sole focus of the world. The face that had been distorted with intense excitement and desire was now smooth and cold, like a glass wall.

Anxiety rushed in through the cracks in her composure, and Elise grappled with the uncertainty of the situation.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Elise insisted, seizing his hand without hesitation. “Let’s bathe together.”

“Of course.”

“Now. I want to bathe now. Let’s do it together. Come over.”

There’s nothing more important to you than me… Hurry. You came over yesterday. You like my body. You thr*st into me until I faint every time, but even that is not enough, and you still crave more.

The knights of Van Yela discreetly turned their heads away. Those who now looked at Elise with a mix of shock were only her people. It didn’t matter how they perceived her, whether as a queen or a concubine; what did it matter?

“Rezette…” Elise spoke his name with a mix of longing and urgency.

Rezette, who had been silently looking down at Elise, gestured for her to come closer. Elise lifted her step as if enchanted by his magic. He easily embraced Elise, tucking her disheveled curls behind her ear. Delicate facial lines and damp eyelashes were now fully exposed.

Yet, in this particular moment, despite the allure of her appearance and the feeble attempts at temptation, they fell short of deceiving him.

“We will address that shortly. But first,” Rezette turned Elise in his arms, allowing her to witness the seven hostages kneeling at her feet.

“Elise, I have one question.”

Sensing the weight of impending words, Elise’s throat tensed. As she struggled to break free, powerful hands firmly restrained her, rendering her unable to move. 

Simultaneously, a relentless question reverberated in her ears.

“Who is Barnon?”



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