Chapter 89.1

Once the gate swung open, it signaled the beginning of endless possibilities. Elise, seeking clarity, posed the question once more, “Do you love me?”

Silence lingered. Frustrated, she pressed on, “If not love, then why harbor such disdain for Barnon? Explain the underlying reason.”

Elise yearned for a straightforward admission of jealousy, hoping it would unveil the root of his current anger. If only he had confessed to being driven by jealousy—not just possessiveness, but genuine love. Had he only articulated this sentiment, Elise could have reciprocated with honesty. 

When I see you, my heart races like a ship without a mast, and reason becomes blurred. Even if you delve into the depths of me and transform me into a woman consumed by desire, I cannot resist. 

Do you comprehend that within me, you flourish day by day, and the heart that has relinquished its defenses continues to flutter? What do you suppose is the name of this emotion that makes me forget my family and my country?

Rezette fixed his gaze on Elise, his expression unchanged for an extended period. As Elise grew increasingly uneasy, he suddenly voiced his thoughts without hesitation.

“If I share that feeling with you, how much more will you use that as a weapon to manipulate me?” His response sounded more like a soliloquy than a direct answer to her query. Eventually, Rezette, now looking directly at Elise, spoke with unwavering determination.

“I won’t grant you that weapon.” The weight of his words lingered in the air, leaving Elise silent.

“Instead, Elise, it appears you’ve misconstrued something. It would be a mistake to perceive the mercy I extend to you for the reasons you’ve just mentioned as something inherent.”

Elise’s lips parted, taken aback by an answer far from her expectations, which Rezette delivered with a cold, piercing certainty.

“From the start, the world doesn’t even label these emotions as love. There was never an intention to engage in such a beautiful act, nor to receive it.”


“Consider who initially proposed the contract.”

Elise found herself unable to continue the conversation. Although she had no inclination toward emotions like love deep inside, there was only one interpretation for her: ‘his possession.’

“So, I am your best trophy, then.” The straightforward meaning of the words resonated — ‘the most valuable thing.’ Ownership transferred with a one-page contract. Elise finally comprehended, simultaneously realizing the extent of her misconception.

She had naively believed that this man, if asked, would heed anything she said. Even if he initially rebuffed her with coldness and displeasure, he would eventually yield, given his undeniable admiration whenever he looked at her. She had perceived him as a kind person.

How could he turn away while I’m clinging to him like this? 

From where did this baseless arrogance arise? 

This was the same man who had once told her to die beautifully.

The sole change from then to now rested in one crucial detail. Just a few months earlier, the man had shown no desire for her, and now, without hesitation, he possessed her. It brought him a certain satisfaction, and he was determined to keep her close. The thought of sharing her with another man was unbearable, and he had no intention of letting her escape easily.

However, it meant nothing more than that.

Elise’s last glimmer of hope crumbled into despair. Her hand, weakly clutching Rezette’s sleeve, fell limply. The tears she had restrained burst forth uncontrollably, streaming down her lifeless cheeks.

“Still, spare Barnon.”

Silence hung in the air.

“I’ll comply with your every demand. I won’t meet him again, won’t leave the castle, won’t attempt to contact him. I won’t even consider your mercy as my right… I can swear to that.”

More silence.

“Rezette, just once. Just once…”

Don’t kill him. Spare me the agony of witnessing you kill Barnon with my own eyes. Her plea, fragile and soaked with tears, reached out desperately.

“Just let him live once, please….”

With her head bowed, Elise couldn’t see the complete absence of expression on Rezette’s face.

Even after all this, she’s still begging until the end.

As tears incessantly dripped from the tip of Elise’s chin, it stirred up a painful turmoil in Rezette’s emotions. From the moment they entered the courtyard until now, Elise had consistently chosen nothing but harsh wrong answers. Amidst the numerous words she uttered, not a single one had touched Rezette’s heart.

As the tears multiplied, falling onto the grass, anger surged instead of sympathy. Elise remained oblivious to the fact that each tear she shed belonged entirely to him. Persistently provoking him by mentioning Barnon Conrad was nothing but a mistake.

She should have drawn a definitive line, even if it meant uttering a blatant lie, asserting that ‘Barnon’ held no significance for her, whether alive or dead. But even if she did, would he forgive her? And why, in the face of such a response, would she find herself pleading for mercy on behalf of that man again? Would she then, with time passing, beg him to let her go, uttering the words ‘because he loves her’? It was an absurd and laughable notion.

…Damn it.



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