Chapter 89.2

Nevertheless, Rezette, in the end, couldn’t remain indifferent to the weeping woman whose breath was beyond her control.

“You said you would do anything.”

Forcibly lifting her chin, Rezette wiped away her tears with the back of his hand. Was this strange pain, as if the edge of his heart was being torn apart, the mark of the spell this woman cast?

“Then swear in front of them. Promise that you won’t deceive me like this again. You  won’t have a reason to return to the South, and there won’t be a need for Argan to reclaim the princess. Tell your emperor directly through their mouths.”

Rezette tightly grasped her hand, almost as if he would break it, leading the half-dragged woman to stand in front of the stable where the hostages were held.

“If you make that oath, I will release these people from my hands. Of course, I will report to the royal family, and if His Majesty orders the troops to be released for a search, I won’t stop it. However, I will ensure your immediate safety.”

Elise was pushed inside the stable, the nauseating smell of manure and horse dung permeating the air. Inside, Barnon, confined along with other Argan captives, collectively lifted their heads.

Overwhelmed by the desperate and pleading eyes that stared at her blindly, Elise found it difficult to speak. When she couldn’t open her mouth, Rezette coerced her harshly.

“Do I have to reluctantly spell out the contents of the contract we made?”

Tears streamed down Elise’s unfocused eyes. The contents of the contract—the agreement that, in exchange for begging for her life, she must bear his successor whenever conditions permit—now felt like a noose around her neck. But something had to be done.

Elise swallowed her lump of tears, straightening her throat. A choked voice scraped the inside of her mouth like sandpaper.

“I… I won’t return to Argan.”

“Your Highness!”

“Go back as it is. And from now on, consider the princess dead.”

“Elizabeth, what are you saying right now!”

Barnon angrily raised his voice. Elise bit her lips and lowered her head. Gradually, her reason was returning. If this method was the only one, she had to follow it. In her trembling voice, which was gradually gaining composure, she spoke.

“Just as I sold myself to the enemy to live, each of you find your own way to survive. The only thing I can do for those who were once my people is that. So, get out of Rotiara before it’s too late. And, and never look for me again. Really, never…” she paused. 

“I can no longer be the hope of Argan or the blessing of Grandel.”

Elise’s voice was small but had a captivating power that couldn’t be ignored. The words uttered by the princess, a voice that Arganians would unquestionably love, were as sharp as thorns.

“If you understand, leave immediately. Before the Duke’s mind changes.”

With those words, Elise turned away, walking towards the man watching all this from the doorway, approaching him on shaky legs.

“Is it over now?” Her eyes questioned, seeking confirmation.

Rezette remained silent, seemingly unangered, but eventually, he embraced her. Her pallid complexion made it appear as though she could hardly breathe.

Elise pleaded with broken pronunciation, “Now, let’s forget everything…”

Unable to finish her sentence and barely holding on, the thread of her consciousness snapped. With a touch that cradled her like a collapsed puppet, Elise sank into a heavy unconsciousness.

Rezette held the limp Elise, embracing her like a marionette with a cut string. The woman was cold, resembling a water-soaked doll. He found it admirable to endure to this extent. Although he didn’t think it was excessive, the bitterness lingered on the tip of his tongue.

Returning to the old two-story house with her, Rezette, before ascending to the bedroom, gave instructions to Ruben, who had observed everything from the doorway.

“Kill everyone except the Duke.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“And tail the duke. Report everything, where he goes and what he plans with whom.”

“As you command.”

Ruben received the orders without showing much surprise. Granting clemency to the duke, was already a surprisingly merciful treatment, considering he was practically the key figure. TThe next orders would likely pertain to how to report this to the emperor. Bellator and Conrad, as well as the Emperor of Argan, were all alive. Their invasion of Rotiara to recover the princess was a matter that should not be treated lightly.

Ruben waited silently. However, the lord’s silence was prolonged. It felt like quite some time had passed, and finally, Rezette gave the command in an indifferent tone.

“Suspend this matter for the time being.”



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