Chapter 93.1

“Indeed, as you rightly pointed out, my decision as an emperor was a mistake, and it is my responsibility to bear the consequences. Your role is simply to aid in the restoration of the barrier. To accomplish that, you must first depart from the Grand Duke’s domain. I’ve dispatched Barnon to facilitate your extraction…”

“No. Please refrain from sending anyone, including Rotiara. I will find a way to escape on my own. While I’ve recently succeeded in drawing magic circles, they have yet to activate. Is there no alternative solution?”

“The reason for this lies in the absence of magical circuits within you, Elise.”

The magical power harnessed by the descendants of Gallian originates from the name of a light dragon known as ‘Sameshita.’ However, uttering the dragon’s name is merely a foundational rule for utilizing magic. To weave magical power into a spell and manifest magic, a specialized circuit is essential.

Typically, individuals of Gallian descent are born with these magical circuits, but Elise is an exception. Despite her Argan royal lineage, she is a half-blood unable to wield magic. Although she possesses a modicum of magical power, the absence of circuits renders her powerless.

“Just as I hold your magical power, I’ve also appropriated your circuits. I will cast the spell on your behalf. The procedure and method for activating the magic inscribed on your body will remain unchanged. You need only call my name.”

The conveyance of magical spells proved impossible through dreams, necessitating the adoption of the ‘prestige letter’ as the chosen means. Within the Argan royal family, a unique prestige letter was exclusively employed by noble wizards. This method entailed casting a basic divination on a well-trained hawk or dove, which would then bear a written message. In the event that the sender was not the intended recipient, the prestige letter possessed the ability to self-destruct and descend into flames.

Elise, a member of the Argan royal family, placed her palm on the dove’s belly, invoking the magic circle provided by Barnon. The magical inscriptions floated delicately between Elise’s palms.

Having received three such spells, she now possessed a total of seven opportunities to employ magic, with four magical circles remaining on her body. Deducting the one on her lower back, she was left with six chances. This gives me six opportunities to elude pursuit.

Within this repertoire, there existed only one short-distance teleportation spell capable of instantly traversing a limited distance—a crucial asset for Elise, who lacked the ability to cast magic herself. This method had proven to be her most effective means of escape.

Since the fateful day, she had been unable to reestablish contact with Andrei. Aware that any inadvertent leakage of magic from her body would be promptly noticed by Rezette, her ever-vigilant companion, Elise remained cautious and discreet.

Eventually, the twins bade farewell once again.

“Even if the cruel threads of fate hadn’t bound us, you could have found happiness by his side—healthy, peaceful, wrapped in the love of a devoted husband, birthing beautiful babies…” Andrei’s words trailed off, carrying the weight of what could have been.

“Rezette doesn’t love me, Andrei. My place is not here,” Elise responded, her voice carrying a quiet resignation.

“So, are you sad, Elise?”

“It’s a meaningless emotion. I can forget it easily.”

“Don’t cry,” Andrei pleaded. “Don’t cry, Elise. In the end, you will have everything.”

“I don’t need it. I just want you to live well. Promise me you won’t do anything reckless when I’m gone…”

“Don’t worry, my beloved. Once everything returns to its original place, I will live with you forever,” Andrei reassured her.

As Elise slowly emerged from a prolonged contemplation, she uttered in a mere whisper, “It’s the opposite, Andrei. I’m not calling you to give me everything; I’m going to find you to give you everything.”

“Now, fly again,” she said, releasing the white dove into the air.

The time had come to cease relying on the prestige letter. The risk was too great; there was no assurance that the same bird soaring above the castle wouldn’t attract unwanted attention.

With the escape route meticulously planned once she departed the imposing castle, the only remaining variable lay in timing.



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