Chapter 1.2

“Uh, huh…!”

The air in the spacious room grew heavy with impassioned cries. From the moment she stepped into the hotel room until now, over the past ten minutes, Yi-soo struggled to maintain her composure. The touch against her supple skin beneath her blouse was unyielding.

With his strong, large hands, the man firmly gripped her breasts, eliciting a heated gasp that escaped her parted lips. His eyes glistened with anticipation, flickering like a candle flame in a breeze, as Yi-soo trembled and clung to the man’s shoulders.

“Wait, just a moment, Mr. Yoon,” she managed to say between breaths.

“It’s not that simple,” he replied huskily.

Confused, she asked, “Then what is it?”

“You have to figure it out, Seo Yi-soo,” he said, his voice low and commanding.

The man had a way of concealing answers, regardless of who he became. Whether one might perceive it as impolite or commanding.

As his deep voice gently caressed her ear, a shiver coursed through her entire body. Lowering his head, the man sensually licked her swollen nipple with his warm, velvety tongue.

An unfamiliar sensation surged up her spine, one she had never encountered before, causing Yi-soo to instinctively shut her eyes tightly, shutting out her sight.

The room was filled with lewd noises as the man suckled on her breasts, causing Yi-soo’s arousal to intensify. He gently nibbled her nipple as he slid her drenched underwear down to her ankles. His touch felt so natural that she scarcely realized her own exposure.

The sensation of his thumb’s firm tip pressing against her clitoris overwhelmed her with pleasure. Yi-soo instinctively squeezed her knees together, her fingers fumbling restlessly against the man’s arm.

“Mr. Yoon… please, just a moment,” she pleaded, her voice filled with desperation.

“I already told you, I’m not Mr. Yoon,” he replied sharply.

What was happening? It was driving her to madness, like a lost wanderer unable to make sense of their surroundings. 

Gazing at the expanse of her snow-white thighs, an urge to sink his teeth into the delicate flesh and leave countless red marks surged up within him, almost reaching his throat.

Possessiveness or a primal longing. It was a raw emotion he couldn’t quite define, not yet familiar enough to put into words.

With narrowed lips, the man firmly grasped her knee with his large left hand, causing faint veins to appear on his forearm. As she wrestled with pulsating sensations, he slipped his index and middle fingers inside her.

Her moist walls eagerly embraced his lengthy and robust fingers, causing Yi-soo to gasp and take a deep breath in response to the unfamiliar sensation at her tight entrance. Lost in the confines of her limited space, her hand finally clutched onto the bed sheets.

“Hah! Ahh…!” she moaned, biting her lower lip, her head becoming damp with anticipation. Alongside a moist whimper, the sound of friction pierced her ears with each movement of the man’s wrist. His fingers, drenched in transparent fluids, ruthlessly explored the heated depths within.

Her gaze fixed on his reddened lips, as if he had bitten them in anticipation. She longed to taste their plush softness while the man fought against his own desires, his lips moist as his velvety tongue joined the play, spreading and narrowing his fingers.

“Uhng…!” A gasp escaped Yi-soo’s lips as she felt an urgent widening sensation. Her walls clenched tightly around his thick fingers, pulsating with fervor. It was becoming too much. She felt herself on the verge of surrender. Unconsciously, she raised her head and reached for the face before her.

“No…! Stop, please. I can’t take it anymore…” she pleaded, her voice filled with desperation.

“That’s not how you beg… Hah,” the man chuckled, a smugness evident in his tone. He feigned relaxation, but his restlessness was evident from the bulge in his pants.

He gazed at her pleasure-stricken face, wondering why he desired the torment. The urge to push her relentlessly until the word “please” escaped her lips consumed him. No matter how much she begged and scratched his back with her nails, he had no intention of stopping.

With an abrupt increase in the number of fingers, Yi-soo teetered on the edge of losing herself. She expected some accompanying pain, but the man focused solely on the point that brought her the most pleasure. Just his fingers alone were enough to drive her to madness. But what would happen when his own member touched and pressed against her insides? The thought made her vision blur.

“I can’t endure this anymore…” she whispered, her parched lips barely forming the words.

However, the man before her showed no signs of stopping, oblivious to her plea. Tears clouded her eyes, obscuring her vision. In a moment of desperation, Yi-soo tightly shut her eyes and gripped his collar. As the overwhelming pleasure coursed through her, her grip weakened, but she regained her composure.

When she eventually opened her eyes, she was met with his intense gaze, filled with lust.

“Huh, haa… Go… go slowly. Yoon Hyun-seong, you… you bastard…”


Finally. The man, or rather, Hyun-seong, let out a low chuckle, lifting the corners of his mouth. Her reactions stirred his curiosity, far beyond what he had imagined. Even now, Seo Yi-soo drove Hyun-seong to the brink of madness.

As he unbuckled his belt, his rigid member was exposed. It stood long and thick, surpassing a mere finger in size. Yi-soo’s face lost all strength as she lowered her heavy eyelids. Moans involuntarily escaped her lips as he gently spread her eager and awaiting entrance. The night stretched out before them, and the dawn seemed infinitely distant.

How did we end up here…? she wondered, fleeting thoughts overtaken by the crimson ecstasy that enveloped them. One thing was certain—their profound entanglement had begun with a single letter.


“Prosecutor, I have the additional cases assigned for today,” the secretary announced. “It seems we have quite a hefty load this time, more than our usual workload. And there’s one particular case that the Chief Prosecutor specifically requested your attention for, so it seems you might have to put in some extra hours.”

“What kind of case is it?” she inquired. “Ah, the attempted murder of Chairman KQ Jeong?”

The secretary nodded. “Yes, that’s the one. It was originally meant for the Deputy Chief Prosecutor, but as you know, he’s been preoccupied with other matters lately.”

The afternoon dragged on, the hands of the clock inching towards 2 o’clock. Having just finished a shared meal with senior prosecutors from Criminal Division 3, Yi-soo took a moment to massage her aching lower back. Her office desk loomed before her, a towering mountain of paperwork, as it always did.

Why was it still Monday? Even after two years of service at the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office, Yi-soo had failed to grow accustomed to the relentless onslaught of work. A fleeting glance at her neatly hung prosecutor’s uniform served as a solemn reminder of the commitment she had made. Weary, she mustered a tired nod.

She had once harbored hopes that shedding her trainee badge and assuming the role of an official prosecutor would bring respite, but reality had dashed those illusions. Wrapping a hairband around her wrist, Yi-soo gathered her unruly locks into a ponytail. 

“I wonder how many hours of sleep I’ll manage tonight,” she muttered to herself.

Hearing her murmurs, Chief Administrator Choi chuckled warmly and replaced the water jug in the dispenser. With a gentle pat on his palm and a victorious “woohoo!” accompanied by a pumped fist, he offered her a cheer of encouragement.

“Our dedicated prosecutor, you should be able to call it a night by 10 o’clock. Just hold on a little longer,” Chief Administrator Choi reassured.

“10 o’clock… I can hardly wait for Friday to arrive,” Yi-soo mused, her weariness tinged with longing.

Chief Administrator Choi chuckled softly. “Ah, Friday, the elusive day. Unfortunately, tomorrow is not the end of the week. Even at my age, feeling exhausted like this, I wonder how you must be holding up, Prosecutor. They say youth is invigorating, don’t they?”

Yi-soo nodded with a faint smile. “Indeed, it’s true. Although, I must admit, I do sleep better now compared to my time in law school.”

A tired laugh escaped her lips as she settled into her chair, facing the expansive glass window. The days of toil and relentless pursuit that had led her to become a prosecutor seemed like distant memories. She had immersed herself in rigorous studying, enduring daily nosebleeds, to secure a coveted spot in Korea University’s esteemed Business Administration program, followed by law school.

Driven by an unwavering desire for financial success from a tender age, Yi-soo had never allowed herself a moment’s respite. Even at Korea University’s law school, renowned for producing exceptional graduates, she confidently stood among the best, resisting the allure of prestigious law firms and opting for the path of a prosecutor.

Her classmates had understood her choice, though they remained perplexed. After all, the Seo Yi-soo they knew was the embodiment of ambition, craving wealth above all else.

However, for Yi-soo, the pursuit of wealth held no allure. Her aspirations were far simpler – to secure a position that allowed her to be self-reliant, to stand on her own two feet without depending on others. It was this longing for personal responsibility that fueled her desire to become a prosecutor. And, above all, she yearned to emulate a senior prosecutor whom she admired deeply.

“Stop indulging in spoiled thoughts, Seo Yi-soo,” she scolded herself inwardly, determined to refocus on her work. Yet, as if seized by a sudden revelation, Chief Administrator Choi released a sigh and discreetly slipped an envelope across the desk, concealed beneath a mound of mail.

“Oh, that’s right, Prosecutor,” he interjected, his voice tinged with distraction. “This arrived earlier while you were at lunch. I completely forgot to give it to you.”

“A delivery for me? How unusual,” Yi-soo remarked, her curiosity piqued.

“Yes, yes. I’m relieved I didn’t let it slip my mind,” Chief Administrator Choi replied, his attention now diverted to Hyeonyeon, the person seated beside him. Engaging in casual banter, they delved into inconsequential matters, casually suggesting a company dinner at the nearby spicy soup restaurant, a trivial notion in the grand scheme of the Prosecutor’s Office.

As Chief Administrator Choi and Hyeonyeon exchanged pleasantries, their voices blending into the office ambiance, Yi-soo’s attention fixated on the unassuming envelope lying before her. Her gaze descended upon the kraft paper, where only two names adorned the surface: the sender, Baek Su-jeong, and the recipient, herself.

A wave of familiarity washed over her as she recognized her sister’s name. Sujeong, a reporter entrenched in the world of politics and business, often vanished into the depths of her demanding career, rendering her elusive and unresponsive. Yi-soo had attempted to reach out, concerned by the absence of recent replies to her messages, but her efforts had gone unanswered thus far.

Shrugging off her worry, Yi-soo resolved to focus on her work. Such moments, where it seemed as though overthinking proved futile, were not uncommon. Yet, the decision to dispatch a courier instead of a simple phone call struck her as peculiar. A faint sense of unease nudged at her senses, compelling her to retreat to the enclosed privacy of the adjoining room in the office.

Once the door was quietly shut behind her, Yi-soo gingerly tore open the envelope, revealing its contents. As expected, they were far more concise than she had imagined. Nestled within were two items: a sleek black USB drive and a neatly folded piece of paper. She examined the envelope once more, just to be thorough, but nothing but a sprinkling of dust emerged from its depths.

Perplexed, Yi-soo’s eyes fixed upon the mysterious USB. The smooth obsidian surface bore the unremarkable inscription “Y&K” in minuscule letters, devoid of any distinctive features.

With bated breath, Yi-soo unfolded the meticulously folded paper, her eyes scanning its contents with a mix of curiosity and trepidation. As her gaze skimmed the words, her reaction mirrored that of a person who had stumbled upon an apparition, her widened eyes mirroring the shock that coursed through her.

“What is this…?” she whispered, her voice barely audible in the stillness of the room. The handwriting, undeniably her sister’s, danced across the pristine white paper. Yet, something about the message felt profoundly unsettling.

[Yi-soo, please safeguard the USB I have sent alongside this note. An urgent matter has arisen, one that demands my immediate attention… I will return to retrieve it in approximately a month’s time. Please refrain from attempting to contact me, as I will be unable to respond. This USB holds vital information that is crucial to my career as a journalist. You must ensure it is never lost or compromised. You must open the files contained within and explore every possible avenue. They contain information of utmost importance, information that must be obtained at any cost. And, under no circumstances should you involve the police unless confronted with a truly dire situation. Promise me this, Yi-soo.]

As Yi-soo’s eyes trailed across the note, she noticed a deterioration in her sister’s handwriting, the once clear strokes becoming increasingly rushed and haphazard. In that moment, an instinctual unease surged through her veins. The sister she knew was not one to make such pleas, laden with secrecy and urgency.

Her gaze flickered downward, settling upon the USB nestled in her left hand. A subtle lick of her lips betrayed the sudden dryness in her mouth, while her heart thudded against her ribcage with unrestrained intensity. 

As a seasoned prosecutor, the feeling that washed over her bore an eerie resemblance to the cases she had encountered before—those harrowing instances where intuition trumped logic, where the weight of the unexplained pressed heavily upon her chest.

Disappearance—the word lingered in her mind.

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